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Eric, how did you get hooked up with Beach House? (amazing video by the way).

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You weren't paid, but your school probably was paid a group honorarium. It sucks it didn't trickle down to you, but the blame is mostly on your school.

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What is your favorite moment you have performing with The Swarm?

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Will the 405 construction actually help alleviate traffic? Has the addition of Fast Pass lanes on the 110 past downtown actually helped deter traffic? Do you think that public transportation in LA will ever get good enough that LA will be like New York or San Francisco? I'm also a firm believer that because of car traffic it takes just as long to ride a bicycle anywhere in LA than it does to drive, what is being done about bike lane infrastructure and what needs to be done?

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I am trying to get more and more into backpacking. What are your favorite gear items you feel are essential?