I've seen AMAs by people with these traits before, but not yet from one person. I have Cerebral Palsy, my parents are white, I'm a college graduate with AD/HD, I'm a Christian rapper and beginner stand-up comedian. I have a positive outlook on life though society thinks I have so many reasons not to. That's why I'm so interested in suicide prevention; I want to use my story as a way to encourage others to keep living no matter what. Cerebral Palsy ➡#ConstantlyPositive. It started out as a song lyric that I put on a t-shirt back in September of 2014 and I officially launched the project on July 24th.

Spoiler Alert

Sorry for the confusion, I'm adopted. I've been with them since I was 6 days old, actually adopted at age 7. My family is my family and always has been. So I kinda glossed over that 'tiny' detail.

My Proof


I know the AMA has significantly died down, but while it's still in the top part of /r/IAmA, I wanted to add some things more related to my personality deeper than being black, adopted by (happy now?) white parents, and having Cerebral Palsy.

Why suicide prevention? * I'm a people person. I've always enjoyed meeting new people. Even if it's just for a few minutes, I love pulling a "Merch Table Garret Rapp" and simply listening to their stories, their struggles, and their joys. Even if I don't get to put a word in. Another part of that, suicide affects everyone. Being such a people person, some of the people I've lost are those I missed out on getting to know. In addition to missing them, I, along with everyone else they know, are missing out on them. Even without my 'making the best of a bad situation' story, I love people.

Hobbies/Interests: * Meeting new friends * Going to metal shows (current source for my 'meeting new friends' addiction) * Being a rapper at said shows (Usually not the only one, which is cool) * Web/Graphic Design (Novice and Noob, respectively) * Alliteration * Puns * Dad jokes (I'm in no way ready to have kids, my sense of humor is!) * Somewhat more than casual gaming Reference * High School and College basketball (My dad and brother are coaches, and I've got a pretty sweet one-handed three-pointer myself)


Man, I didn't know what this AMA could turn into, and it's been beyond amazing. Started at 9 pm local time, it's 2:30 am now. Not sure How much longer I'll stay up doing this, but I'll try and field some more questions tomorrow. If you'd like to keep in touch, here's all of the information:

Now through 9/25 (9/29 at the latest) 80% of profits from tees, tanks, and wristbands, will be donated to Hope for the Day.

The full story from my vlog

To buy a shirt

To donate to HFTD directly, click here

Facebook campaign page

Edit 2:

I went bed for a few hours and was informed that this made the front page! WHOA! Thank you so much! Some people have been asking where they can find my music... Right now I only have 1 public song, it's called "A Letter to Live." I wrote it specifically for Constantly Positive to talk about my depression and encourage people to find their reason to carry on. No matter what.


Free/Fundraiser download on Bandcamp

80% of the proceeds from song downloads are also going to Hope for the Day.

Psalm 71:14 - "As for me, I will always have HOPE..."

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PmYourWittyAnecdote713 karma

Sorry if I'm just dense, are you adopted, or are you one of those genetic anomalies who ends up black despite white parents?

EDIT: If you're going to make some tasteless comment about infidelity, it's been made a few dozen times now, so you needn't make it a few dozen and one.

ConstantlyPositive546 karma


rollntoke336 karma

I was super confused. That should have been said. I was like "wait a minute. If two white parents gave birth to him hed look like a white guy with black skin. But hes like fully black with black features and shit too. Wow those genes must have been super recessive. Or most likely hes adopted. Does he know hes adopted or does he think his parents birthed him..." etc

ConstantlyPositive266 karma

I find it less important 'how' I have white parents, but the sociological implications of such. I hardly even think of myself as being adopted. I've been with them since I was 6 days old, as far as anyone treated me, I've always been my parents' son... Just wasn't legally declared until I was 7.

Thriven100 karma

Have you ever watched the movie "the jerk" with Steve Martin? You'd like the first opening scene where steve martin starts his life story :)

ConstantlyPositive49 karma

Haven't seen it. I'll look up that scene though...

ProppyPandango39 karma

I was adopted at 10 days old and I feel the same. I forget unless it comes up. I have a ton of non physical traits from both my parents. I'm comfortable talking about it but it's usually other people that get weird.

ConstantlyPositive39 karma

I'm the same height as my dad and brother. All 3 of us have big hands for being under 6 feet. My having huge hands is extra beneficial since I need to do things with one hand a lot, and the other his helping me balance.

DashFerLev3 karma

My ex used to say "other kids came from their mom's tummies, adopted kids come from their mom's heart."

ConstantlyPositive3 karma

As a child, my mom would always read a book called "I'd Choose You" to me anytime I was down about anything... I'm not sure I realized the relevance to adoption until I was much older.

"I'd Choose You" on Amazon

giverofnofucks-44 karma


ConstantlyPositive18 karma

I see you trolling, and hatin'

But I'll post this for the benefit of everyone else: My parents have 3 other biological children. They've been foster parents before, I was the only one they've adopted.

jakelx141 karma

What keeps you so positive?

