Season 2 of Review premieres tonight at 10 on Comedy Central. Well folks, thanks for all the questions and sorry for all the typos. I really enjoyed this! I have to go eat lunch and get a haircut and so on and so on. Gotta go! Please watch Review! - @tvsandydaly

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mberry0488 karma

Will there be another season of The Andy Daly Pontius Pilate Project?

TVsAndyDaly81 karma

I hope so! I think so! But when?! I don't know.

Rlmitchell3377 karma

what is the square footage of Jimmy Bongos human hair rug?

TVsAndyDaly69 karma


japanesepagoda62 karma

Dear Mr. Dimello,

I've been trying to bring out the girls for years now during my small playhouse production of Disney's Lady and the Tramp, where I've got all these whores covered in dog fur with human bones in their mouths. I've got them all fucked up on heroin but they seem reluctant to come out even when I threaten to take away their sweet, delectable candy. Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

TVsAndyDaly92 karma

Honestly, it sounds like you're doing everything right.

ZeroChangThirty61 karma

Now that you've done an episode of "Me 2 I’m Talkin’ U2 To U Too," when should we be expecting you to appear on U Talkin' U2 2 Me?

TVsAndyDaly136 karma

You know what. I saw the recent U2 tour and was kind of underwhelmed. Scott asked me if I wanted to go with him a second night and I actually turned him down. Now it sounds like he got to meet the band or some shit?! I fucked up! Anyway, I think if I had gone with him, he would have had me on the show to discuss the concert so I doubly fucked up. But really, it's U2's fault for only doing a so-so show the night I went.

Frajer50 karma

who came up with there all is aching?

TVsAndyDaly57 karma

Hello! Holy shit, there are a lot of questions here! This is the first one I'm answering! I don't know who came up with the germ if the idea that Forrest should be asked to do something impossible but the task of pulling that off was given to the great Andy Blitz who is, among other things, a master of absurdism. He really ran with that one!

Ryno363947 karma

You were great as the Ben Franklin impersonator in The Office. Have any good anecdotes from your personal experience working in an office or having syphilis?

TVsAndyDaly53 karma

I have been completely useless in every office setting I've ever been in. I once completely screwed up the filing system of a neurologist's office and I may have driven a small equity theater out of business with my totally incompetent administration of their box office. Terrible.

edhfan43 karma

Any advice for someone who wants to give handjobs and flip through vaginas at the ArcLight?

TVsAndyDaly54 karma

Follow you dreams! And have a good bail bondsman in your contacts.

thursdayaug2238 karma

I know PFT pretty much gushes about Travel Bug w/ Augustus Lindt being one of the best experiences of his life (I literally could not drive during that episode, it was too dangerous)- what's your favorite Podcast Pilot?

Also, are you gonna do Spontaneanation someday? Please?

TVsAndyDaly81 karma

Paul asked me to do one but schedules didn't work. I believe it will happen. I have a soft spot for Hot Dog's podcast. There was a real sweetness to that one. But yeah man, that August Lindt thing. Everyone was on fire. Someday maybe I'll release the raw audio for superfans because I edited a lot of insanity out of the last act in particular.

jai_kasavin33 karma

Andy, I'm your biggest fan, as evidenced by the quickness of my reply. I wanted to ask you about Scott Aukerman. What kind of character is he playing on his TV show? How would you describe his shtick, from a comedian's inside point of view.

TVsAndyDaly57 karma

Man, that is a great question and I shouldn't have clicked "reply" because I don't think I have a great answer. I just think it's weird and wonderful and he and the show kind of exist in a weird universe, alternate reality kind of thing. It's all not quite real in a very specific and oddly satisfying way. Wish I could answer this better.

thejjar32 karma

Your performance as Cutler in Eastbound and Down was the most underrated part of that show. Do you enjoy playing more of the somewhat straight man role or the zany characters?

TVsAndyDaly28 karma

How can I choose? I really don't know. Both are satisfying in very different ways and I'm thrilled to have opportunities to do both.

EthanRunt29 karma

Have you ever been on any kind of water-transportation vessel in International Waters?

