**My short bio: I've been an OTR trucker for more than 5 years. I spend every day/all day in & near my truck for up to 6 months at a time. I've been to all 48 adjoining states (most of them more times than I can count)- and I've seen SOME SHIT over the years! I'm 26 years old, and hail from Detroit, MI. I drive a big rig, 18 wheeler... She's named Xena.

**My Proof: http://i.imgur.com/WEo764f.jpg I refuse to post a picture of myself standing next to my truck, seeing as my truck has identifying numbers/logos/licenses all over it... besides... that's a lot more blurring to do.

Edit: I drive a 1995 Peterbilt 379, approx. 570-600 miles per day.

Edit: For the folks PMing me asking to prove that I don't "have the appearance of most other truckers" as stated in a reply about finding dates on the road Here ya' go: http://i.imgur.com/7djB1rH.jpg <- Huge pic of my mug. You were warned.

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llawne22 karma

How do you feel about Google self-driving cars? Do you think this will affect your livelihood sometime soon?

OTRoad8 karma

I'm not worried about Google Self-Driving cars whatsoever. As another trucker said before me in response to you- The day a compact/mass-produced/cheap computer can handle an 80 thousand pound vehicle on an icy mountain pass is the day I'll hand over my Commercial Driving License with a smile on my face. This is coming from me... a massive tech/computer geek.

Sohostarlight21 karma

Can you do anything else while driving? I once saw a truck driver watching a movie on a gps type thing. How do you deal with that long drive boredom? How much money do you make? Do you socialize with other truckers? Have you been pulled over by a cop? What's really annoying that you wish other drivers didn't do? What's the inside of a cab like, what do you hook up in there? Sorry for so many questions, i've been wondering!

OTRoad34 karma

  • Honestly it's extremely unsafe to only partially pay attention while driving a giant, 18-wheeled steel brick that weighs as much as 80k pounds. I would NOT recommend watching a movie, or TV, or anything of the sort. That trucker you came across is blatantly unsafe, and that disturbs me. Things I usually do to keep busy are; talk on the phone almost all day (bluetooth hands free device), listen to music, listen to AUDIOBOOKS, listen to MORE AUDIOBOOKS, and when they're done I am usually only left with AUDIOBOOKS to keep my entertained. Yea. Lots of audiobooks.
  • I won't tell you how much money I make- but I will give you a ballpark. Between 65k-110k a year.
  • Truckers usually don't socialize very much with each other. We keep to ourselves at the truck-stops, restaurants, and repair shops. However when we're on the road, doing our job- we're always extremely courteous to each other, giving signals of danger ahead, talking over the CB Radio sometimes, etc.
  • I've never been pulled over. I guess I've been extremely lucky.
  • THE MOST ANNOYING THING that other drivers do is continue riding our rears, as if it's going to make us go any faster, or not signaling when they're about to pass, or cut in front of us. We're all hyper aware that you're there- but we're not aware of what the hell the hurry is about, or what you're trying to do. Please use signals, and have patience.

nutbastard19 karma

Assuming you haven't, you should really get into podcasts.

If you want something grippingly educational, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is excellent.

If you want nonsensical improv comedy, Comedy Bang Bang and Spontaneonation are good. Also Thrilling Adventure Hour.

Doug Loves Movies if you want nerd level movie stuff.

Nerdist with Chris Hardwick is pretty great for traditional interview style but pick by guest which episodes to listen to.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is #1 in my book though.

OTRoad1 karma

JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE! WOOO! I do love some podcasts. It's hard to consistently listen to them, though- seeing as I switch 4g LTE signals frequently. I mean, I almost always have 4g available, but it does cut out for a few seconds here and there, causing my streams to stop. It gets annoying. I suppose I could always download the podcasts en'mass.

Sohostarlight3 karma

Can we catty-corner on you to save on gas? Or is that a huge no no?

OTRoad10 karma

Nobody wants a nervous truck driver on the interstate. That's not good for anyone. Catty-cornering us is a good way to make us nervous :P

jganov2 karma

Since it's a common practice with drivers from Eastern Europe, I have to ask (seriously): have you seen a driver urinate on his own tire?

