I'm Danielle Panabaker, actress from THE FLASH, SKY HIGH and horror movies like Friday the 13th and The Crazies.

THE FLASH season finale is May 19th... so I'm looking forward to answering as many of your questions as I can! Victoria's helping me get started over the phone today. AMA!


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I don't know!!! Eek! These are embarrassing...

CertifiedNerd629 karma

Danielle, why is "Sky High" so watchable even today? It seems like if it's on the TV, I tend to watch a good chunk before returning to whatever I was doing before!

Also, is there something about Panabakers and heroes? You in "Flash" and "Sky High" and your sister in "No Ordinary Family"...any other Panabakers out there saving the world?

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I love Sky High too! So thank you. I think that everyone can relate to those awkward years of being in high school, and a lot of the emotions are the same, whether you have super powers or not!

My sister and I are the only Panabakers I know about right now saving the world - but hopefully there are others out there, too!

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Who is your favourite Flash villain to work with so far, excluding Eobard?

DaniellePanabaker674 karma

Captain Cold

incredibleamadeuscho444 karma

Thanks for doing this.

On the Flash, since Harrison Wells is no longer with STAR Labs, is Caitlin the de facto Director as a result of being the most senior scientist?

And if she is, can she get STAR Labs better security?

Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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I'm not sure Caitlin will be the director. Team Flash seems to work together pretty well, hopefully that will continue. But we DEFINITELY need a new security guard!

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Hi Danielle, love the show!

When you were offered the role of Caitlyn, were you told right away that your character is named after the villain Killer Frost? Are you excited about the possibilities down the road to play a villain, if only for an episode or season? Would be very different from most of your roles

DaniellePanabaker783 karma

yes - from the beginning I knew that Caitlin Snow becomes Killer Frost. And I can't wait to suit up and duke it out with the boys!

fonster_mox408 karma

Where do STAR labs' prisoners go to the bathroom??

DaniellePanabaker625 karma

Keep watching... I think it will be explained in the finale

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Hey guys - Thank you SO much for all your awesome questions. It's time for me to wrap it up, but I hope you'll tune into the Season 1 Finale of The Flash Tuesday at 8 on the CW! xx

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Hey Danielle, you did an amazing job in Sky High (not everyone can out-cute Mary Elizabeth Winstead). I'll keep it short and sweet, if you could have any TWO superpowers, what would they be? Bonus karma for good synergy!

Keep up the classy work, cheers!

DaniellePanabaker397 karma

Being invisible, and being able to teleport!

mstepa361 karma

Hi, Danielle. Can we expect return of Tom in the future seasons?

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Since you started playing Caitlin, have you cooled off on temperature related puns yet? Or are you still warming up to them? :P

DaniellePanabaker747 karma

i think its a slow burn

furrealdude314 karma

Hi Danielle! Is Tom Cavanagh fun to be around in the set?

DaniellePanabaker424 karma

He's wonderful. So fun and such a family man. I adore him

DeoGame311 karma

Killer Frost hype real?

DaniellePanabaker497 karma

Watch the season finale on Tuesday!

tommyjohnson32275 karma

Why are your characters dating the hot guys? Literally, Warren Peace and Firestorm? Both have something to do with fire?

DaniellePanabaker720 karma

i like my men hot

Professor_Thawne219 karma

Hello Danielle! Huge fan of the Flash (as evidenced by my username). You do a killer job. Just wondering, you play such a likable character and I definitely get the vibe that you and the cast are like family, what are your thoughts towards potentially sporting a colder demeanor and treading the dark side?

DaniellePanabaker215 karma

Thanks! I'm excited about the potential for Caitlin Snow to become Killer Frost. It's fun to play so many different emotions

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Hi, I really like the fact that youre getting in touch with your fans. My question is; What do you think of Supergirl? Stay classy and awesome :)

DaniellePanabaker300 karma

I can't wait to see the show! I met Melissa this week and she seems so sweet. I think it's going to be wonderful and can't wait to watch.