TVsAndyDaly86 karma

No! But here's a fun tidbit for you that I don't think I've ever said anywhere else. My interest in international waters as a place where anything can happen began with an interview Richard Belzer did with Howard Stern in, like, the early 90s. Stern asked him if he smoked pot and Belzer said, I think totally seriously, that he only did so on international waters where there was no danger of arrest or prosecution.

Slayner24 karma

Hi Andy! Big fan of all your stuff, especially Review and your many podcast appearances! (please oh please do the podcast pilot project season 2)

My question is about review. It's actually a two part question.

  • One, how did you come up for the idea of the show? It's a great premise and the way you play Forrest just seals it so perfectly.

  • and Two, how much creative freedom do you have in the making of the show/do you guys improv at all? Something about it feels like you have quite a bit of freedom in this show but I could of course be wrong.

Above all Andy I just want to say I love your work and seeing your name on the episodes of podcasts makes me so excited. I'll be tuning into review tonight! Best comedy of 2014, I'm sure that'll remain true this year!

Also Andy, a quick plug. I mod a subreddit here called /r/earwolf it's a small community made up of very big fans of comedy podcasts, and if you ever stopped by we would be thrilled.

TVsAndyDaly24 karma

We are very free creatively on Review, to a surprising degree actually. Comedy Central gave us a good handful of very helpful notes in season 1 as they - and we - worked to find the show, but in season 2, they really trusted us to do our thing. It's been kind of amazing to see how they've let us go. A dream work environment really.

ShmimonC24 karma

Who said that this is the way it's gonna be?! I didn't sign off on this!

TVsAndyDaly28 karma

Gimme a break!

Starkicker22 karma

Heynong Man!

How much of the "Kiss Me, I'm Patrick McMahon" episode of the Podcast Pilot Project was pre-planned?

TVsAndyDaly42 karma

There was a rough outline and I thought of a bunch of things to say beforehand but there was no script. The songs were, of course, written beforehand, with the exception of the apology song, which they amazingly came up with in on the spot.

creepdr21 karma

Your improv often finds its way to satanism. Aside from Aukerman and Mantzoukas pimping you in that direction, why is that? It seems a bit too emotionally genuine to be just a silly punch line.

TVsAndyDaly51 karma

The occult is so funny to me. The idea of anyone believing in black magic and satanic rituals, it's just so silly. The image of candles and pentagrams and black robes and chanting. What's funnier than all that?

eon99719 karma

Hey Andy! Huge fan of Review, it was my favorite new show of last year. The pancakes/divorce episode is one of the funniest episodes of television I've ever seen. I'm so excited for season 2.

On to my question. I have a vague memory of you dropping some obscure music knowledge on a podcast you were on and being really excited. Who are some of your all-time favorite bands/favorite recent discoveries?

TVsAndyDaly19 karma

As a teenager, I very obsessively educated myself about early rock, the origins of rock music, the inter-connectedness of 60s bands and so on. I then got heavily into prog rock and then into REM and U2 when they were newish. I retain a lot of that knowledge but to be honest, keeping up with music now seems to be a challenge.

shankenblip18 karma

Do twisted characters like Don Dimello ever make you worry about yourself?

TVsAndyDaly36 karma

Don grosses me out. He really does. I often think he goes too far and I am sometimes ashamed of myself for the things he says but I don't worry. I'm in control! By the way, Andy Daly interviewed Don DiMello for Comedy Central's Sirius XM station. It'll be out today and it is very shameful.

BillyMumphreys18 karma

Andy, greatly looking forward to the new season. Will any of your CBB personas appear this season (Dalton Wilcox, Cactus Tony specifically)?

TVsAndyDaly46 karma

No! But watch it anyway please.

DenmarkDaniels18 karma

What is your best behind-the-scenes-story from The Informant?

TVsAndyDaly36 karma

Just that Soderbergh never gave me any direction but always seemed so happy with what was happening. Not what I expected. I think he's a great guy.

Owenlars217 karma

I recently Listened to your Dead Author's Podcast where you played L. Ron Hubbard. I laughed so hard I got a cramp at the gym and almost fell off the treadmill. Is there anyone, living or dead, you would love to play in a movie/tv show/podcast/etc?