OTRoad2 karma

Pretty regularly. Pulled over on the side of the interstate... just doing his/her thing.

PeasantToPrince1 karma

Why would they do that?

OTRoad3 karma

Everyone has to go when they have to go. When there is 150 miles between rest areas, you need to make-due with what you have.

As far as why they pee directly ON the tire- I'm not sure. That part is a little strange.

6spdvtec1 karma

I won't tell you how much money I make- but I will give you a ballpark. Between 65k-110k a year.

Why such a huge range? Does it have to with availability of work or gas prices?

OTRoad2 karma

The company I work for covers all of my fuel costs, and my work availability never really fluctuates. I'm always flooded with jobs. The huge range is mostly to hide exactly how much I make, but is also because I don't drive 11 hours a day every single day. I don't always make loads on time (95+% I do, but not always)... Also you can never account for unforeseen circumstances on the road. Delays, destroyed/damaged/improperly loaded goods, etc.

J1FP20 karma

What's the worst part about trucking? Long hours? Though I suppose the hours are based upon you, and your deadline.

How does one get started in the business? Trucks are expensive so I don't suppose you need one to start out?

Also, make and model?

OTRoad28 karma

  • Worst part about trucking is missing home/family/friends. Just missing everything in general. Usually I end up going home after 3-6 months, and am always reminded that the 'world continues turning' with or without you. People die, get into drugs, have kids, etc. It gets really hard to keep up with loved ones/associates strictly though texts/phone calls. The hours aren't that bad, as there are laws from the Department of Transportation in effect to protect us drivers from being abused by companies. Our work-week is 8 days long, and you can expect 12-16 hour shifts every day of the week. No more than 11 of those hours spent driving.
  • There are many ways to get started. If you want to get your foot in the door there are quite a few companies that will provide you with an in-truck teammate, schooling/training, and a truck+route, all at the cost of a 6 to 12 month work contract with them.
  • Make/Model: 1995 Peterbilt 379

J1FP14 karma

This is something that I'm more interested in, as I'm kinda a distant guy. I like to be on my own a lot, and especially work alone.

A lot of fast food?

Do you get the trucker-hillbilly stereotype a lot?

OTRoad58 karma

You should get into it if you're a loner like me. I have a 12v thermoelectric mini-fridge in my truck. I go grocery shopping at least once every 2 weeks. I rarely eat fast food. I try to go for a 45 minute jog/workout session at truck stops every 2-3 days. Sometimes it seems like I'm one of the few health-conscious truckers left alive! lol Of course we're all stereotyped. Constantly. By everyone. I've gotten used to it. It's mostly funny to be stereotyped like that, seeing as I look -nothing- like the bulk of truckers out there. I am articulate, in decent shape, and even do my hair every day, even if it's just for me in the truck. You may even get away with calling me a metro-sexual trucker. That shit's hilarious.

mnick5615 karma

What is the "way of the road"?

OTRoad29 karma

Something about pee bottles and Trailer Park Boys?

Mikeyyymc14 karma

Got any tips for staying awake on the road for long drives? How sketched are you to drive over iced over bridges? I was driving from Seattle to southern Missouri and I hit a bridge going 70 on some black ice and almost went over the side, mind you this was just a small csr. Have you ever had any scares?

OTRoad38 karma

  • Tips for staying awake: Get REALLY into music you're listening to. I mean so into it that you're stomping the floor to the bass of the drums (hard enough to almost get a workout from it). I suggest doing the ol' hand-drums on the steering wheel combined with the stomping of drums (assuming you're using Cruise Control) to Metallica- No Leaf Clover. That'll wake anyone up. If that's not your sort of thing- talk on the phone. Constantly. Never stop. (WITH A HANDS-FREE BLUETOOTH DEVICE OF COURSE!!! Please be safe!)
  • Nothing makes my butthole pucker quite like driving over an iced bridge in the mountains. Mountains have the random strong gusts of wind, combined with you being on ice... you're now 80k pounds of 'please don't fucking tip!" I'm not a religious man- but when that sort of thing is happening, I can't help but beg the gods of nature for mercy under my breath until it's over.
  • TONS of scares. Just recently you may have heard about that SuperCell storm that pounded the midwest/eastern US. I drove through the center of that shit. Over night. It was a dumb move, and I regret it now, but I did it. There came a point where the wind was blowing SO HARD that I had to keep my steering wheel turned significantly just to keep going straight. This created a LOT of lateral pull on my vehicle... giving me the ever-present sensation that she was about to tip. I could feel the weight of it shifting off of my front right tire ever so gently. Needless to say after that passed, I pulled my ass over, and braced myself.