SleepyWolf-206 karma

This may seem like a dumb question, but I always wondered what do the characters in the background speak? You know the ones we can see but can't hear? Do they talk ... Real life stuff or in-character stuff?

DaniellePanabaker322 karma

Generally, they aren't actually speaking but are just mouthing words. If they spoke, you wouldn't be able to hear the actors' dialogue

Airsay58259166 karma

What would you say is Caitlin's mood at the end of the Flash finale?

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GregT2207162 karma

What do you think of Legends of Tomorrow and will you be in it much?

DaniellePanabaker261 karma

I am so excited about Legends of Tomorrow. I was fortunate enough to work with most of the cast already, and can't wait to see their new show. Andrew Kreisberg has mentioned the possibility of me crossing over, but there is nothing official yet

snnowfrostt154 karma

Killer Frost VS Flash, who would win???

DaniellePanabaker314 karma

Let's find out!

RabzD137 karma

From Sky High to The Flash my god you've come a long way. Been watching you since I was a kid.

My question is: What is an average Friday night for you?

DaniellePanabaker148 karma

Often times working; if not, dinner and catching up with friends

legendavey115 karma

Danielle, if you got to choose one moment from sets of The Flash that you could replay again, what would you pick?

DaniellePanabaker270 karma

karaoke scene

True2k8112 karma

Who is the biggest prankster on the Flash set?

DaniellePanabaker264 karma

Tom or Grant? They both pretend to run into walls a lot

GMCSierraDenali109 karma

Hi Danielle! Just wanted to say that Dr. Snow is my favorite character on the Flash!

My Question(s):

  • What does a usual day look like on set when filming the Flash? Are there are a lot of jokes, pranks, etc. going on or is it a very serious, no-jokes, etc. set?

  • Do you watch the Flash TV show? I know - Weird question, but Jared Padalecki said at a recent Supernatural Convention that when Supernatural is over, he would look to binge-watch his own show because he's never really sat down and watched full episodes before. On the other hand, Rose McIver from iZombie watches each episode of iZombie and often live-tweets on Twitter as she watches. Are you the type of actress to watch her work or not watch her work?

  • Do you watch any other CW shows like iZombie, Supernatural, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, etc.? Or any other T.V. shows in general?

  • Aside from the Green Arrow cast, have you met any of the main characters from other CW shows like Jensen Ackles or Rose McIver since their shows are filmed in Vancouver too?

  • Supernatural is headed toward its 11th season. Do you hope the Flash accomplishes the same success? Can you see yourself attached to one TV show for 11 straight seasons? Or would that be too physically and mentally draining?

Thank you and stay awesome!

DaniellePanabaker170 karma

Hi! Each day varies. If we are in Star Labs and shooting on stage, we have a lot of fun; Grant tends to tap dance his way through the day, and there's often spontaneous singing. Days on location (especially when its raining can be a lot tougher).

I do watch the Flash. I try to watch the episodes live, but I am usually shooting so that's not possible. Particularly in our first season I have enjoyed seeing how the different directors shoot each episodes.

I have met some of the characters from other shows. Rose and I lived near each other last year and I adore her

jitsux105 karma

Hi Danielle,

If you were locked in a meta human prison for frosty reasons, what your daily food requests be?

DaniellePanabaker166 karma

chocolate. Lots of chocolate

xxAdam98 karma

Are you currently working on anything other that The Flash or Legends Of Tomorrow?

DaniellePanabaker166 karma

Time Lapse is in theaters this Friday! Other than that, just enjoying a little bit of a break!

DrBodyguard88 karma

How do you come up with all of those wonder faces you make throughout the show? Your reactions are incredible. Thank you for being a badass

DaniellePanabaker180 karma

Sadly, those come naturally to me! I must have a very expressive face. Which also makes me a bad liar...

Mist3rA78 karma

What is the pizza of your dreams?