TVsAndyDaly28 karma

I am the age F. Scott Fitzgerald was when he died and would love the chance to play him at the end of his life.

Cellulum15 karma

Howdy Andy, I'm Tremendous fan of Review and your character work on Earwolf/Superego/etc. In fact, I did some fanart of Review a while back.

My question is, what character of yours would you be most excited to see in animated form?

TVsAndyDaly14 karma


Ryno363913 karma

I really enjoyed the season-long storylines in season 1. Is there anything we should pay extra attention to in tonight’s season 2 premier that will provide the viewer extra pay-off throughout the season?

TVsAndyDaly24 karma

Yes! But I think it would be too spoilery to tell you. Basically, this is a season about Forrest trying to build a new life while still doing Review.

koolaid68913 karma

First of all, I love everything you do and can't wait for season 2 of Review. You and Jason Heynongmantzoukas are my favorite guests on CBB, what inspired Joe Bongo/Jimmy Bongos? It sounded like you were hinting that he fed on the students of Marina Del Ray High but Scott and Jason didn't catch on, was that where you were heading?

TVsAndyDaly13 karma

I originated that character for the Womp It Up podcast and he is loosely based on a health teacher in my high school who went by the nickname Joe Driver Ed because that's what he taught. His first name was Roger, by the way. He also played guitar in the student band I was in. But he didn't sound like my character and wasn't insane or inappropriate (particularly).

jai_kasavin13 karma

Andy, you made Semi-Pro semi watchable with your role as Mr Richard Pepperfield. I wanted to ask about Paul F Tompkins. He had a couple of great shows in London. Do you have any plans to perform in the UK soon?

What are your favorite British TV shows?

TVsAndyDaly29 karma

I love The Mighty Boosh and Snuff Box! I have never performed in Britain but would really love to. But when?! I don't know.

ProLicks13 karma

As someone who went from being "that guy in that thing, the one with the glasses?" to "Andy Daly, highly compensated comedic superstar," what has changed the most? Hearing (most recently) Joey Bongo/Jimmy Bongos on CBB made me realize that you're one of the few people who has continued to get better and better with more opportunities to put yourself out there, and I've got to assume humility plays a part...I'll take my answer off the air.

TVsAndyDaly22 karma

Thank you, thank you. What a lovely thing to read. But to be fair, I am not all that highly compensated. It is the only thing I would like to change about my life. More money!!

pmknqwn13 karma

How much research did you do for the L Ron Hubbard Dead Authors Podcast? It was amazing btw

TVsAndyDaly29 karma

Thank you! A lot. I hope people go right from listening to those episodes to reading Going Clear because you'll be like "holy shit, he made none of that up!"

sisyphus8112 karma

Is Krombopulos Michael the greatest role you've ever played?

TVsAndyDaly18 karma

I think it might be.

franchise72411 karma

Hey Andy. Love your work, can't wait for the Season 2 premiere tonight.

For my money, the Dalton Wilcox episode of the Podcast Pilot Project is the funniest thing I've ever listened to. I think I've listened to it at least 20 times since it's release. Any chance this ever becomes a regular podcast?

TVsAndyDaly18 karma

Probably not but Dalton may very well return to the podcasting racket. And thanks!

RedTerabyte11 karma

What's your favorite memory from all that you have done?

TVsAndyDaly46 karma

Oh you know, dumb shit like kids being born and the first time I laid eyes on my wife. Blah blah blah.

DJScratchatoryRapist10 karma

I love "Review" and I'm so happy Comedy Central renewed it.

With cable channels caring less and less about overnight Nielsen ratings and more about critical acclaim, how are you guys feeling about a Season 3?

(Yes, I realize Season 2 is just about to start airing, but I must know!)

TVsAndyDaly20 karma

I truly have no idea! But I hope it works out. It's true, ratings have become less important for networks. They're just one of the measures of success. That's great, truly, but it makes things a little hard to predict, pickup-wise.

snobbysnob10 karma

I just want you to know, that Review is the only TV I've cared enough about to write and angry letter to a TV channel about.

I may have been a little over enthusiastic about prophylactically letting Comedy Central know how mad I would be if Review didn't get a second season and it may have been unwarranted.

