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No, must have some type of citizenship documents showin you are legally allowed to be residing in the US.

The answer is yes. You cannot be an illegal immigrant, but you can be a legal non-citizen immigrant.

It can help speed your path to citizenship, too.

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Ships are made of steel, not iron, and they sank.


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Right now we are winding down after 10 years of war. The military is being particularly selective about admitting new recruits, because they have been ordered to cut their numbers substantially. It is definitely tougher than it was five or seven years ago to get in.

That said, if you're a teacher, that is strong evidence you have your life together, and something that the Army definitely respects.

If you're a teacher, I presume you have at least your BA, and maybe your MA. If you're serious about joining, I would consider Officer Candidate School, rather than enlistment. As an officer, you'd be surrounded by people closer to you in age and education, you'd be paid more, and you'd have much more opportunity for career advancement.

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Well, I don't know what you mean by "lawful limits". There are plenty of phone sex operators who talk about fantasies that would be illegal to indulge in reality, including fantasies of rape and pedophilia.





NSFW, obviously.

Edit: I've gotten down votes, but no explanations. Are such topics illegal for phone sex, or aren't they?

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And you know what they say about girls with big feet...