My short bio: I am an American expat supporting her love of travel by working from my home in Italy (left to me by my grandfather) as a Phone Sex Operator that caters to UK clients. I don't have a rent bill but I do have to maintain my home, have living expenses, and LOVE to travel. Being a phone sex operator allows me to do all that from home. I talk to all kinds of men and women from England, Ireland, and Scotland and they adore their sexy American phone mistress. Boy, do I have some stories to tell. So AMA!!!!

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flowgurt1365 karma

What're you wearing, Jake from State Farm!?

PrrrettyKittyxxX528 karma

Teehehe! That'd be me!

Quickitt524 karma

What is your most memorable phone call up to date?

PrrrettyKittyxxX1068 karma

I have a regular with a burping fetish. I always have a bottle of coke zero in the fridge for those calls. He is my most memorable client. It isn't easy to burp on command both physically and on a boundary level... it feels strange to burp without abandon ... ahahahaa!

msbrooklyn451 karma

I dated a guy who had a burping fetish, I loved it lol he taught me how to burp really loud and long too.

PrrrettyKittyxxX585 karma

it is great you could share that with him. I talk to so many men who feel they can't share their fetishes with their girlfriends and wives.

Oznog9989 karma

LOL you just need a soundboard with like 6 different "burp" noises added.

You're right, that one you can't really fake. I mean I think I could make a passable "puke" sound by faking, but not a burp.

I wish someone would pay ME to burp...

PrrrettyKittyxxX76 karma

If only...

teaBagger467 karma

Do you get worked up on some calls and "flick the bean" ?

PrrrettyKittyxxX719 karma

No... I know there are phone sex operators who say they choose to but I don't. To me, it is an acting gig. I am a very good actress. I do have sex toys around me for sound effect purposes.

bxncwzz231 karma

I envisioned you guys were in an office like setting? Are people openly touching themselves or is it a closed off rooms you guys are in?

PrrrettyKittyxxX647 karma

I am on my couch. In my living room which overlooks a beautiful street on the Mediterranean sea. Definitely not an office!

porradavfr19 karma

Along with, I presume, vats of assorted Jell-o and varied luncheon meats with which to generate aforementioned sound effects?

PrrrettyKittyxxX25 karma

hard candies to suck on work well and I don't know if you saw my toothbrush answer....

Xubh431 karma

Which phone-sex session has grossed you out the most? The kind that you will never forget in your life?

PrrrettyKittyxxX930 karma

Honestly I have talked about it all... and its not the poo and the pee and the... ugh even worse that gets to you. We, as phone sex operators have certain lawful limits we must not cross and this includes incest, pedophelia, etc. It is the callers that know these laws exist and try to get around them by sneaking in the word 'sister' into a seemingly normal fantasy. They are so intent on these perversions that they will circumnavigate their intentions and then put you in a situation you are NOT comfortable with. A manipulator... That is the grossest call...

gladizh696 karma

I would be like, I have a nun fetish, do you mind if I call you Sister?

PrrrettyKittyxxX534 karma

This did make me smile...

gladizh156 karma

Would you allow it?

PrrrettyKittyxxX351 karma

probably ... with verbal confirmation i was in fact a nun in the roleplay and you called me Sister Kitty.

DasWraithist51 karma

Well, I don't know what you mean by "lawful limits". There are plenty of phone sex operators who talk about fantasies that would be illegal to indulge in reality, including fantasies of rape and pedophilia.

NSFW, obviously.

Edit: I've gotten down votes, but no explanations. Are such topics illegal for phone sex, or aren't they?

PrrrettyKittyxxX71 karma

They following subjects are illegal in phone chat lines in all of the UK which is where my callers are located.Subjects of an illegal nature CANNOT be discussed. These are: Murder , Paedophilia , Bestiality , Incest (including step father/mother/brother/sister fanta sies), Racism , Drugs , Necrophilia , Heavy Torture (including use of knives, branding & cannibalism)

10gauge350 karma

About how much money do you make, in US dollars, per year?