TristaTheBarista13 karma

Which state has the sexiest lot lizards?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Also were there any times you had to help out police/stop a pursuit?

OTRoad19 karma

  • I'd have to say the sexiest looking lot lizards are in Nevada- because in Nevada they don't have to try to dress casually to hide from the police. They will straight up dress half-naked. Advertising that shit.
  • I've not personally helped police stop a pursuit, but I have helped coordinate other truckers in front of me to block the road in order to stop a stolen car that was being chased down by police in South California.

The cops were not happy about truckers getting involved.

TristaTheBarista6 karma

Why? I thought police liked when truckers helped? Or I guess that's more of a movie thing, eh

OTRoad12 karma

Definitely a movie thing. Police usually have a really really good attitude toward truckers, but they never cut us favors like that. Unfortunately.

Girfex12 karma

Ever have sex in your truck?

OTRoad41 karma

PLENTY of times. Not with lot lobsters (aka lot lizards, aka prostitutes), though! There are plenty of ways for a decent-looking male with some spare time and money to go out on dates. If the girl you're scheduled to take out on a date knows what your job is, and knows that she'll probably never see you again... it becomes easy to filter out females that want long-term relationships, and only date those who know what they're actually in for. Netflix'n'chill, etc.

Mofupi9 karma

Are truckers in the US allowed to pick up hitchhikers/ do you do it?

I once talked about it with a friend and think it would actually be one of the safest means of hitchhiking, but I'm from Europe where some things follow different rules (like, distance.)

OTRoad15 karma

There are zones which are designated radius' around prison areas where picking up hitchhikers is potentially illegal; however outside of these zones picking up hitchhikers/hitchhiking is perfectly legal 99% of places. I have picked up quite a few hitchhikers that were simply "going north", "going west", "going east" etc. I've even had 2 of them crash in my bunk bed above me for the night (they seemed especially trustworthy). Lots of them are prostitutes trying to either work, or escape their work/pimps. Lots of them offer money, some don't. It's pretty scattered.

Mofupi5 karma

Wow, I didn't know about prison areas. Thank you for answering.

OTRoad5 karma

Thanks for asking :)

Gnashtaru8 karma

When I was a kid my dad was learning to be a truck driver for a little while one summer while I was there. he ended up deciding it wasn't for him, but for a week or two I rode along in the back. I loved the feeling of adventure it gave me. Always seeing a new place.

Do you still get feelings like this or has it become mundane and repetitive now? What are the coolest places you have got to see that you know you wouldn't have otherwise?

OTRoad22 karma

  • I guess for the most part the "fresh new place" value has lost it's luster. It took about 2 years for it to fade- but I wouldn't go as far as calling it mundane now. Every now and then the adventure feeling sparks back up when you're driving through some backwoods village in the mountains or desert.
  • As strange or lame as it may be- growing up in Detroit MI all my life; I got used to seeing nothing but flat land, concrete, and green grass/trees. That was my life. That was all I knew. Seeing my first desolate desert, empty and barren brown sands for miles and miles (as far as the eye can see in any direction) is still today one of the most beautiful things to me. It's so unusual for me to see, it's almost permanently enchanting to me.

All-Shall-Kneel7 karma

What was your most memorable journey?