DaniellePanabaker176 karma

Burrata cheese and ricotta cheese... and just lots of cheese!

Todoska72 karma

Hey! Thank you for it! we know - Caitlin's flashbacks have been deleted from some past episodes. Can you tell us - what's in them?

DaniellePanabaker137 karma

She interacts with Dr. Wells a little bit (he suggests she take a job elsewhere, and she declines) and she and Cisco interact with Iris

ThatHeathGuy72 karma

I actually haven't seen you in anything but The Flash, but I absolutely love you in it, and I've loved watching Caitlin grow and change as a character through the first season. My favourite scene with you was when Caitlin and Barry went and did Karaoke and then Barry took Caitlin home and looked after her.

I have two questions:

1) Did Grant take a peek?

2) Do we get any more awesome Snowbarry scenes?

DaniellePanabaker113 karma

1 you'd have to ask Grant! 2 get ready for some snowstorm!

therealbaws67 karma

Hi, Big fan from Wales.... If you could go back in time and take a selfie with one person which WON'T destroy the time stream, who would it be?

DaniellePanabaker102 karma

Paul Newman

DaniellePanabaker96 karma

(that's someone I actually met). Otherwise... maybe Bill Gates?

iia63 karma

Does your last name mean your ancestors were breadmakers?

DaniellePanabaker104 karma

I hope so! I love baking so maybe it was in my genes?

CarolinaPineda63 karma

Do you think you'll get more action scenes in the future? I loved to see you firing guns on "Bones"!

DaniellePanabaker88 karma

Thanks! I really hope so. We have an awesome stunt crew and I can't wait to work with them more!

Cdawg0060 karma

Has the Killer Frost costume been completed yet? Don't leave your fans out in the cold on this one :)

DaniellePanabaker141 karma

Yes. They have made a Killer Frost costume.

Stuck_in_TN60 karma

Hi Danielle! I love the Flash TV show. Are you a comic book fan, or did you come into the show not knowing much about the world of Barry Allen?

DaniellePanabaker98 karma

I am a new comic book fan! I love learning all about this world

osakabuffalo54 karma

Hi Danielle,

Looking forward to your appearance this weekend at the Atlantic City Comic Con.

Besides the photo op on Saturday, will you also have an area for autographs somewhere?

Thanks for your time!

DaniellePanabaker73 karma

I'll be there all day on Saturday!

stileshasbadjuju54 karma

Hey Danielle, thanks for coming on today, it's really awesome of you! I'm Anna, well done on a fantastic first season and on bringing Caitlin Snow to life, I absolutely LOVE HER so much, and your acting is wonderful (your facial expressions make my day)!

So anyway, my question is --- Is there any chance we will see Caitlin show up on Legends of Tomorrow? (I understand if you can't say)

Also, anything at all you can tease about the finale? Not necessarily spoilery, just anything at all to help me survive the waiting until next week?

DaniellePanabaker112 karma

I really hope Caitlin will be on Legends of Tomorrow.

The finale has lots of tears and lots of emotions. And it might be the end of the world for Team Flash...

stileshasbadjuju48 karma

Danielle, do you think we'll see the deleted Caitlin scenes? Like maybe on the DVD? :-)

DaniellePanabaker104 karma

I hope so! Did you see the one about feeding the meta humans?

xgtrsl33-47 karma

From watching you on Flash I discovered Shark. Would you ever do a reunion project a la Veronica Mars?

DaniellePanabaker53 karma

I would love to. I adore James Woods and always love seeing him

beernerd44 karma

If you could describe the finale in one word, what would it be?

DaniellePanabaker92 karma

heart-wrenching (does that count as one word?)

xxAdam43 karma

Will Tom play a non-evil Wells in season 2?

DaniellePanabaker68 karma

I don't know yet! We haven't seen any scripts for season 2 yet

Itsgiik42 karma

Is there any song that makes you remind Caitlin?

