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Chronicle was a really pleasant surprise. For whatever reason i had really low expectations for the film going in, and ended up really enjoying it. The writing was great.

I have heard that you said the second one would be darker, which i would have absolutely loved, but now someone else is writing it if i understand correctly? Did the studio get cold feet due to the darkness in the sequel being too much for them?

Either way congrats, i look forward to more of your work.

Also, as a PS, reading your intro you said you have a million scripts going. Do you find that writing more than one at once allows you to distance yourself from a particular project and then when you return look at it more objectively with fresh eyes so to speak? Almost as though you are editing something for a really good friend?

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Platinum Bubba Kush, Cherry Pie, Platinum Kush and Deathstar (careful with the deathstar though, it can get you much higher than you want to be) have all be incredibly helpful for me. I have ME/CFS and after the chemo i did for it (rituximab) those strains have really drastically cut down on the amount of opiates (haven't taken one in almost a year after being on daily doses of about 30mg of codeine) and i have halved my Lunesta intake. I take 1.5mg nightly down from about 3mg per night six months ago, slowly weening myself. Its a struggle, and if you are going to smoke with your condition BUY A VAPE! Regular smoking can trigger your FM and you can get scary chest pains. I use a PAX and a Volcano. Both are pricey but worth it. I hope this helps a little. Also, i dont know how much you smoke, but with all the shit in your head (trust me it gets dark in the ole brain for me too on occasion) don't get blasted 24/7, small doses, really use it medically. Stay strong, being young and sick blows, i am 23, sick since 19 when an acute infection triggered all this.

Edit: little grammer, deletion of sentence that didn't make sense.

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I just want you to know, that Review is the only TV I've cared enough about to write and angry letter to a TV channel about.

I may have been a little over enthusiastic about prophylactically letting Comedy Central know how mad I would be if Review didn't get a second season and it may have been unwarranted.

But I got Review back so maybe not?

Either way can't wait.

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It was indeed a physical letter. Written in pen. Subtle threats, outright begging and pleading, and polite request all rolled into one.

I basically said some mailboxes would get shit in if Review didn't come back (unlikely, I'm not driving to LA just to shit in mailboxes, but they don't know that). Well, actually not basically that was exactly what I said, but I also made a bunch of more salient points before I got to that about how it was the best written show I'd seen in years, that Comedy Central would be look as retrospectively stupid as FOX did for canceling Arrested Development, how Review has huge cult hit written all over it a la It's Always Sunny and other stuff to that effect.

I hope to see Forrest reviewing life and all it's charms for years to come, or until you don't want to make it anymore.