ConstantlyPositive323 karma

It's all perspective.

From an early age, I was taught to focus on the things I was capable of doing instead of my limitations. My adoptive mom was an Occupational Therapist, so I got 24/7 lessons on achieving my own independence. Overall, I've just been very blessed and thank God for everything. There's even positives in my limitations themselves.

Mentally, I'm very impulsive. But having a body that doesn't move as quickly sometimes forces me to think about things a little longer before actually doing something.

jakelx109 karma

As someone struggling to stay positive i look up to people like you to help myself, thanks

ConstantlyPositive101 karma

It's never easy, but it's necessary. Do what you gotta do to keep going.

Check out my vlog and it'll give you a more detailed story on how I stay positive.

randomfield70 karma

Watched the vlog an by the end i thought to myself "dammit this guy is awesome but he sucks at vlogging". Then you said "i suck at vlogging". GET OUT OF MY HEAD, SORCERER

ConstantlyPositive62 karma

It's kind of my daredevil thing. Take away my ability to walk properly, replace it with TELEPATHY!

Yeah, first vlog. Too busy living life to document it. Subscribe and I might get better. No promises!

Golly_Gee_Willikers15 karma

I love your outlook and using what some would consider a disability or limitation as a silver lining.

As somebody with pretty rough ADHD, I wish I could control my impulsive movements sometimes! You kinda have a super power to help with your ADHD.

Thanks for being awesome and sharing all of your positivity in a place that could always use a rainbow.

ConstantlyPositive11 karma

It's all about strategies and sticking to a routine. I know that's easier said than done, but it's the truth. It's what got me through high school, and if I'd gone to a smaller college with less distractions, it probably would have gotten me through there flawlessly too.

All you can do is figure out what works for you, if it doesn't: on to the next thing!

laceabase2 karma

As an OT, this makes me happy. It also further strengthens my resolve to focus treatment on not just fostering independence for the individual, but training parents/caregivers on how to facilitate independence, problem-solve, and encourage positivity and focusing on strengths (giving other parents the skills that your mom was able to use daily). Essentially training and empowering parents and caregivers to be mini-OTs. So many times, and I'm guilty too, we forget that this person is so much more than the few hours we see them in a week. Thank you so much for sharing!

ConstantlyPositive2 karma

Thank you! I'll have to show this post to my mom.

ButtsexEurope-13 karma

Wow you won the jackpot. Being born with CP but with a free physical therapist at your beck and call 24/7. I guess it's like that guy who survived both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

ConstantlyPositive22 karma

My mom is like any other mom. Doing what she had to do for her child to become the best they can be. She just happens to have specialized knowledge. My mom was an OT... I worked with a Physical Therapist on MWF as well though.

The dude who survived Hiroshima AND Nagasaki? I don't envy him at all.

Devster97-5 karma


There's your answer.

Lowelll21 karma

Cause it's impossible to have a negative outlook on life if you're christian and non-christians can't be positive. Get over yourself. Sure, his religion may help him maintaining his attitude, but you answering for him and assuming that's the reason is just so incredibly smug.

ConstantlyPositive25 karma

But what if their answer for me was right? I'm a Christian and I find that my joy is part of God's plan for my life.

IHaveAFunnyName96 karma

How has having cerebral palsy affected you? Ehat kind of cp do you have? My son may have cp from brain bleeds from being 3 months premature. The unknown is very scary and I'd like to hear your perspective. Thanks!

ConstantlyPositive149 karma

Mine was caused by prenatal exposure to cocaine.

I have spastic hemiplegia. My left side is more affected then my right. I can't straighten out my left arm all the way (loss of 45 degrees) nor can I turn my left hand all the way palm-up (supination) without compensating at the shoulder.

One thing that has helped me the most: I have a Medtronic baclofen pump. (SynchroMed II) It reduces my spasticity and allows me to have more controll over my muscles. I've had one since I was 7, it's been replaced almost as my times... Between the recalls, failures, and revisions - I believe only 2 have gone their entire life cycle. I don't regret it one bit. It's a big part of what allows me to be independent. I couldn't reach my feet to put shoes on before I had one put in. 19 years later, I hardly remember life before having one, but I definitely know what changed afterwards.

I'll submit what I've typed now, and if you've got any more things you'd like me to be specific about, let me know!

ConserveGuy25 karma

Ugh Baclofen that stuff is liquid gold! every time they pull out the old stuff, they throw away $100 worth of it... I had mine taken out for a Selective Dorsal Rhyzotomy (Do not recommend).

PS I have Spastic Quadriplegic CP

ThulsaDoomDK14 karma

SynchroMed II

What does Baclofen do? And how does the pump work?


Father to baby girl diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia.

ConstantlyPositive29 karma

It's a device about the size of a hockey puck implanted in the abdomen. It has a catheter running to the spinal cord, that delivers the medicine directly into the body. Much more effective than oral medication. Dosage is regulated through a radio transmitter. Short range, placed on the surface of the skin for a process known as interrogation. My current does is 310 micrograms/day, I believe.

