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How long is a show? If a show is 10 hours long, that means you cam 40 hours a week. If a show is only 15 minutes long ... well you get my point.

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Absolutely. One for Truckers is made by ALK. I've known about this company for about 20+ years. I bet the same app would work well for buses too.

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Do you alert potential buyers about homeowners insurance requirements for trampolines?

We bought a full size trampoline like the ones you make, back in 2005. What we came to learn was that trampolines are a homeowner's insurance problem. We shopped around for homeowner's insurance. All of them asked us if we had a trampoline.

To be fair, they also made us take out the built-in diving board for the in-ground swimming pool. They also made sure we did not own any "dangerous breed" dogs such as Rottweilers, Pitbulls, etc.

But to our surprise, they had a problem with trampolines too. We had to buy an extra "umbrella" insurance policy, otherwise they wouldn't write us a policy.

I am sure the laws/rules are different in different states/countries, but I just wanted to ask if you had any experience with this, and do you inform your customers that there may be issues?

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I don't know what you're getting at. Are you saying that it's outdated because it's American? Or because it's privately owned? Or both?

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What is that machine-looking contraption mounted to the wall in the mop closet?