But I got Review back so maybe not?

Either way can't wait.

TVsAndyDaly19 karma

Was it like, an actual letter? On paper and stuff? If so, and you're under 80, I love this! The internet has robbed our culture of cranky letters. Let's get them back!

ShmimonC10 karma

Are you sure that your poem isn't about more than a cowboy fucking a hole in the ground? It's so beautiful...

TVsAndyDaly22 karma

Yes it truly is. Please feel free to write a think piece about what else it might be about.

good_epps10 karma

Hello Andy! Looking forward to the new season of Review. What would you say is the biggest difference between this season and the first season?

TVsAndyDaly16 karma

Things go off the rails further faster for Forrest this season. And I think in general, the show feels faster paced and tighter and more assured.

SuperDuperTurtle9 karma

A lot of the MADtv cast members seem to have varying opinions about their time on the show. What was your experience like?

TVsAndyDaly27 karma

I didn't like it very much. I loved a lot of the people. I have several wonderful friends I met there but, in my opinion, in many ways, the show was not worthy of the people who worked on it. But look, I didn't know how to create material that would work there or how to connect with the audience and I wanted to, so there's an element of sour grapes here, I'll concede.

DrDoofenshartz9 karma

Is there any podcast character you DON'T like to play, but do it anyway because you are persuaded?

If Review was a reality show, which real-life personality could best replace Forrest MacNeill?

Thanks for all the laughs. I always get excited to see your name in upcoming appearances. We need a Joe Bongo/Hot Dog collabo or an LRon/Dalton Wilcox essay contest.

TVsAndyDaly13 karma

I honestly don't believe I would ever do anything in the podcast realm that I didn't totally want to do. It's a playground, pure and simple. That's what's so magical about it for so many of us.

hgsun8 karma

Hi Andy, The Andyverse on CBB got me into the podcast permanently. When meeting a fan on the streets, how would you prefer they interact with you? high-five? creepily wheezing "bring out the girls..."?

TVsAndyDaly14 karma

Don't touch me!

MisterAlaska8 karma

If you could pick one of the characters from your Earwolf podcast appearances to develop into a full television show, who would it be and why? I'll accept no answers other than Dalton Wilcox.

TVsAndyDaly15 karma

I think that is the answer, yes.

supertrashbros8 karma

What exactly is happening in your twitter avatar?

TVsAndyDaly21 karma

That's a screen capture from the episode of No You Shut Up that I did. Check it out on YouTube and all will be clear.

GilliMarshall8 karma

Any chance of you being on the new season of Playing House?

TVsAndyDaly14 karma

I'm not in it, no. But I did just see the first two episodes of the new season and it is so so good!

king_awesome7 karma

I've noticed you've laid off of the characters involved in the Oh, Golly episodes since they have aired. Is this because you just wanted to give them a rest or because building on everything established in those episodes would be difficult? If Don, Dalton, etc. return will you just ignore the fact they were involved in a war between good and evil?

TVsAndyDaly11 karma

Really I'm just too busy to make a habit of coming back and also it's fun to come up with new people.

Antonton7 karma

Hi Andy,

Thanks for doing this! I really enjoyed season 1 of Review, and it makes my day anytime I see your name in the lineup of a new CBB ep. I have a couple questions:

  1. I love performing, and I especially love comedy. I did musicals and sketch while I was school and I take classes at UCB currently, but my degree and job are in a STEM field so I feel like I’m at a significant disadvantage. What advice would you have for someone in my shoes who is dumb enough to follow their dreams of writing and performing comedy but doesn’t have much beyond a bit of natural talent and solid job skills from working in the corporate world?
  2. UCB isn’t really known for character work, but I think it’s fair to say your character work is why so many people love your performances. What made you really get into developing these characters, and how did you refine that? Do you think of yourself as a character performer at all?

Thanks again! Absolutely loved your “take five dollars home” quip on Match Game, it was the highlight of the night. I hope Kevin & Bean went well!

TVsAndyDaly10 karma

I don't know what STEM is! But the advice I usually give to anyone starting out is to get yourself into constant proximity with talented people who have similar aspirations to yours. Discuss and discuss what we want to be doing, the work and the business of it, collaborate, take risks, put stuff out there. I've always felt the UCB communities in NY and LA are perfect places for all of that.