/u/salt-the-skies answered the 'do' part correctly.

patricks005 karma

Does the pump get in the way of your day to day activities? I have a daughter that was diagnosed with spastic diplegia and her doctor has mentioned that she may benefit from a baclofen pump instead of taking the medicine oral.

ConstantlyPositive2 karma

As far as day-to-day activities, I forget I even have a pump most of the time. I've had them replaced multiple times, but after everything heals (around a month) - life is pretty normal all over again. I even sleep on the side my pump is located.

The only things it 'keeps me from doing' are "Atypical things that 99% of people with disabilities won't even try."

In middle school, I went out for wrestling, sat on the sidelines for a week to get a message from a doctor saying that was a bad idea. Growing up in a 'sports' family it was really hard to not be able to do the one sport that had theoretical potential... Even though I couldn't move very well, my arms were strong enough that I could probably just have thrown around most kids in my weight class at that age.

ralgrado2 karma

I worked at a neurosurgical station for 9 months (civil service). I watched an operation of a guy getting a baclofen punp. Back then I thought it only helps to not make the condition worse it's cool to learn a bit more about it.

ConstantlyPositive2 karma

Since Cerebral Palsy is a chronic condition and won't get any better or worse, my pump just helps makes the symptoms (namely spasticity) less severe.

It's not the best option for everyone, I can tell you some pretty gnarly stories... but it's been more than worth it for me!

Thelonelywriter6 karma

Doesn't the left side of the brain control the right side of the body and vice-versa?

ConstantlyPositive26 karma

It's not so much a 'side of the brain' scenario. My left arm and wrist are fused in places, so even if the brain sent the right signal, the muscle wouldn't be able to move freely anyway.

PmYourWittyAnecdote72 karma

Were you born into a Christian family, or did you discover your faith later in life?

What prompted you to want to become a Christian Rapper? Was there any one experience or just due to your already present faith?

ConstantlyPositive134 karma

This is a good question with a multifaceted answer.

As far as my faith, I was born into a very strong Christian household. My parents are active in church. My dad has been the FCA huddle leader at the high school for as long as I can remember.

The rapping: I read a lot as a kid, so words just came naturally. Becoming a 'Christian rapper' is actually closely tied to my sleep disorder - I'd fall asleep in church if I got too 'zoned out.' So, to create an extra level of immersion, I'd turn sermons into rhymes. I've been doing it since sophomore year of high school, so 11 years.

BorgDrone28 karma

As far as my faith, I was born into a very strong Christian household. My parents are active in church. My dad has been the FCA huddle leader at the high school for as long as I can remember.

Do you think you would have been a christian had your parents been atheists ? If no, do you think your christianity is a choice or just what is expected of you ?

ConstantlyPositive84 karma

To be honest, probably not in the same sense or to the same degree. Growing up, being Christian started out as a thing I just 'did.' Though I never did it 'solely out of obligation.' I've always felt like my story was all a part of God's plan. It was the middle of college when I started being intentional with my faith.

tooterfish_popkin41 karma

So what days are hardest when you struggle? You seem very positive but everyone trips up.

ConstantlyPositive78 karma

I really only struggled growing up. Kids can be so cruel sometimes, but I always had my family and friends to lean on. I'm so thankful for that.

Post-Grad depression. Not being as 'successful' as I would like. That hit me really hard for the 2 years between graduating and going back to school. But for the most part I always 'happy' even when things weren't going 'the best.'

MarconisTheMeh44 karma

Post Grad depression is ruthless... I mean I'm post dropout depression but I can assume it's similar.

ConstantlyPositive41 karma

Degree or no degree... find a way to do what'll get you by.

whatlifemaycome2 karma

How well do you relate to your own race? What are some of the negatives growing up in an all-white household?

ConstantlyPositive15 karma

My only negative would be not being exposed to cultures other than my own... But that can happen to anyone of any race when they first grow up. The advantage I had though, being different from those that I called family taught me that you don't have to look the same to relate. So I have no problem at least making attempts at relating to people, whether look like me or not.

the_true_nerd32 karma

What is it like playing life on "hard" mode?

ConstantlyPositive150 karma

Playing life on hard mode just means I get achievements faster.


Honestly, it's just like everyone else's life. It is what it is, and I go through it day by day no matter what. Since this is the only life I know, I don't even perceive what I do as 'difficult.'

I'm blessed to have a great support system in my family and friends.

VidKiddo27 karma

I've grown up with my older sister who has CP and needless to say, there is almost never a time that she isn't smiling. When I was younger, I felt guilty for being able to do things that she wasn't able to do, but now I realize that her hobbies (making loom bracelets, horseback riding) make her beyond happy and I wouldn't trade the smile on her face for the world.

What type of hobbies do you have(other than those listed)/see others with CP enjoy? I'd really like to introduce her to fun things we can do together that she won't have a hard time with. Thank you!

