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How do you keep the goggles, earmuffs and boots on? I can't keep a pair of goggles on myself. How long did it take for piper to get used to it?

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Do you think this professional choice has had an impact on your own sexuality or your view of others' sexuality because of your exposure to such a range of sexual/emotional desires and your own feigned complicity in acting these out? Basically, do you think it's made you sexually numb or more open and aware of what you and others are looking for in physical contact?

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Volunteering at a crisis line will change your life. Hopefully for the better. Go to one AA meeting just to be aware of what it's like or to meet some good people. Learn about and train in Narcon. It can save real lives.

Mostly just talk openly about it and with some knowledge and understanding and you may be surprised by who let's you know they were or are addicted to something serious.