OTRoad46 karma

I'll never forgot the time I was just driving a normal shift when the sky started turning green in streaks. I immediately realized I was watching the northern lights / aurora borealis form/appear while driving in some valleys of Minnesota. I got to drive most of 3 hours while watching the sky in front of me slowly twist and change forms/shades of green. It was absolutely stunning.

xampl96 karma

I just drove 30 hours in 3 days to pick up a cat (it's a very nice cat). Austin -> Tuscaloosa (overnight) -> Nashville -> Little Rock -> Texarkana (overnight) -> Austin.

How do you guys do this? This was nuts.

BTW: I-20 sucks ass in MS and LA. I-65 was really quite nice. I-40 in eastern AR is awful probably because they want to prevent Memphis residents from commuting from there.

OTRoad4 karma

How do we do it?

Very carefully.

Not, but seriously... it's just something we get used to. Just like a pilot or train engineer- it's just another job that your body and mind gets used to.

SirEbabalot5 karma

What kind of Audiobooks/Music do you listen to when you are trying to keep awake?

Also, is it dangerous to try and keep yourself awake for so long?

OTRoad15 karma

It's not so much about forcing yourself to be awake- as it is about getting your "awake momentum" going. If you can get really pumped for a few hours, you won't get tired as fast. When you get tired, you get tired. Nothing you can do about it but go to sleep.

As for audiobooks, I'd hate to give such a broad answer- but I've listened to hundreds of audiobooks from all types of categories. I've even dabbled in romantic/sexual audiobooks. Would NOT recommend.

DowntonDooDooBrown5 karma

Which state has the worst roads?

OTRoad6 karma

There are a LOT of terrible roads, but I'm going to say that Michigan (my home state) has the worst highways/interstate roads. Constantly bumpy, always under construction, massive dangerous potholes, irregular tread patterns on the road, etc. It's overall a mess.

SteveMcQueen364 karma

How much money do I need to start?

OTRoad8 karma

Enough to support yourself (alone) for 3-4 weeks (food/laundry money, lil extra on the side). There are companies that will pay for your schooling/training/licences if you sign a 12 month work contract with them. They'll even give you a company truck, and a teammate.

SteveMcQueen363 karma

Really, I love driving. I should look into this. Thank you for the answer. I have always been curious.

OTRoad2 karma

My pleasure.

Jesterkun4 karma


What's with truckers throwing their bagged craps and pee bottles into fields in industrial parks?

I get that it's gross, but as someone who cuts that stuff I've run over quite a few on accident (queue dry-heaving). Can't it be held onto until you have access to a trashcan at least?

OTRoad16 karma

I can only honestly speak for myself. Any OTR trucker that is on the road for extended periods of time has pee bottles. If they claim not to have them, they're blatantly lying. Just like the people who poop and pee all over bathroom stalls, there will always be the disgusting folks with no manners or sense of earthly value. I can only apologize for that on behalf of everyone in my profession. I've never dropped waste anywhere but in dedicated dumpsters (pee bottles). I don't understand people, honestly. Some roadsides are covered in pee bottles. It's terrible.

As for the crap bags/bottles? That's absolutely disgusting. I don't even know what to say about that. Crap in a toilet, not in a bag. I don't know what the people that do this are thinking. They're just careless a-holes that give us all a bad name.

arickp4 karma

How do tolls work, since different regions of the U.S. use different systems (E-ZPass in the Northeast, SunPass in Florida, etc.)? Do you have all the different types of transponders, or do you have to pay cash?

What do you think about the frontage roads ("feeders") in TX - do you prefer that set-up, or having more natural scenery?

Besides Los Angeles and NY, which cities do you think have the worst traffic? Do you plan your trips to avoid rush hour in big cities?

OTRoad5 karma

  • I've got almost all of the transponders necessary for long-distance travel. I've never needed anything more than my E-ZPass, PikePass, and SunPass. There have been times where I needed to pay quarters out of pocket, but I've learned to avoid those roads (usually in Oklahoma).
  • I prefer the natural scenery. Almost always.
  • Austin Texas, Detroit Michigan, New York, Chicago... They're all equally terrible traffic. I feel like Austin TX has the biggest assholes combined with the worst traffic (on the road anyway). They seem more attuned to the "dog-eat-dog" style of freeway driving, and it makes my life a living hell.