ConstantlyPositive44 karma

Depending on her physical ability, I played wheelchair basketball for 5 years. And even if she can't or doesn't want to play (it's pretty intimidating at first) It's a great opportunity to meet people in the disabled community. (The area where I'm from is pretty sparse, so we all have to get together and form our own 'communities')

I love live music. Video/Computer games. I'm learning digital art (Adobe illustrator/photoshop/etc.) I own a bass guitar, my fine motor keeps me from excelling at it... but it's something to at least 'learn.'

Movies, deep conversations with friends, making people smile, meeting new friends. A lot of stationary stuff that I'm on an equal ability with anyone else, or playing sports by myself or at a slow pace.

My dad coached high school basketball. Growing up around the sport, I developed a surprisingly good one-handed 3-point shot.

noctrnalsymphony3 karma

I own a bass guitar, my fine motor keeps me from excelling at it

But your muscle memory still improves with repetition right? Is it therapeutic to challenge your motor skills in these ways, like do they get better?

ConstantlyPositive3 karma

Yeah, my muscle memory functions the same as anyone elses... but my spasticity keeps me from doing the fluid motions required for extremely fast strumming or intricate picking. They say everyone who plays guitar and isn't absolutely legendary will plateau at some point. My limitations will probably make that pretty 'soon.'

I've had the bass for 2 years, need to actually start playing regularly.

hopefullyex-fatguy18 karma

You look pretty toned, do you hit the gym?

ConstantlyPositive27 karma

Not really? I use my arms when I walk, and my gait is based on swinging on my arms and planting my legs. So they get quite the workout. I didn't actually start consciously working out until after college to lose the 80 pounds that I gained over those 5 years.

Kytothelee16 karma

Do you have a youtube channel? I think that might be a good way for you to get your comedy 'out there' if you do not have one! :)

ConstantlyPositive19 karma

Yes I do. here's my first vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELT_93k28_0 I'm going to try and do them more regularly, now that I've got the process 'figured out.'

I had trouble getting the AMA approved with links to facebook/youtube/music/the fundraiser, so I had to keep it on the DL for now so the mods wouldn't delete the post.

Kytothelee8 karma

I subbed :)

ConstantlyPositive3 karma

Thank you!

uliarliarpantsonfire4 karma

I'm subbed now too! I love your outlook! Hey, if you haven't already you should come over and have a look at /r/loseit. I'm sure you could motivate lots of people there and they might help keep you motivated too! Also /r/Fitness can be a huge help!

Edited because I dropped a word.

ConstantlyPositive7 karma

Thanks for the info! I'm actually working on filming a bit of a workout related video.

ThankYouDriveThrough13 karma

Is it more challenging getting through the day as a black person or with cerebral palsy?

ConstantlyPositive53 karma

Defintely C.P. even though I live in the heart of 'white america.' It's not an area I've had much issue with blatant racism. Microaggressions for days, but never outright malicious attacks.

"Not to be racist but... I didn't know black people liked heavy metal."

jibberjabbery11 karma

How do you see yourself culturally? I'm an education major and I have trouble understanding certain things, like what and how to teach people with different racial identities. So do you ever feel like an outsider? What makes you feel the most comfortable? Do you feel like you're at a disadvantage because of the way we currently approach history and social studies? Genuinely curious and I feel like you'd have an insightful answer that can help me mold my future practices. Btw you sound like a really amazing person, I'm jealous of your positivity!

ConstantlyPositive56 karma

I suppose I see myself as 'bicultural' in some ways. In a similar question, I stated that I don't like being called the 'whitest black guy ever' because it subtly speaks to the idea that race requires a certain type of behavior.

While my psychographic experience would match up with that of a middle 20's caucasian male, I also fully understand the 'disconnect' there. Either way, people are going to see my skin before they actually interact with me. Combined with having a disability, I believe that this 'sociological trifecta' allows me to relate with all kinds of people.

If anything, I'd consider that to be an advantage.

danmilligan20 karma

White adoptive father of an African 2 year old boy here. How important is it to you to be around other black people, and does it matter how many? For instance, would you have preferred to go to a school with majority black students, or live in a black neighborhood regardless of other factors?

personablepickle38 karma

Biracial child who grew up with white parent here. Please don't awkwardly try to instill culture. When I was around 7 my dad started taking me to an all black church so I could commune with my people - after not raising me to be religious at all. Shit was confusing. He'll make black friends in college and figure out his place on his own. All you need to do race-wise is make sure he understands how to act around cops, and comfort him when he realizes he gets followed in stores and his friends don't.

ConstantlyPositive2 karma

/u/danmilligan - it's a perfectly valid question, but

/u/personablepickle WINS THIS! RIGHT HERE! ALL OF IT!

When I was young, I remember my parents taking me to all black churches a couple times. They didn't force the experience, just acknowledged it. My culture is my surroundings. My surroundings happen to be 99.999% white. I'm okay with that.

I think I'm better for it because I can feel comfortable associating with anyone, no matter their skin color.

I'd even gone to a few different day/weekend camps where it was almost entirely non-white. I didn't feel weird that they looked more like me because I'd already learned that skin color doesn't matter. Look like me or don't, there's more to us than that.