PrrrettyKittyxxX480 karma

I don't think an annual projection would be an accurate representation of the way this job's income works. If I had to explain further, I am a personal contractor that works on and off throughout the year and have other means of income at different times. I make approximately 50,000.00 Euros a year ... so whats that like 65k? I own my home free and clear which helps. That is not only from phone sex. I do other contracted work.

vbfire137 karma

50k euro is 53,825 usd as of 30 seconds ago.

PrrrettyKittyxxX147 karma

It always drops really low in the winter... my bad... I didn't look at the exchange rate.

Wedanceonlava313 karma

How'd you get into the game? How did you learn or prepare for what to do/say?

PrrrettyKittyxxX507 karma

Oh I was so nervous the first time I ever signed on... Luckily I didn't have any wild fetish calls my first day. You learn to become really open and empathetic. It is more about listening and responding to what the other person says most of the time. Sometimes there will be a caller that just wants you to babble up a script of non stop xxx action (I play the abc's in my head to avoid repetition in those cases... All I want is you, Baby thats right Come in closer now etc. But most of the time its a back and forth just like real sex... you get into a parlay with the caller bouncing sexual fantasies against one another.

thehumble_1165 karma

Do you think this professional choice has had an impact on your own sexuality or your view of others' sexuality because of your exposure to such a range of sexual/emotional desires and your own feigned complicity in acting these out? Basically, do you think it's made you sexually numb or more open and aware of what you and others are looking for in physical contact?

PrrrettyKittyxxX224 karma

It has made me more open to sexual eccentricities. I think I used to judge ... alot more. I don't and I think I am a better lover for that. Kinks are a totally normal part of sex.

purplewolfie143 karma

how many clients do you typically get ina single day?

PrrrettyKittyxxX260 karma

Some days I just don't feel like signing on... others I'll make some wild financial quota and won't stop till I hit it so anywhere from 0 to a 100 honestly. Some calls are so quick though... others drag on for almost an hour... the service i work for times out somewhere around 50 minutes I think... then they have to call back... and some have...

Raenman128 karma

Is it just me or is it distasteful to jump on someone else's ama uninvited and advertise yourself?

UAintDutchUAintMuch144 karma


PrrrettyKittyxxX199 karma

Come on... you can see I don't publish the other tweets... they just automatically post when I am available... Whores have hearts too...

PrrrettyKittyxxX148 karma

a whore with a heart of gold....

justsarah_122 karma

Do you talk about your job in real life with anyone? If so, who have you told how did they react?

If not, how do you cover it?

PrrrettyKittyxxX188 karma

Only my best friend back home in the States knows what I am ACTUALLY doing. I tell my family I do tech work from home... they are just happy they don't have to foot the bill for my sometimes extravagant lifestyle. I mean I live 3500 miles away from my family so its not really a problem.

monkey_n_pig121 karma

How do you deal with callers who don't speak great English and you've had to go - 'Excuse me?' when in the heat of the moment?

PrrrettyKittyxxX225 karma

As long as I can make out something... and you aren't breaking any rules by slipping in unallowed material. I will cotinue the call. I talk to men and women with accents and even speech handicaps... I have developed about 20 different ways to ask someone to repeat themselves... IE I beg your pardon... Come again, what's that darling, oh say that again its so sexy and so on!

LazLoe422 karma

"I said: hold on, I gotta take a shit"

PrrrettyKittyxxX416 karma

Okay... where do you wanna take that shit darling? In my sexiest phone voice ;)

Vongkultrup117 karma

Do you ever get men that just want to talk and don't really want anything perverse?

PrrrettyKittyxxX178 karma

Yes, all the time. I get lonely men and women who just want a friend... we have tame lines you can call into for just that.

Branch3s70 karma

Is a tame line at a different rate than a sex line?

PrrrettyKittyxxX105 karma

Yes there are clean, tame, and explicit lines at different rates.

1likableazzhole110 karma

Phone sex is still a thing?

PrrrettyKittyxxX119 karma

Yes... it is... very much so. An industry out of time. Men will always want to discuss their dirty desires!

Moosebubble110 karma

Have you ever been asked to add a caller to the line? Or have a husband and wife on the same line?

PrrrettyKittyxxX186 karma

We offer 3sums on our service. I have been told by male callers there is a female present... but to her legitimacy... I cannot comment.

