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DrDoofenshartz9 karma

Is there any podcast character you DON'T like to play, but do it anyway because you are persuaded?

If Review was a reality show, which real-life personality could best replace Forrest MacNeill?

Thanks for all the laughs. I always get excited to see your name in upcoming appearances. We need a Joe Bongo/Hot Dog collabo or an LRon/Dalton Wilcox essay contest.

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Andy, I'm a giant fan of your work since I first heard Hot Dog on CBB. The Andy Daly Pilot Project Podcast is fantastic, expanding on your characters. Review has been awesome thus far. Thanks for all the hilarious entertainment you provide.

Does your characters' penchant for suicide ever worry any of your family or have you always had that dark side to pull from, so they knew it was coming?

Has there been any conversation with Comedy Central about a 2nd season of Review? If so, please tell me Jessica St Clair will be available even with Playing House starting up.

Forrest MacNeil seems to be going down a dark path now after the last episode. Are you just drawn to these dark characters for any particular reason?

Thanks again so much for the hilarity, Andy!

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What's up, Hot dog?

How did you keep all the sub-podcasts straight on the commentary episode of UTU2TM? Likewise, all the personalities in Oh golly, you devil.

Also, has there been anyone that consistently points you to new improv/character talent in the LA area or is it just a buzz around certain performers that gets them on your show? (I'm thinking of Lauren Lapkus and Claudia O'Doherty as people I first recognized from your podcast)

Thanks for all the entertainment over the years. The TV show has been great, as has most everything on Earwolf.

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Hey Alan, big fan of What's Alan Watching and your podcast.

1) What do you think of the recent trend of transporting audio podcasts to television, i.e. Maron, Comedy Bang Bang, various Chris Hardwick shows? Is this just a case of TV executives kicking the tires on popular alternative media to see if it translates well, or is there a real growing future for it?

2) Who has the most illustrious beard currently on TV?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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Who would you choose to direct a movie version of the Connivers? Would "not Summah" be the villain?