Culture != skin color.

ConstantlyPositive31 karma

I honestly have no preference anymore. I'm probably more comfortable being the 'only black person in a room' than some people would be though. (Independent of any recent social tension) I just learned to love the life I lived just the way I lived it.

skellingtongrl9311 karma

Have you met other Christian rappers? Like B Reith or Lecrae? Also I see you like good music :) have you ever seen The Devil Wears Prada, Haste the Day or August Burns Red? And one more question, what has been your favorite moment from going to all these concerts and just being a positive light for everyone to see?

ConstantlyPositive17 karma

I just saw Lecrae in Topeka yesterday. I'm a big fan of all 3 bands, I love ABR's song "Beauty in Tragedy" I've seen TDWP 3 times, ABR 4-5 times, and HtD once.

My favorite moment from all these concerts, even more than the atmosphere, the connections I've made. Bands, fellow audience members, security, and anyone in between. I've met some of closest friends in the pit.

My friends mean the world to me - This picture was after a DangerKids concert

Big_D_Squirrels10 karma

Do you have a facebook page for your rap? I'm sure a link will net you a lot of "likes" and possibly a few more fans.

ConstantlyPositive13 karma

I initially had all of this in the AMA post, but it kept getting blocked by AutoMod for violating rules, but here they are, and hope they don't get deleted:

Facebook: The #ConstantlyPositive Project - I sell the same t-shirt to raise money for Hope for the Day

Facebook: Whyte Lyte - I rarely use this page as of late, my focus has been on Constantly Positive and raising money for suicide prevention.

Soundcloud: "A Letter to Live"

ibasejump3 karma

Did you make that beat yourself? It's realllllly fly :)

ConstantlyPositive2 karma

I wish. It's by Diract Beats. "Bitter Vengeance" :)

Tucana667 karma

Love your reddit username! :)

My question is about finding outlets for your music and comedy interests. Where do you perform?

ConstantlyPositive10 karma

A lot of open mics. I've been writing jokes (telling anecdotes, honestly) for the last few months. I've been making music for the last 11 years, so anywhere I can get a microphone or people within earshot to listen.

adaminaudio7 karma

congrats on staying positive and all that jazz.

You mentioned you are a college graduate with AD/HD. I was diagnosed with AD/HD as well when I was younger but I came to realize that it's just people trying to put round holes into square pegs and that a LOT of people are what might get labeled AD/HD. In other words, I think it's a bullshit 'disorder' (I made it through college just fine as well)

That's just my own opinion on it of course.

What are your thoughts on AD/HD?


ConstantlyPositive18 karma

My thoughts on AD/HD - Square peg, round hole - definitely applies. I only graduated college after finding a major that could 'keep my interest beyond the classroom.' I'm a creative with a degree in Advertising. I originally went to college for engineering. Computer, then Electrical. While I'm smart enough, and love dabbling in technical, electronic, computer-related things... it wasn't ever my 'passion' in the same way that working with people is.

I take meds for it. I also have a sleep disorder. Same medicine can be prescribed for either. When I'm awake focusing is only half my problem, can't do anything if I'm falling asleep.

My AD/HD causes me more problems than my CP ever will, so time management is key - and I'm working on it...slowly.

Im-That-Dude6 karma

Do you have any funny or interesting stories about you and your family regarding them being white and you being black?

ConstantlyPositive10 karma


I might have to do a vlog about it.

In short: People not believing me when I say "They're my parents." and having to get ID. Thinking I'm lying until I show them my outrageous (-ly awesome) last name.

The number of people who have to ask if I'm adopted. (More frequent than I'd have ever thought)

I've got so many that I can't even think of/or describe adequately in a text comment.

Check out my vlog and I'll definitely remember to do a video about it in the next few weeks.

Great question! Brought on a laugh that makes me thankful that I live on my own.

omgmypony5 karma

As far as them asking if you're adopted... well, it should probably be obvious but then again blended families come in all forms and colors. People get divorced and remarried, cousins go to live with their aunts and uncles, plus genetics can be funny. For example, an elderly black couple with a young blonde child come into my place of work fairly frequently. Their shared facial features make it apparent that the girl is either their granddaughter or great granddaughter, but I can see how someone might think otherwise. So you never know!

ConstantlyPositive6 karma

Yup, I know the genetic possibility and blending that makes it entirely possible. It's just that a significant number of the people who have known me long enough to ask the question have actually met my parents.

skulofish4 karma

Have you seen Josh Blue's standup comedy? He has cerebral palsy, and sure makes use of it! He's a white African American looks kinda like a beach bum, seriously funny..I think he is on Netflix now btw

ConstantlyPositive21 karma

You mean this guy?

He performed at my college a few years ago, I made sure to meet him. I especially lost it at his 'African American' bit. His CP and mine are very different, but the jokes definitely fit. I only started doing comedy a back in April and only performed a handful of times, but I definitely would like to meet Josh again at some point!

boopboopadoopity3 karma

You seem incredibly awesome, wow. You are doing so much good in this world. I'm amazed that so much of your money goes to charity, it's so phenomenal. You must only have enough left over to pay for the shirt. I think sometimes individuals will hide behind a tiny donation to try and get more sales for themselves but you are the real deal. I notice you're still on so, questions!