TVsAndyDaly5 karma

Thanks. Kevin and Bean was delightful.

TheTownHunk7 karma

What is the one Review we won't be seeing in season two that you'd like to do for season three?

TVsAndyDaly14 karma

We had a card on our board that simply said R2D2. I'd like to explore that in season 3. We also talked a lot about "What's it like to be a character on Game of Thrones?" We didn't do it because that kind of pop culture parody seemed wrong for us but now I kind of regret that we didn't do it. Might revisit.

dances_with_ronaldo7 karma

Has this show inspired you to go out and try new experiences in your personal life, or has it completely ruined certain things (like pancakes)?

TVsAndyDaly18 karma

I was never a huge fan of pancakes honestly. But I really love the word pancakes. Also flapjacks and griddle cakes and hot cakes. All of those are good. Why did one food get so many wonderful names?

king_awesome7 karma

How do you balance work and family?

TVsAndyDaly14 karma

It's really hard. I struggle with it, particularly in this iPhone era when important information can come at me any time. I wish I knew who tweeted this but someone said: "I was just trying to get my dad to look up from his phone" - how all future comedians will describe how they got started. That's so sad and feels too true.

CaptainMalcolmStark7 karma

First off thank you for doing this AMA, You are hysterical in everything your in and like many people I'm a huge fan of your work on CBB. You also seem to be a permanent fixture in the alt comedy scene so my question is when did you first get into comedy and specifically the alt comedy scene?

TVsAndyDaly12 karma

I moved to NY after college in 1993 and that was the beginning of boom times for "alternative comedy". There was a great show at a place called Rebar in Chelsea where Louis CK, Todd Barry, Jeneane Garafalo, Marc Maron, etc would do weird shit, whatever they wanted. I loved it an knew I wanted that kind of creative life. I was in a comedy duo at the time with Andy Secunda - The Two Andys - and we worked hard to get into that world. I've been floating around in some kind of proximity to alt comedy ever since.

stenchwinslow7 karma

What was Forrest Mcneil's journalism career like before stumbling into the review format?

TVsAndyDaly30 karma

He was a movie reviewer somewhere, some small market. On the wall behind Forrest's desk are two framed movie reviews he wrote. I don't know if you can read them at all but the headline on one is "American Pie Takes The Cake", so that'll give you an idea. I don't know who came up with that, but I love it!

Martattack6 karma

Hi Andy! First off, you are so, so funny. I had tears streaming down my face trying not to laugh listening to the Don DiMello music teacher sketch on Superego, while sitting on the bus, and an old lady kept giving me sympathetic looks, so thanks for that.

I started taking improv earlier this year, and our class had our second show ever last night. While it was a blast, I found myself having a really tough time figuring out where to take scenes after initiating them, and ended up spending some time on stage grasping for something to do to move the scene along. What advice would you give to a new improviser who gets stuck in her head and ends up hesitating?

Thank you for being great, and I'm REALLY excited for Review tonight!

TVsAndyDaly10 karma

I think you need to rewire your brain through repitition and steeping yourself in improv for a good long while. See tons of shows and do tons of shows.

RedTerabyte6 karma

How was your experience working on Yogi Bear? It looked like quite a bit of fun.

TVsAndyDaly13 karma

It was crazy because I spent 3 months in New Zealand and spent 21 days on set. That's a lot of downtime in a weird and beautiful country. Such a strange life experience. But I loved that cast and the movie seemed to have potential to be really great while we were making it.

vanepidemic6 karma

What advice would you give to someone just starting improv? I'm taking Level 1 classes, and I'm having trouble coming up with ideas to initiate scenes.

TVsAndyDaly20 karma

Yeah, that's the hard part for me too. Knowing when to initiate. You might want to focus on being great at working with other peoples' initiations, an important skill. Also, you and your team could focus your energies less on initiating hard and more on finding games together. Soft initiations, you know?

theripped6 karma

What is your favorite moment you have performing with The Swarm?