ThatdudeAPEX1 karma

But in Oklahoma we have Pike Pass

OTRoad4 karma

You also have PikePass areas that are sometimes under construction, which force you to go off-route, paying quarters out of pocket. (AND I CAN'T EVEN GET A RECEIPT FOR IT, BECAUSE A LOT OF TIMES THE RECEIPT MACHINES DON'T WORK! UGH! FRUSTRATING!)

yesnomaybeso_3 karma

Craziest story on the road?

OTRoad9 karma

Craziest story on the road... hmm... Define crazy. Crazy as in 'OMG I'm so shocked' crazy, or crazy as in 'actual crazy people, doing crazy things, during crazy occurrences'?

chtcmgs4 karma

Shocked crazy.

OTRoad13 karma

Just a few months ago I was driving down the interstate in the far NW, headed back SW toward the Maryland area when I witnessed a roll-over car accident. A woman apparently was texting, or using Facebook or something on her phone- when she veered slowly off the road. After she had realized she was veering off the road and onto the dirt median, she quickly over-corrected by turning the wheel (too hard) causing her vehicle to flip 4 or 5 times. The vehicle slammed into the side of the highway overpass pillar. The woman, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend's daughter were brutally killed in the accident.

The graphic scene I stopped to witness still haunts me.

Suwannee_Gator5 karma

It's so selfish to text and drive like that. This lady cut me off yesterday (came within an inch of my truck, I thought she grazed me) we stopped at a red light, I looked at her, and she was oblivious as ever just texting away. Sorry you had to see that, were you able to stop and help, or just call the police and keep driving?

OTRoad3 karma

There was nothing to help, really. It was just a mess. I called the police, but was told that numerous others were calling about the same incident. I sat and waited there until police arrived. They eventually apologized to me, thanked me, and forced me to leave the scene.

nx_20003 karma

I understand CB radio culture has waned among truckers since the advent of satellite radio. Could you comment on that? Do you find CB more popular in some states than others?

OTRoad6 karma

CB is always there for immediate circumstances. If you notice someone in a truck has a blown out tire, you get on the CB and scream at them. If you notice a major accident ahead, get on that CB and tell everyone behind you, etc.

I know it's a dying culture, but there's still a very strong use for it. It's still useful.

BatXDude3 karma

Always wanted to know.

If you have a crash and it's your fault, who pays for the damages to any goods your carrying/the truck you're driving?

OTRoad4 karma

Well that changes from situation to situation. Different companies have different policies. In my case, if I were to be in an accident that ruined the goods I was hauling- I'd have to cover the cost of the goods in it's entirety.

tanvangit3 karma

What is the toughest route you've had to take? I am talking primarily from the terrain perspective, but your stories from other tough experiences are welcome too! :)

OTRoad18 karma

I'd have to say the toughest driving route I've ever had was driving up and down what us truckers call "Cabbage Mountain" aka "Cabbage Patch" aka "Death Mountain" It's in Oregon. It's probably the steepest/most dangerous mountain pass in the United States. It's got some of the steepest downhills (think about being 80k pounds going down what seems like a children's slide). At the time there were no guard-rails, so if you went over the edge, that was it for you. Straight drop to the bottom of the cliff.

It got the name Cabbage Patch, because back in the Horse&Buggy days, they'd try to take a buggy loaded with cabbage and lettuce up the hill, only to realize that as they were climbing- the cabbage was rolling out/off the back of the buggy, and going all the way down the mountain road.

Herodriver2 karma

What's your favorite restaurant you stop to during your travel? or do you just eat your stocked up food?

OTRoad5 karma

I usually just eat my stocked up food- however when I do go out to eat, I really like small mom'n'pops local diners. Nothing comes close to the way they home-cook meals. There is no diner in particular that stands out. Pretty much anything that's not owned by a corp. As sad as it is to say- if they're struggling to keep the lights on, they're usually the most prideful... which usually turns out giving you fantastic food, and great appreciation when you stop to eat there.

ben519592 karma

Truckers are in such high demand right now. A lot of companies are trying to hijack drivers from their competitors. Have you experienced this? If so, how do they usually do it? Calls? Ads on trucks? Online ads?