  1. Could you elaborate on what the focus of Hope For the Day is and why you chose it?
  2. Who would you recommend to someone who has never listened to Christian rap? A particular song? An album? An artist in general?
  3. If you were asked and paid, would you travel somewhere to be a speaker and talk about your journey and perform rap, maybe in a church or at a college church event?
  4. Your song sounds awesome!! Did you do the mixing of the track and the lyrics yourself?
  5. Do you have a central website?

Thank you in advance for answering my questions! Your song has such an important and wonderful message!

ConstantlyPositive2 karma

I'm so glad I realized my inbox malfunctioned (my error) leaving me uninformed of so many questions left to be answered...

  1. I've been a huge fan of the heavy metal/Warped Tour scene, I first heard of HFTD a few years ago in Alternative Press magazine. We share a love for people and we 'crossed paths' through the music scene. Here's their Mission Statement: "Hope For The Day (HFTD) focuses on suicide prevention and mental health education through self expression platforms to achieve outreach, education, and prevention. It's ok not to be ok, have hope."

  2. "20/20" by Trip Lee is a great place to start.

  3. I would LOVE TO! That's actually the eventual goal of #ConstantlyPositive. Originally, it wasn't even a rap project. I was just going to speak and leave it at that. Then I realized I needed a way to promote it, so I started making music again. (I've been making Christian rap under the name Whyte Lyte since 2004.)

  4. I know nothing about mixing, I'd love to learn. I recorded it at my friends studio. It was a great experience, making music as long as I have, to finally get into a professional studio.

  5. Right now, I'm operating off of facebook. At some point I'd like to use www.constantlypositive.com as my speaking website. Right now it's just the store for my fundraiser.

Thanks for the kind words! Feel free to share it anywhere you can. It's up for free download on Bandcamp

whatlifemaycome3 karma

What type of person do you usually date?

ConstantlyPositive17 karma

Not sure if you're looking for the race related answer or 'just traits of attraction' so I'm going to cover both.

I don't date very often, I like to say I've been two-and-two-halves relationships. Two times explicitly stated, the 'halves' were times when one person was 100% devoted to someone who wasn't ready. (No fault to that person, just facts) One time I chased, the other I ran. (These times were back to back. I used what I learned from my chase to realize what I was doing to the one who later chased me. Knew that I wasn't ready to commit at the time and cut things off in the best way possible: Genuine honesty)

3 out of those 4 women were white. Though my frame of reference steers me toward white women, I have no objections to a similarly minded woman of any race.

Now for the deeper things, my faith is important to me and not something I'm willing to compromise on. After that, she doesn't even have to like rap music, just be able to tolerate the fact I make the stuff. Liking metal is a plus... Puns, intelligence, sarcasm. Understanding that there are some things I won't be able to do the same way, but DANG IT I'M GONNA TRY!

So she's gotta be pretty patient. Between the CP and the AD/HD.

I've got a thing for eyes. Less about the way they look, but I love looking into the eyes of the one I have a deep connection with.

Did I cover everything?

whatlifemaycome7 karma

No, I have more questions. What was your major in college, and what challenges, if any, do you face when seeking employment in your field of study? Have you tried tracking down your birth parents? When it comes to social issues in the black community, do you feel far removed? Are you into online dating?

ConstantlyPositive16 karma

Major: Advertising. Went in for engineering but I found that just because I'm good at math, doesn't mean I can spend hours doing it. That's already an issue with my AD/HD, take into account my inability to write quickly and we're taking 3x longer to do an assignment that's already going to take 4 hours.

My employment barriers were more due to floating between two majors for so long and accidentally graduating college without an internship, i.e. the 'NECESSARY' experience. So pretty much unrelated to my disability. Unique situation. My ability to walk with crutches and my very outgoing personality lead to my outspokenness being able to win over almost any interviewer... until it came down to 'are you qualified to do this job?'

I haven't tried to track down my birth parents, but wouldn't necessarily be opposed to the meeting.

I probably am pretty far removed from the issues themselves, but I also think my unique perspective allows me to act as a bridge between groups. (It's happened before)

I was into online dating, never really panned out... I've also taken myself 'off the market for now.' As I want to be the man worth dating instead of wasting a wonderful woman's time when I'm not really ready yet. #Adulting

whatlifemaycome11 karma

OMG! I think I just fell in love with you based off this response alone. Your candidacy, straightforwardness and transparency is unparalleled, or at least on Reddit. Your parents deserve a symphony of applause for raising such a well-rounded individual. I'm in awe of how honest and compassionate you are. I hope every goal you set forth in life is achieved. I wish nothing but the best for you. Also, did you ever think about writing a book based on your life?