TVsAndyDaly12 karma

Too many to mention but I do remember doing a Harold in the very early days and ending it in such a satisfying way and hearing later that Matt Besser had been in the lighting booth for the show and had told the person running lights that Harold had entered the room. That meant a lot!

ImRichieDagger6 karma

Hi Andy! I'm a huge fan of your work and can't wait for season 2 of Review. 'Pancakes, Divorce, Pancakes' is one of my favorite episodes of television. Will you ever release another album similar to Nine Sweaters?

TVsAndyDaly14 karma

At the moment, the idea of a Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain-style L. Ron Hubbard venture is appealing to me as some kind of future project. Could that be an album?

AllThisPaperwork6 karma

If I started a Kickstarter to have a top-level psycho-analyst put together a psychological profile of you SOLELY based on your Comedy Bang Bang characters a) what do you think they would conclude? b) would you be cool with that?

TVsAndyDaly14 karma

I would be cool with it and I think they would conclude that I am a totally well-adjusted, delightful person. I honestly thoroughly believe that.

larkinzd6 karma

As you well know, Review with Myles Barlow is considerably darker than Forrest Macneil's show (Myles' triple homicide in Episode Two comes to mind). Which of Myles' reviews or experiences, if any, would you want to do if not for Forrest's relatively less sociopathic mindset?

Also, I've got a question for Forrest: What is it like to go to prison?

TVsAndyDaly11 karma

I do love the way that triple homicide plays out. I also love their treatment of Betrayal but that one does feel crueler than Forrest usually is. This season, in our fourth episode, we do my favorite of all of Myles' reviews and I love the way ours turned out. As for your second question, stay ye tuned.

LesPlaycool6 karma

You're in all my favorite shows; Review, Delocated, Rick and Morty.

What was it like being Jon's lawyer?

TVsAndyDaly5 karma

So great! Glaser is a true genius and a sweetheart. I always love working with him. And John Lee too. Lots of improv, so much fun.

japanesepagoda5 karma

We heard it from Forrest, but as Andy Daly, what was it like partaking in a totally legit Eyes Wide Shut orgy on Review?

TVsAndyDaly13 karma

Bad. That was an abandoned mansion with no heat and it smelled bad and was so so awkward to have all these people in skintight, flesh colored cover-ups. It also happened to be our last night of shooting and it ended at like, 4:30 in the morning. It was grueling. Also I'm not sure how much confidence we had in the script. There was serious consideration given to scrapping it the day before we shot it. But I'm the one who insisted we do it and I now love it love it love it.

Ryno36395 karma

Andy, what is your favorite alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverage?

TVsAndyDaly35 karma

I don't drink but I will sometimes drink a non-alcoholic beer, though I know that is the saddest of all drinks.

Loewenchris5 karma

What would you like to review but feel would be too touchy a subject?

TVsAndyDaly9 karma

I don't think we've ever shied away from something because it's too touchy, which is how we ended up with Forrest reviewing "what's it like to cure a gay person" in our second episode. Oh dear.

jai_kasavin5 karma

Letterman : "What do you think Paul?"

Paul Shaffer: "Time to close the mailbag"

Wow Andy, Paul really fucked you after you left the stage. Paul Shafter. Have you ever thought about this moment? It was 98 I think.

TVsAndyDaly9 karma

I honestly think that was not a commentary on me or the bit. I think Paul was just not paying attention and didn't give a shit and just wanted to know if it was time for him to play his stupid song.

SnakeLee4 karma

How do you get such a massive range between the different voices of your characters? They're all so incredibly distinct it's amazing!

TVsAndyDaly10 karma

Thank you. The weird truth is that I spend a lot of time talking to myself, like pretty much any time I'm alone I'm talking to myself. I think that's because I'm crazy but a side benefit is that I really get to explore what my voice can do.

mattisafriend4 karma

Hi Andy, do you think we'll see a DVD release of Review?

TVsAndyDaly18 karma

I've never been party to a discussion of that but I'd love it because we have a lot of crazy deleted scenes and moments.

SpcAgentDaleCooper4 karma

Andy I am a huge huge fan. How did you become such a good improviser and how do I become as good as you? Should I have someone constantly backing me into a corner and making me yes and into a murderer/satanist?