DaniellePanabaker91 karma

Summer Lovin!

scottydoeskno40 karma

Hey Danielle, love the Flash. What would be the best 'Flash' related pick up line you know that I can use for tinder?

And which actor would you like to see come on the show in the future?

DaniellePanabaker90 karma

I'm excited about the potential of Jay Garrick. I'm terrible with pick up lines though

Hades13131339 karma

I loved Mr Brooks, so I have to know, in your opinion, do you end up being a serial killer in the end? Could there be a sequel?

DaniellePanabaker47 karma

I think Jane definitely has some demons in her closet that she was hiding, it would have been fun to explore that more. I don't think there is a sequel planned any time soon

cissi31539 karma

Hi Danielle, how's your sister Kay? When I started watching the flash I assumed it was Kay playing Caitlin 'till I looked it up. You guys look identical! Have a nice day :)

DaniellePanabaker76 karma

she's great! she's no longer acting and is currently working with animals

MTMD3639 karma

Could Caitlin beat up Cisco? Also, did you ever get out of the suburbs?

DaniellePanabaker73 karma

I dunno. He took down hartley pretty easily...

and I think so! what do you think?

BobCoupee37 karma

Hi Danielle,

So I am really loving 'The Flash'. I have 2 questions:

1)Who is the biggest jokster on the set? 2)What would the title of your memoirs be?

DaniellePanabaker114 karma

1) tom or grant 2) Is it too soon to eat again?

harmfuladam37 karma

I heard that when auditioning, some people on Arrow/Flash didn’t know exactly who they were trying and were given “codenames”.

Did you know beforehand? And did you do any comic research to prepare for the role?

DaniellePanabaker64 karma

I always knew I was meeting on the role of Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost. I did a little research, but there isn't much about her out there (compared to other characters) so I was lucky enough to make her my own!

xxAdam37 karma

Is Grant less 'connected' in the cast? He's never in any for-fun videos like the rest of you.

DaniellePanabaker99 karma

No, he's just much busier than the rest of the cast.

Moksh_36 karma

After every episode of The Flash whose review/ reaction you look forward to the most?

DaniellePanabaker105 karma

My 12 year old friend named Connor

Samablam36 karma

Danielle thank you for your portrayal of Caitlin Snow! She's one of my favorite characters to watch in the show! When will you guys start filming season 2? 😁

DaniellePanabaker72 karma

Our first day is supposed to be July 7

JammyHendo28 karma

Would you rather be the Flash, the Arrow or Ra's al ghul?

DaniellePanabaker71 karma

The Flash!

bwrobel1228 karma

Thank you for doing this. Big fan of course and while I love the flash I have a question about one of my other favorite shows.

How was your experience working on justified?

Also, would you ever do a meet and greet type thing in Naperville, seeing that you graduated from there?

DaniellePanabaker41 karma

I loved being on Justified - working with Joelle was a dream. She was so sweet and welcoming and a joy to work with. It was also a treat to see Timothy Olyphant on set, even though we didn't get to work together!

And I would definitely do a meet and greet in Naperville! The last time I was there was around the time all my peers graduated from Nequa Valley (the high school I attended for my freshman year)

homosapien201425 karma

So you like ice cream?

DaniellePanabaker60 karma


OutOfCurry25 karma

hi danielle, i love caitlin on the flash and was wondering if you frequent the /r/FlashTV subreddit? also was there any talks of a sky high 2 happening? thank you for doing this.

DaniellePanabaker36 karma

I think we all wanted there to be a sequel of Sky High, but sadly they never made one

Todoska24 karma

you are wonderful! You said in the ne of interview that you like traveling Which countries you would be visiting, if you has a lot of time? India? Japan? Brazil? Russia? 🙈 oh, hugs from russia!

DaniellePanabaker33 karma

Thank you! I'd love to visit Russia one day - Brazil and South America are tops on my list right now, too

Mist3rA22 karma

If you don't know the words to a song, do you improvise?