ConstantlyPositive2 karma

There's actually a story related to my potential biography: Back in 2009, Frank Warren, the guy behind Post Secret visited the college I was attending. I shared my story with him, keep in mind that this was 6 years ago and things are way different now... His exact words:

"I want to read your biography in 10 years..."

Looks like I have 4 years left to make it worth reading, eh?

Risla_Amahendir3 karma

Weird question: is there anything you're angry about?

ConstantlyPositive2 karma

It's amazing that I'm going back through this AMA to pick up questions from a self-inflicted-inbox-malfunction sigh because I just remembered the one thing that gets me visibly angry less than an hour ago.

There is pretty much one thing I'm really angry about. Mainstream rap music and the glorification of drugs, particularly crack.

Why so specifically?

My disability was caused by exposure to cocaine in the womb. This is not to say I would change a single thing about my life, but it occurred to me that there's a bit of irony in being part of a society that teaches that you should feel sorry for people like me, yet glorifies the exact lifestyle/substance that caused it.

I don't think you can have LESS 'street cred' than I do.... but there's no denying that the crack game made me who I am.

Clarification: There are other things, but my being a rapper as well, makes this paradox all the more glaring.

PromisedPrince6942 karma

You PC bro?

ConstantlyPositive10 karma

I'm far from politically correct... but I do play games on the computer, if that's what you meant. :P

uo9592 karma

I'm a bit late to this, but being a huge Christian metalhead myself it is awesome to see all your pics with some of my favorite bands. What is your favorite We Came As Romans song? Also, are you going to be able to make one of Underoath's shows on their last tour coming up?

ConstantlyPositive3 karma

Ooooooooohhhhhhh..... This is such a hard question, but I recently decided that my favorite WCAR song is "Broken Statues." because it talks about building people up "Let me build you back up, as you carry me too!" I wouldn't be anywhere without my friends and family to hold me up as well.

"Hope" ...Obviously "To Plan a Seed" "UWWGTB" ("My empty cup could never fill another") "Let These Words Last Forever" "Through The Darkest Dark And Brightest Bright" (Wordplay says my mixed culture could be represented in that song title.)

and the entire Rest of their discography

Boatpower2 karma

2pac or biggie?

ConstantlyPositive4 karma

Who are they?

Seriously though, I didn't really listen to much 'common' hip-hop. I need to start though... :P

Almost entirely based on nothing but the number of songs that I've heard by each one: Gonna go with 2Pac

Longsock1234 karma


Check out Hip hop heads

listen to all the essentials. I guarantee it will make you a better rapper

Edit: i'm also inspired by your courage facing this tough world :)

ConstantlyPositive7 karma

Will do! Thanks. I've been rapping for 11 years and still don't feel like I've listened to enough of the 'classics.'

In case you haven't heard it, here's my newest song "A Letter to Live" I'd love to know what you think of it.

XA363 karma

Please avoid /r/hiphopheads community though unless you want to read about cultural appropriation twice a day.

ConstantlyPositive6 karma


Any suggestions for playlists I should check out and just skip the /r/ completely?

bvde852 karma

Btw, how do you identify???

ConstantlyPositive35 karma

I don't pull a reverse Rachel Dolzal... I consider myself to be black and leave it at that.

I don't really like being told I'm 'the whitest black guy in the world' because it subtly speaks to the idea that race requires a specific pattern of behavior.

That being said, some people who have phone/internet conversations with me are sometimes surprised to find out I'm not white. :)

macgyverspaperclip4 karma

I don't really like being told I'm 'the whitest black guy in the world'

Do you mostly get that from white people? I'm guessing that's due to your speech mannerism. How do black people react to you? Have you experienced discrimination from them for not being a ''real'' black person?

I know a couple of black guys who have ''white'' speech mannerisms. They have been discriminated against and even bullied for this by other black people for this.

ConstantlyPositive5 karma

It definitely comes from white people more... probably surprised to meet a black person they can understand completely.

When I first went to college, I thought I'd get it from black people but never have... I've gotten a few side-eyes when I tell them I'm adopted - but not yet on my speech pattern alone.

I know that it happens, but I have yet to experience it.

aredditgroupthinker2 karma

Which is worse?

ConstantlyPositive4 karma

Welp. There's nothing 'inherently' negative about having parents of any particular skin color. Given my outlook on my disability, having cerebral palsy isn't that bad either.

It's a tie. Both of them are pretty awesome.

BMEJoshua2 karma

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but do you almost feel obligated to stay so positive to help others? It's a hard feeling to describe. I had a very rough medical childhood and now that I'm going to medical school, I sort of feel the obligation to help children (medically) who are also going through very similar things.

ConstantlyPositive2 karma

Hmmm... This may be more complex of an answer than you were looking for (or exactly) but, I actually address a similar result in my song "A Letter to Live". It's original title was actually "Lyin' Smile," and it's about how I was so used to being happy that "Over the last few years..." I actually understood that needed help with my mental health, but I was so used to people knowing me as the happiest person in the world that I refused to show them anything otherwise.