Oh and what's the darkest children's movie?

TVsAndyDaly11 karma

Brave and Toy Story 3 come to mind. Do lots of improv. I know this might sound awful but I got myself into a community of improvisers who used to go out to eat/drink together and just do bits all night long. It's exhausting as hell but all-in-all we probably taught ourselves more at MacManus than we did onstage.

two_off4 karma

What show were you most proud to be a part of?

TVsAndyDaly8 karma

Review silly!

DrChuckyLarms4 karma

What episode of the Podcast Pilot Project did you personally enjoy making the most? Which one had you laughing while recording? Also I loved you as the villain in Yogi Bear.

TVsAndyDaly11 karma

Thanks! Maybe Dalton Wilcox was funnest to do but oddly Hot Dog is probably my favorite.

coitusFelcher4 karma

Hey Andy, I just got into the Superego podcast. The bit with you as Dom Dimello working with Nick Nolte and John C. Reilly is some of the funniest shit I've ever heard. How does that show work? Is it all improv that is edited together afterwards, or is some scripted? It's so damn seamless and quick.

TVsAndyDaly5 karma

No kidding. I love that show. Yes, it's fully improvised. A premise is agreed on, a setting too. But that's it. We just go and then Matt carefully edits it later and I am always amazed by what he accomplishes there. Always great.

BabyInaMagnetoHelmet4 karma

You nail L. Ron Hubbard in such an incredible, hilarious way. Did the voice just come to you? How long did you study Scientology to be able to just go on about it for so long? Any plans to bring your L. Ron to the screen?

TVsAndyDaly9 karma

I don't think the voice I did sounds much like him actually. I started with the physicality of his mouth. He had this very large mouth and his back molars are very visible when he talks. I also decided to play him as a confident blowhard, which is not the way he usually chose to come across in reality. But I wanted to play the real LRH, the internal monologue come to life.

ProfessorBorden3 karma

Hey Andy! How is the writing process on Review? I always hear that it is heavily improvised but I get the sense that the show is more structured than people give it credit for.

Hope to see you at UCB soon!

TVsAndyDaly7 karma

Yeah, it's very structured and very well thought out. We don't do big giant crazy things with improv, creating new stories and stuff. We're just not shackled to the scripts and give ourselves constant permission to change things on the fly and come up with new fun stuff as inspiration occurs.

traunks3 karma

Do you think a certain level of high confidence/self-esteem is important when it comes to being a comedic performer? Wanting to eventually be one myself I've been doing a lot of work on myself to get to overcome some of my bad mental tendencies before I really dive into it. It just seems obvious to me that you'd kind of really have to believe in yourself and be pretty positive if you want to have a chance at making it anywhere.

TVsAndyDaly13 karma

I think you need to feel like you have something unique to share and you need to believe that whatever anyone else may think about it, it's worth sharing. And if you don't quite believe all that, you know what they say, fake it till you make it. One thing I can tell you is that many of my characters have vastly more confidence than I do and that is a very helpful thing indeed.

cryptogrammar3 karma

When Review was being remade for American television, what was the thought process behind changing the name of the main character? Was there any reason Myles Barlow was renamed Forrest MacNeil?

TVsAndyDaly7 karma

We just wanted it to feel, to us and anyone else, like we were creating a different person which our character was inevitably going to be just by virtue of the fact that a different actor was going to play him.

mrjeffro3 karma

Your appearance on never not funny a few months ago was hilarious. How sad was that lady at the 711, buying that awful pizza?

TVsAndyDaly5 karma

I did find that sad. She wasn't allowed to have a hot dog for health reasons so she was having a 7-11 pizza and scraping off some of the cheese. There's got to be a better way!

GeodesicGnome3 karma

Was there any material that was shot for Review that had to be left on the cutting room floor? I can't seem to find it again, but I recall an interview where you mentioned that there was the equivalent of an extra episode's worth of stuff that was floating around.

