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You are doing some wonderful stuff here for families. A photo can be so valuable.

My question is a hard question for me to ask and I understand if you don't want to answer. You do photography for illnesses that are terminal. Sadly, there are many illnesses that are terminal. I'm sure you get many requests and I'm sure you get limited funding. If there are too many individuals who would like a session and not enough funding, what is the selection process like?

You also mention on your website doing multiple sessions for people. How does this compile for individuals who are terminal but don't have a specific date of when they might pass or their date is years in the future? Do you continue to photograph them every year, or whenever the family asks, or do you ever have to face the decision of declining a family that has requested multiple photo ops for another more terminal case? The decisions must be incredibly difficult.

Edit: Also, do you ask the person being photographed to provide proof that their illness is terminal?

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Hi Adam! I remember being introduced to your work over 4 years ago through a friend - so glad to see your success!

What are some of the positives and negatives of making yourself the "main character" of your comics? I've noticed you've changed the frequency of how often you do over time. Do you feel more connected to the comics, do you feel more restricted or more free when you do so? Using oneself as a character in comics isn't uncommon but I've always been curious as to the thought process behind it. I enjoy it!