OTRoad3 karma

A lot of companies will pay drivers commission of new-hires. My own company rewards me for getting other drivers to start with my company.

I'd say most of the time drivers are hijacked via word of mouth/business cards more than anything.

newtrapcity2 karma

Do you ever take vacations?

OTRoad3 karma

I do when I need to check up on family, mostly. I go home and visit those I've not seen in months.

When I really need a vacation, but don't need to visit anyone around home- I usually just "take home time" and go wherever sounds good. Florida, California, Maine, etc. I get a hotel there for a week or so, and call it a vacation.

lowspeedlowdrag2 karma

Did you know that there are now 50 states?

OTRoad7 karma

Haha. I'm aware, and am not that old :) I meant the connected states, silly!

Gnashtaru21 karma

you're not hardcore until you have driven to Hawaii.

OTRoad10 karma


ihateeskimos22 karma

What do you think about warehouse where you pick-up/drop-off? What do they do that pisses you off and what can they do better?

Do own your own truck? If you do how do you find loads?

Have you ever worked in deep south texas? What have your experiences down here been like? Better? Worse than average?

OTRoad3 karma

  • Some receivers/warehouses are fantastic, others are the size of a phone booth. I really prefer warehouses with large yards, as it makes back-up maneuvering much easier.
  • I do own my own truck. I work for a dedicated company that gives me loads.
  • I've gone through southern Texas quite a few times. I can't say I've experienced anything particularly interesting there. The state as a whole is very beautiful, but the people there are very.... random. I've come across some of the best people there, and some of the worst people there. I guess it depends on what day you catch them lmao.

Loohi2 karma

Why did you chose to become a truck driver?

OTRoad3 karma

I can't stand the general population. I've had TONS of jobs before this one. Retail, stocking, cashier, fast food, office work, Java Script, general IT, geek squad, dishwasher, etc.

This is the job I've found to be best paying, while still being liberating and free.

Sandstorm_Trek2 karma

Do you pick up hitchhikers?

OTRoad2 karma

I've already sort of answered this one above... TL;DR Yes. I do. I've even had a few over-nighters with me. I am very good at reading a person, and if I find them particularly trustworthy, they're welcome to sit in the truck with me as long as they'd like- so long as they can afford to feed themselves.

HitlerWasASexyMofo2 karma

What about truck-stop trannies?

OTRoad3 karma

I don't know... you tell me :)

HitlerWasASexyMofo1 karma

I'm trying to learn!

OTRoad3 karma

Honestly, as a man who's never nabbed a truck stop hooker- I couldn't tell you anything about their potential penis/vagina or variation of such.

funnygreensquares2 karma

What kind of cargo do you transport? Why do those fridge trucks leave the little door in the back open? Why do flat bed trucks tie down like 4 pieces of lumber or a toy truck? What routes are your favorite? Your favorite cities? Where do you call home? What's up with weigh stations? What do they do, why do you go there? Why are there so many of them? What are they for? What is the most frustrating thing about trucking? What can I do as a commuter to make it easier or less frustrating?

OTRoad2 karma

  • I transport all sorts of cargo. Refrigerated, dry, lumber, commodities, produce, housewares, tools, car parts, etc.
  • The small flap/door is for locked loads that cannot be unlocked until delivered. It's a means to test the temperature in the refrigerated trailer without having to open the doors. Anti-theft, etc.
  • I'm not sure what you mean by Toy Truck?
  • My favorite route is probably going north/south through Salt Lake City, UT
  • Favorite city is probably going to be Hollywood, CA.
  • Weigh stations are to make sure you are carrying weight properly in the truck, and to also sometimes be sure you're not smuggling unwanted/unwarranted goods in or out of a city/state.
  • The most frustrating thing about trucking is dealing with incompetence within a company you're working for. A small mistake from a company you're dealing with can cost you, personally, tons of money/time.
  • Something commuters can do to make the job less frustrating would be to be patient, and understand that we cannot go very fast. Simply understanding the job, and relaxing when around us makes our world a lot nicer.

