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Why wasn't the DNC corruption, or any of Hillary's corruption scandals released; you know, when Bernie was still in the race?

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In the future do you see it happening to where people who have passed away can donate their faces??? Like in GOT where somebodies face gets removed with carefull craftsmanship, and then that face implanted in somebody else. We've seeing the face transplant that happened in NY, but do you think the process could someday be as regular, and as perfected as breast implants? All out of curiosity, Game of Thrones got me interested in the concept of that happening :)

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SAME Arya is my favorite!!!!!!!! I've re-watched the Waif vs Arya scene 10X already, I want to see how they close her character arc in Braavos :)

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How do you respond to those that say that a vote for a third party is a vote for Donald Trump?

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Do you personally believe that Ajit Pai knows better, and voted the way he did due to personal ties with special interests?

What is your prediction as to how the congressional vote will stand on the FCC ruling?

Do you think the massive backlash (including memes) has gotten to Ajit Pai, or has his inner villain lawyer demon taken over him as to endlessly feed of the haters...