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I would be like, I have a nun fetish, do you mind if I call you Sister?

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Hi John! First of all, thank you for doing this. I am a big fan. I am 18 years old now and I have been playing guitar since I was about 10. You are a big part of the reason I started playing. My name is also John. I am pretty sure my dad named me after you, he is a HUUUGE Creedence fan, and also of your solo career.

The first song he ever taught me was Bad Moon Rising. I know the whole song to this day, my dad plays and sings it every day.

I asked him what he wanted me to ask you and as the goof he is, he told me to ask you if you would like to go fishing with him! So what I am asking for is maybe a picture of you holding up a sign that says

"Hi Mikael, I would love to go fishing with you"

I know it's a long shot but that would mean the world to him.

But other than that I just wanted to thank you. You are my biggest inspiration along with my dad.

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Would you allow it?

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How do you get the money if you want to adventure like?

How do you get a job as an adventurer? Is there a school of adventuring?

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Which is the most dangerous? Down or up?