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I loved you in silver linings playbook man. Definitely a different role and I gained a lot of respect for you after that. Thanks!

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Got any tips for staying awake on the road for long drives? How sketched are you to drive over iced over bridges? I was driving from Seattle to southern Missouri and I hit a bridge going 70 on some black ice and almost went over the side, mind you this was just a small csr. Have you ever had any scares?

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What's your least favorite thing to make? What is one thing that pisses you off the most about customers? Do you still eat taco bell? I love the number six. Is there anything I should know about any of the food I ever order? Like things I should avoid?!

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The Seattle area would never see a tsunami right? The wave would have to make it through the Juan de fuca strait, as well as the Admiralty inlet. So it would lose most of its energy, I would think. Has there ever been any correlation proven between seismic activity and volcanic activity?

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Ahhh. The last ship is my favorite show. I'm in the Navy and I have seen every episode. I'm glad the new season has finally come out. Although I don't have cable, I'm waiting for it to come on hulu!

Anyways, what's your favorite thing about being a part of the last ship?!