TVsAndyDaly6 karma

The rough assemblies for most of our episodes come in over 30 minutes and they episodes need to be cut down to 21:45 so yeah, there's a ton of stuff left over. I'm not saying all of it was painful to cut but I think if we ever get a DVD release and have the time to really pour over that stuff, there'd be a lot of fun outtakes for fans to explore.

overunderdog3 karma

Hi Andy! Love all your work! Is Dalton Wilcox ever going to write another poem? I saw you live in San Francisco last year (when the dvd player broke down, hilarious) and you read the same poems that your read on CBB. Then on your Meltdown epsiode recently you read the same poems. I Would love to hear more wit and wisdom from the west!

TVsAndyDaly7 karma

Busted! Yes he should write some new poems. I'm busy!

Elleanor83 karma

Hello Andy, I love Review. What has it meant to have a place on TV to highlight people from UCB and the comedy scene? Also, how did your love of doing characters come about? Did it coincide with your involvement in improv or come afterwards?

TVsAndyDaly4 karma

I think my love of doing characters came very early, watching SNL and Peter Sellers movies as a kid. Improv seemed like a place to do them. And I wish I could use more of the wonderful hilarious people I've met and worked with through improv on Review. Always a thrill to have one on the show.

cantaloupesteve3 karma

What type of method acting did you employ to become Dick Pepperfield?

TVsAndyDaly8 karma

Well I don't know about method acting but I definitely started with the voice for that character. I said "IF this guy talks like this all the time, THEN what else is true about him?" and went from there.

TheHatboxGhost3 karma

Get ready for the most important question you've ever been asked: who is your favorite member of Sha Na Na? And if given a chance to solo on one of their covers, which would you choose?

TVsAndyDaly6 karma

Sorry to be obvious, but I gotta go Bowzer and Goodnight Sweetheart.

larkinzd3 karma

Before Forrest completely sabotaged his relationship with his wife in Episode Three, Suzanne seemed oddly willing to indulge Forrest in his mission while apparently understanding very little of what his TV show was actually about. In light of her surprised realization in the Season Finale that Forrest's behavior has been for the show, what exactly did she think Forrest was doing with a camera crew this whole time? In other words, how did Forrest explain the purpose of Review to the people closest to him?

TVsAndyDaly10 karma

We have said internally that he probably said something like "they're making a documentary about the life of a reviewer".

BillyMumphreys3 karma

Will your Review ever go as dark as the Myles Barlow one did with Murder?

TVsAndyDaly9 karma

Yeah I think they'll get as dark as that but in a very different way. I don't want to say too much here but we take Forrest to some very heavy places this season. He reacts to being there a little differently from Myles Barlow I'd say.

cjjmfg2 karma

If ever just want to throw it all away, give up, gain a couple hundred pounds, and review what it's like to be me, lemme know. Cool?

TVsAndyDaly6 karma

Man, I want to throw it all away all the time. Does that sound weird?

man_mayo2 karma

You've been involved with a number of shows over the years. What is the best advice you've received from someone over that time?

TVsAndyDaly10 karma

I don't know if it's advice but I've seen actors who treat other people on set like shit and other actors who realize we're all just people doing our best at our jobs and you're not more special because you're in front of the cameras. That second mindset is so crucial to having a positive work environment and a happy life. The high status a-holes look miserable.

booger7742 karma

Hi Andy! A huge fan of you, both on Review and on Comedy Bang Bang.

A lot of the comedy in your characters is drawn from dark places, what do you think is the role of darkness in comedy? And what was it like building the character of Forrest? Even though he's seemingly shallow, there's a multi-faceted layer to him that I'd like to know how you explored.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

TVsAndyDaly4 karma

Big questions! I comedians/comedy writers are always looking for ways to surprise they're audience and keep their audience from being able to get ahead of them. When you're committed to everything always working out okay for your characters, you're severely limited in your ability to do that. So going dark serves the purpose of making your work less predictable and I think going REALLY dark gives everything you do a sense of "anything can happen here". And I'll again invoke the concept of If/Then to describe the process of creating Forrest. IF he does this job for a living, THEN what else do we know about him? He's an eternal optimist, an idiot, what else?

c0de762 karma

I watched season 1 all in one day, twice. Now I have to wait a week between episodes. Why are you so mean?

TVsAndyDaly8 karma

Thank you! I think/hope that the experience of watching one episode a week of Review will be satisfying to people, even those who binged on season 1.