Bull_Dozzer2 karma

I am a completely shit driver. As long as i'm going forward, i'm good. Backing up has been a complete bumper fucker for me... Any tips on how to back up?

OTRoad3 karma

Just get a firm understanding of how your vehicle reacts to small and large changes in your steering. Don't panic, and relax.

Mikekekeke2 karma

I guess this is a general question to anybody, but are there drivers that drive smaller trucks across country? I enjoy driving but it's intimidating to think about driving an 18 wheeler, especially in a crowded city.

OTRoad3 karma

I was intimidated to drive them before I started, but don't be. Once you learn about it and understand the vehicle- there's nothing to be intimidated about. It becomes just like driving a regular vehicle for you. Second nature.

As far as small trucks that go OTR- I'm not 100% sure. I know there are semi that carry smaller trailers, but I don't know about smaller trucks.

didimao00720002 karma

  • How many miles do you drive a day/year?
  • How much did your truck cost?
  • How much do you spend on maintenance?
  • How many miles do you have on your truck?

OTRoad2 karma

  • Between 570 and 610 miles a day. Depends on local speed limits, terrain ups and downs, and my load weight.
  • I payed 195k for my truck.
  • I don't spend anything on maintenance. My company takes care of it for me.
  • Roughly 390k miles on my truck. Slightly less than 400k.

MackWeldon1 karma

What brand/kind of underwear do you wear? Driving so many hours at a time, I assume you probably shop around for the best underwear and socks.

OTRoad2 karma

Anything polyester (or at least a heavy polyester blend)! I've grown to love it, and gladly replace any and all clothes I wear with it.

amw1571 karma

You most certainly have heard of, or you have in your cab, one of those devices that allows you to communicate with your dispatcher without needing to use your cellphone. Qualcomm/Omnitracs makes one, there are others too. They do things like automated DOT logs, as well as a ton of other things.

What are your thoughts on these?

I've heard some truckers love them, because they make the process of communicating with dispatch easier. Others hate them, because of the constant GPS tracking, your bosses can see where you are at any time.

OTRoad5 karma

Qualcomm is what I have in my truck. It's linked to the company I currently work for- and I'll admit- at first it's unnerving that they can track you at any time- but when you figure out which fuse is for the QualComm, it's no longer a problem :)

Fumbleep1 karma

Do you ever get used to America's beautiful scenery, or does it always stun you? Also, how often do you get to see the milky way at night? As a trucker I expect you must make stops at out of the way places away from light pollution.

OTRoad3 karma

For the first few years it was stunning- after that it did lose it's luster to some degree. There will always be times when it feels fresh and interesting, but it's never lame. I never feel like it's mundane.

As far as the night sky goes... I've never really went out of my way to avoid light pollution, however the times I do notice the beauty of the night, I will appreciate it completely.

fribilini1 karma

Hey! So glad you're doing this, actually! I work as a dispatcher for an american company, and i have a couple of questions for you! If you are working right now, you know that the market is really bad, and we're all waiting for production to start. Tell me please, how much are you making per week these days? What is the longest you've been without a load? Is it easy to make 2$ per miles these days?

OTRoad2 karma

  • How much money I make should remain semi hidden... but let's just say I'm making a comfortable living. I'm not having trouble finding work seeing as I do work for, and am dedicated to a specific company. Longest I've been without a load was 14 hours, when my company had a "meltdown" of sorts. It was quickly resolved, though.

epicnerdygirl1 karma

Can I be your co-pilot? I think we could be best friends. Just saying.

OTRoad3 karma

I'd love for you to be my co-pilot. You're already a friend to me <3

SuperWhexican1 karma

How bad is the drug trafficking business among truckers? Iv'e heard it use to be a lot worse 10-20 years ago but that things have cleaned up a great deal now.

OTRoad2 karma

I've personally met 2 drivers who have turned out to go to jail for attempting to accept bribes which would have them hauling drugs from mexico into the US.

