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BillyMumphreys241 karma

Peter, is it weird that I always picture you walking around like this http://i.imgur.com/5pbarEL.gif?

BillyMumphreys18 karma

Andy, greatly looking forward to the new season. Will any of your CBB personas appear this season (Dalton Wilcox, Cactus Tony specifically)?

BillyMumphreys13 karma

Have you watched Cutthroat Island recently? I think it holds up pretty well.

BillyMumphreys6 karma

https://soundcloud.com/earwolf/clip-scott-aukerman-paul-f Ducky's rendition of "What A Thrashable Slope" is one of the greatest moments in CBB history

BillyMumphreys6 karma

Will you be involved in the planned Mr. Show reunion next year?