As far as conscious requirement, nah. I'm a genuinely happy person and I love meeting new people and doing whatever makes them enjoy themselves when I'm around. So my mental health scenario more or less resulted in continuing in such a way that could convey a sense of obligation.

Loyak32 karma

Damn great taste of music man. Crowd surfing at letlive would have been wild. Can I ask how that went when you got to the bottom with your crutches ?

ConstantlyPositive2 karma

"As a rapper who likes metal, I blend bars and breakdowns..."

This is actually a GREAT story. I'm so glad you asked.

Going to metal shows as long as I have, I've always wanted to crowd surf... But I've always been afraid to. Should I take my crutches? What happens when I get dropped if I don't? Basically it was not going to happen.

Fast forward to the letlive show... Jason has so much energy that I pretty much forgot about my fear of crowd surfing until it was too late.

He had been inviting people up on to the stage to scream some lyrics, give hugs, and dive back into the crowd all night. The Granada didn't have a baracade that night, so I hand my friend Liz my crutches, lift myself up on to the stage, she gives them back. I go scream some lyrics, give Jason a high five/hug and next thing I know, it happens. I turn around facing the stage, and sit on the people in the front row! I'm up on the crowd before I realize that I've spent 6 months terrified of crowdsurfing, and almost freak out.

Well, being 'demographically outstanding' and frequenting the venue like I do... I've made friends with quite a few of the guys who work security. While I'm wondering what the heck I'm gonna do to get down, or survive when I get dropped. A few of the guys 'wade' (to continue the water analogy, and 'crowd surfing') and get me down.

No damage. It was photographed. Crossed off the bucket list. Never again.

supah_1 karma

Are any of your siblings adopted? I wonder about adoption but I never think I'd be adult enough to raise a real live ready-for-the-world human. P.S. You're awesome! Noone seems to be asking you about your music - what are your musical influences?

ConstantlyPositive2 karma

My parents have housed other foster children before, but I'm the only one that was adopted. (I was with them for 7 years as a foster child)

I'm definitely not ready to be responsible for someone other than myself full time... I've jokingly considered pulling a "Big Daddy" and adopting a kid 5 or older, that way they're pretty self-sufficient and I wouldn't have to worry about younger ages and the difficulty of managing infant parenting with my mobility limitations.

As I say at the end of "A Letter to Live" "It was God, my family, and music."

Most of my music is based on my life experience, and most of the music I listen to is NOT hip-hop. So can my influences even come across in my tunes? Of course they can, but it's an interesting contradiction.

I saw Lecrae and Trip Lee last night. The Color Morale the week before that. I went crowd surfing at a letlive. show. I'm completely, unreasonably, over-the-moon excited for the Underoath reunion tour. I've got friends who make music that I can only hope to inspire others as much as it's inspired me.

I'm all over the map, and I love it.

freakedmind1 karma

Do you like fried chicken? I love fried chicken!

ConstantlyPositive3 karma

Stereotypes aside... Of course I love fried chicken.

t--1 karma

Do you identify as white or black? How do you feel about the few people on the news recently claiming to be transracial?

ConstantlyPositive5 karma

I identify as black. I would consider myself to be the literal definition of 'transracial.' but I don't bother calling myself that. The thing I notice about 'being' transracial, it doesn't work the same in reverse. Rachel Dolezal can pass as a light skinned black woman - I can't be a dark skinned caucasian.

Tehrin1 karma


You made a point to label yourself as a christian rapper, how important is your religion to you in your every day life? Do you rely on your religion for support and is this where your positive outlook comes from?


This is all I can think about after looking at your title and username


ConstantlyPositive3 karma

Being a Christian is a big part of who I am and where my positive outlook comes from (Ps. 71:14, Jer. 29:11) I wrote my first raps while I was in church. And even as I've gotten older, and the content has broadened - every song I write is still thematically 'Christian' and at the very least comes from that perspective. So it would be very hard for me to just call myself 'a rapper.'

Constantly Positive is focused on suicide prevention. This is the first song I've released in years.

"A Letter to Live"

Honestly I'm surprised you didn't reference Clayton Bigsby(Dave Chappelle) - it's the most common response when people hear that I have white parents.

Jeffums0 karma

What's the deal with airline food?

ConstantlyPositive2 karma

It's for the squirrels.

At least, the peanuts

BenMFKern-1 karma

If I posted a picture of myself wearing a #ConstantlyNegative shirt and making a face that could be describe as "rage filled," would you be upset?

ConstantlyPositive12 karma

Not at all! I was already down with the idea before I read the username... Ben, PLEASE do it!



HitlerYouthParade-4 karma

What do white parents have to do with anything? wtf?

ConstantlyPositive1 karma

It's just uncommon. My cerebral palsy, AD/HD, and positive outlook are the central themes of the AMA. But several people have asked questions about the sociological implications of my adoption, so I answer those questions too. If it wasn't in the headline it would have been pointed out in the description.

[deleted]-11 karma


ConstantlyPositive12 karma

Nope. #ConstantlyPositive is my outlook on life. I enjoy my existence, even though society seems to think I shouldn't.