I don't think it's nearly as bad as it's made out to be, but it still definitely exists, and is still a problem.

SpankingGT1 karma

WHy are you on the road for such a long period of time? Im an OTR O/O as well but Im home every 7-8 days.

OTRoad3 karma

Because I have nobody to go home to. Sure I have some friends, some family, etc... but I don't have strong bonds with anybody in my life. Everyone I know is a mere associate (sort of).

The more I'm out on the road, the more money I'm making.

I don't have the urge to be home like most OTR drivers. I don't know... maybe there's something wrong with me, maybe I'm an outcast... All I know is I feel like my truck is my home.

tah_infity_n_beyarnd1 karma

How do you stay fit and eat healthy on the road? Do you travel with pets? What's ONE thing you'd like all rest stops to offer for free in the washroom areaS?

OTRoad2 karma

  • Already answered that one a few times. Eat healthy, work out/jog every 2-3 or 2-4 days.
  • I have no pet at the moment, but am looking for just the right dog to join me in my travels.
  • I wish all rest stops had cleanliness and copious amounts of parking.

tgblack1 karma

How do you stay in shape and try to eat healthy while being on the road all the time?

OTRoad1 karma

Go grocery shopping every 2 weeks, use a mini-fridge, and jog at truck stops every 2-4 days or so.

blueruby8081 karma

What is the most disturbing thing you have ever seen in your career on the road? (Not roadkill, but seriously the most disturbing thing).

t0xeus1 karma

Hey, I would like to ask if you think your job is really dangerous?

I really want to become trucker when I grow up, but I still find it very risky as there are problems with microsleeping, hallucination or anything small like that could cost you your life.

OTRoad4 karma

There are always risks in driving for a living.

Think of it this way... I'm moving for a living. Constantly around other drivers, constantly at risk of all sorts of things- but that's part of the job. Microsleeps become less of a problem when you realize how to detect it happening. I can't say that I've ever hallucinated lmao. If you get tired, you need to realize that you're tired, and go to sleep. There's no dodging that. There's no "fixing" tiredness to continue driving. Just go to sleep. The load you're carrying is never worth your, or anyone else's life.

irodetheshortbus1 karma

Have you ever broken down? What's your contingency plan in this situation? AAA isn't going to help you

OTRoad2 karma

I've broken down numerous times. Usually when I break down, I see what happened, and determine if it's something I can fix by myself or not. If a tire goes, I can usually replace it with my spare by myself... If it overheats, I can determine what caused the overheat, etc...

For the most part, during a serious breakdown, I'm forced to call local Big Rig repair shops, who send me an on-road service unit to come either tow it, or perform an on-site repair.

irodetheshortbus1 karma

What is your opinion on dashcams? Do you have one?

OTRoad3 karma

I do have a dashcam. I feel like the world would be a bit better if everyone had one. For liability reasons, and for self-safety reasons. You're probably less likely to drive like a crazy person when you remember that you're being recorded.

utspg19801 karma

Do you ever stay in hotels or always just stay in the truck? Do you have a tv in the truck? How about an xbox?

OTRoad7 karma

Every few months I'll treat myself to a stay in a nice hotel. Most times I prefer my truck. I've grown fond of my truck, and look at it as my real home now.

I do not have a TV in the truck, nor an X-Box. I'm more of a PC master race type of guy :). I have a laptop, a tablet, and a phablet to keep me entertained when not driving.

Shredlift1 karma

How has West Virginia been for you?

OTRoad2 karma

You're funny!

You're probably referring to the mountains, aren't you? In that case- I'm typing this to you right now, so I survived them! lol!

Aside from the insane mountains, the people in W.Virginia are actually fantastic. Some of the nicest I've come across.

silkie_blondo1 karma

Do you haul commodities? Are you in the midwest? Have some grain I need moving for my company if you are in the area!

OTRoad1 karma

I do haul commodities, I am in the mid-west, but unfortunately, I am tied down with a rather good company that I work for right now. I'm simply unavailable to haul anyone else's loads. Wish I could help!