CreamNPeaches80 karma

Do you have any regular clients that are fun to work with? Maybe a client that you enjoy speaking with or a client that has a fantasy that's fun to act out over the phone?

PrrrettyKittyxxX136 karma

For SURE... Of course some fantasies are more my style than others... some men have sexier voices than others as well. I love discipline in the bedroom and have a few masters whose calls I await eagerly.

aldaenster63 karma

How long would you say your calls are on average?

PrrrettyKittyxxX125 karma

There are some rude dudes out there that the second they hear something that they don't like they will click you... You learn to grow a tough skin. You can't be everyone's sexual fantasy. I believe I answered earlier saying anywhere from on minute to over an hour. An average call is about 15 to 20 minutes though!

MG8755 karma

Do you ever actually get turned on during phone sex?

PrrrettyKittyxxX104 karma

Well... I answered no to if I have ever masturbated during a call and that is very true but soemtimes our bodies do things we don't expect. I have been turned on for sure. But I do not 'see out' the feeling...

luvmilkshakes54 karma

Do you use any special equipment for your calls? Do you just stick to a phone or do you use a special headset? Maybe you keep a couple extra phone chargers handy? Or do just like to wear a silly hat when making a call so you giggle when someone asks what your wearing (I know, I know khakis)

PrrrettyKittyxxX141 karma

I would like to take a moment to thank the makers of the sonic-are electric toothbrush. I know you didn't intend for your buzzing toothbrush head to imitate the sound of a vibrating dildo going in and out my vagina endlessly when I brush my teeth. But... well.. it does. For that I thank you.

luvmilkshakes88 karma

But what happens when the caller has a dental fetish? Do you use a vibrator to imitate the sound of a toothbrush?

PrrrettyKittyxxX143 karma

phone sex voice giggle

MolitovMichellex54 karma

Reading some of the questions and answers, very insightful. I actually was considering this line of work last year but I guess I chickened out. What would be your advise for a new comer to this line of work?

PrrrettyKittyxxX75 karma

You will know in the first 24 hours whether this is for you or not. Try it out. If it sticks... stick around. Don't be worried if you have downtime when you start out. It takes time to build your clientele and your repertoire.

gmt1950 karma

Have you ever unfortunately had a caller that was threatening and/or made you feel unsafe? Or is always just pleasant for everyone?

PrrrettyKittyxxX138 karma

Any call like this is terminated immediately and reported to my company. That caller's number is immediately blocked from our services. We do not take harassment unless its part of a role play scenario.

theFeelsies50 karma

I'm sorry if this has been asked: do you have any tips for someone who isn't good at 'dirty talk' or sharing sexual fantasies? My boyfriend has been sexually active for much longer than I have, and I know he used to be more adventurous, but whenever I ask him to talk dirty to me during sex, or tell me what scenarios/fetishes he likes, he shuts down. Maybe what I'm asking is, do you have any tips for me as to how I can get him to open up?

PrrrettyKittyxxX57 karma

Maybe go to a sex shop together? That is always good for spicing up a relationship. See what things he is drawn to and what you like. Ask him about things while you are there... and try to find one tht isn't horribly sleazy?!

TTTT2746 karma

  1. Have you ever considered other types of sex work - such as cam girl work, erotic massage, dominatrix, or escorting?

  2. Why do you think men call you, when they could see a camgirl live online? Are your clients older men, who are from the era when there was no internet? Or do some men just prefer an audio-only experience.

  3. Have you ever met a client in real life? Have you had clients you considered friends?

  4. Why only UK clients? Why not American or others?

PrrrettyKittyxxX71 karma

  1. I have done cam work. I probably will do cam work again in the future. The site I currently work for does cam as well so I am technically available for cam I just am not doing it at the moment. My photograph are posted for callers to see so they do have a visual when they call in. Going back and forth is nice. It's alot of work to look like a porn star ... so I got between cam and phones. As far as real life contact sex work I just do not have an interest in. I am an actress and my skills are limited to audio and visual work. Also, I am a submissive sexually ... so dominatrix wouldn't be fitting.
  2. I am lucky in that I work for a site that promotes both phone and cam hand in hand. Some men prefer the privacy of a phone call. Yes, like you say there is an age gap of older men that aren't savvy enough for cam. We have cam to cam ability phone to phone everyday but we still choose an audio only experience... why is that?? Whatever it is... its keeping sex lines alive and well in a time of economic pressure.
  3. No. I never would. My clients are never given any personal information and my clients are not allowed to share their personal information with me.
  4. I live in Italy... the time difference to work for an American chatline would make working peak hours impossible. Also I really love the company I currently work for and they are UK based... thats all...