DaniellePanabaker50 karma

Yes! Or just dance along

rockbedman21 karma

Favorite cereal?

DaniellePanabaker79 karma

Reese's Puffs

kieran044421 karma

Hey Danielle! Congrats on a great season 1 and good luck with season 2.

My question is what episode did you have the most fun making?

DaniellePanabaker57 karma

Thank you! I've had fun throughout the first season. The karaoke scene was a favorite of mine, but episodes 13 and 14 with Ronnie were fantastic as well. It was great to see so many guest stars in episode 22 - I loved working with Peyton List especially

YoshinoVA20 karma

Hi Danielle!

Who do you think would win in a fight, Firestorm or Warren Peace?

DaniellePanabaker31 karma

Love this question! Seems like Firestorm has been practicing with his powers a bit more...

KennyFulgencio17 karma

Mr Brooks was amazing! Whatever happened to a sequel?

DaniellePanabaker33 karma

Sadly, the financiers didn't make one!

cosmic_crash16 karma

Hey Danielle, really glad you're doing this AMA. What has been the most fun thing you've done while shooting for the Flash?

DaniellePanabaker37 karma

Going to comic con was definitely a highlight

CarolinaPineda13 karma

How do you think things between Caitlin and Ronnie are gonna work out? She seemed to be moving on from him, but apparently they're getting married in the finale...

DaniellePanabaker22 karma

There is a wedding in the finale. Hopefully it ends with "happily ever after"

Conford12 karma

Hi Danielle, love you on the show. Everyone knows you're supposed to become a certain supervillain. Did you read up on Killer Frost in the comic books?

DaniellePanabaker22 karma

I have read a little about Killer Frost in the comic books. Our producers and writers have a history of honoring the comic books, but also putting their own spin on things, so I'm excited to see what they come up with for the show

doctor9861410 karma

Thanks, my question is: how were you approached for the role of Caitlin? was it like "Hey we want you to be in our show" "what's it about?" "A guy who can run at the speed of light" "Yeah!"

DaniellePanabaker14 karma

They had already cast Grant as the Flash and done his first couple of episodes of Arrow, so I knew it was based on the comic book and the people involved.

justinotherpeterson9 karma

Hey Danielle!Love you on Flash! Whats your favorite bar in Vancouver?

DaniellePanabaker20 karma

We go to the Sutton Place a lot... too much. I also love Nook, but thats more of a restaurant...

ctrl-alt-dilate9 karma

Hey Danielle, thanks for doing this AMA! I must confess, I got introduced to your awesome acting chops via The Flash, and so far that's the only work of yours I've seen. Looking forward to checking out more of your stuff!

My question is this: did you end up watching The Walking Dead, with Carlos or otherwise?

DaniellePanabaker13 karma

Thanks! I haven't yet... I'm afraid it will give me nightmares!

Moksh_8 karma

So Killer Frost is confirmed? You have no idea how happy that makes me. screaming inside I'm super excited for you and Caitlin Snow. We are incredibly proud of you DP. How about a virtual hi5 for us (Airsay, flashyallen, Purpledoves, Sana, Caro and Purple Monkey (me)?

DaniellePanabaker8 karma

hi! thanks for all the support and tweets!

spiderramz6 karma

Hey I love the show and your character and i recently found out you grew up in Augusta. As someone who still live in town what kind of places did you go to have fun and do you ever return to visit?

DaniellePanabaker12 karma

I actually never lived in Augusta, but I hear its beautiful! I moved almost every two years until we moved to LA.

Itsgiik6 karma

Hi, Danielle! I am your fan since Skyhigh and I love you in The Flash too! My question is: How was to record Caitlin's marriage scene?

DaniellePanabaker13 karma

Fun. Emotional. Cold

HockeyCannon6 karma

how long did it take to film the bathtub scene in Piranha; 3DD?

did you get all pruny?

edit: link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk43wTzUN1A

DaniellePanabaker7 karma

Not long at all