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Tommy Dorsey it is then, in memory of his wife.

Thanks again for the AMA.

Edit: Proof

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What's your favorite song off of "August and Everything After"?

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Thanks for doing this!

It sounds like you've met quite a few famous people. Who was your favorite? Your least favorite?

Could you please describe for us your favorite meal?

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The googly eyes totally make it. I have no question, I just wanted to commend that decision.

Also, please please please take a vacation and stalk Randall Munroe at a book signing. I bet people would contribute to your Kickstarter just to see that.

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Great answers, thanks!

If I could ask one more, I'm a record collector, and have quite a few great old swing records. Did he have a favorite swing/jazz band? If I have any of their music I'll give it a spin tonight in his honor.