sgt111137 karma

Have you ever laughed at an inappropriate time? Like when its getting hot and your customer says something that you can't help but laugh at?

PrrrettyKittyxxX107 karma

I usually work my giggles into the play... Many men have a fantasy of being taunted, teased, and laughed for different reasons like the size of their cock and such. I have swallowed a beverage wrong and had a coughing fit once and that was awful. I couldn't believe the guy waited for me to cough it out for over a minute while I apologies profusely... it was bad... I sounded like I had a 5th of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes for breakfast. We ended up having a fine time once my cough settled but the guy paid per minute to here me hack out my lung.

Half-bred34 karma

I'm surprised to see that you have female callers, as I thought that it was only guys who paid for phone sex.

Is there a common theme among female callers? What was the most extreme thing a female caller wanted to discuss?

PrrrettyKittyxxX94 karma

No it is not common but it is a thrill to get a female caller! A woman has a lovely voice when she is turned on don't you think?

not_a_divorced_mom401 karma

Welcome to Reddit, where the users wouldn't know.

PrrrettyKittyxxX100 karma


Oznog9933 karma

Is "what are you wearing" always the opening question?

What's some other openings? I mean "so, do you come here often?" doesn't even make sense. "take it off" is a bit premature since there's no picture painted of what would be taken off.

PrrrettyKittyxxX51 karma

I usually ask if the caller has seen my photos or heard my description. That way if he hasn't I can describe myself in detail... and if he has.. I know he is ready to wank... lol and has obviously been looking me up before the call!

PrrrettyKittyxxX41 karma

It starts off like any other conversation.... 'Hi... I am Kitty. What are you getting into today?'

spitfire910729 karma

Is it hard for a guy to become one?

Can we hear your voice? use

PrrrettyKittyxxX62 karma

you can hear my voice on my profile here... You don't have to sign up or anything to look at my pics and hear my voice. There is a market for gay male phone sex operators but not much for straight men.

breakone9r23 karma

Am I the only one who wants a 10-15s clip of this voice of yours? Like a demo? Lol

PrrrettyKittyxxX37 karma

Audio clip and photo available for free without signing up on my profile here...


When you entered the country, did you say it was for business or pleasure?

PrrrettyKittyxxX34 karma

Neither, I am actually a dual citizen and entered Italy with my valid EU passport instead of my American one ;)

totallyshould17 karma

Have you ever answered the phone for a personal call, like your bank or a friend/family/landlord calling you, and accidentally started with a 'sexy' voice and had to correct yourself?

PrrrettyKittyxxX21 karma

Oh yeeess actually!!!! I think it would be worse if I spoke English in my social environment as well... I would constantly accidentally slipping into sexy voice!!! I have to blabber out my not perfect italian elsewhere....

aizenthewander7 karma

What was the most stupidest phone request you ever got that lasted the longest what role what were you told to do XD?

PrrrettyKittyxxX87 karma

I have a regular who pretty much sticks to the same script. It involves me putting all my fingers inside myself and then having an orgasm from said ordeal on the phone with him.... instantaneously. Like wow, stuffing my hand up my vagina is all I need to do to climax? Wish I knew that one earlier. I have tried to lead him to the clitoris but... horse to water.. you know... I don't think the man has any idea how the female sex anatomy works. But, he keeps calling...

remedialrob1 karma

What's your number?

PrrrettyKittyxxX3 karma

Once again... has all my contact info, photos, and recordings of my voice.

JimminyFuckbucket-11 karma

Yeah, you like that don't you?, you fucking retard.

PrrrettyKittyxxX5 karma

I beg your pardon?