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Hi Danielle! Just wanted to say that Dr. Snow is my favorite character on the Flash!

My Question(s):

  • What does a usual day look like on set when filming the Flash? Are there are a lot of jokes, pranks, etc. going on or is it a very serious, no-jokes, etc. set?

  • Do you watch the Flash TV show? I know - Weird question, but Jared Padalecki said at a recent Supernatural Convention that when Supernatural is over, he would look to binge-watch his own show because he's never really sat down and watched full episodes before. On the other hand, Rose McIver from iZombie watches each episode of iZombie and often live-tweets on Twitter as she watches. Are you the type of actress to watch her work or not watch her work?

  • Do you watch any other CW shows like iZombie, Supernatural, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, etc.? Or any other T.V. shows in general?

  • Aside from the Green Arrow cast, have you met any of the main characters from other CW shows like Jensen Ackles or Rose McIver since their shows are filmed in Vancouver too?

  • Supernatural is headed toward its 11th season. Do you hope the Flash accomplishes the same success? Can you see yourself attached to one TV show for 11 straight seasons? Or would that be too physically and mentally draining?

Thank you and stay awesome!

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Hi James!

I just wanted to say thank you for getting me back into reading.

My entire life I was never really one to sit down and read for fun unless it was for school or work. In July 2012, I was on vacation and stumbled upon one of your books in a National Book Store in Manila, Philippines. The book was Alter of Eden and I bought it off a whim because I was bored in the mall and I thought the cover looked cool (does anyone else buy books because of cool covers?). On the 14 hour flight back home to Alaska, I started reading it and I seriously couldn't put it down.

As soon as I finished Alter of Eden, I went to the local Barnes and Noble and bought everything they had that was written by you. I spent the next few months reading everything from Sandstorm to the Devil Colony. Black Order was probably my most favorite. The later end of 2012 was probably the most books I've ever read in my life. I've been reading a lot more regularly and I never realized how awesome it was to forget about your life just for a few hours so you can dive into the world of a great novel. I've also noticed that it's a lot easier for me to read books and manuals for school or work, probably because reading is so common for me now.

You got me to appreciate reading and I just wanted to say thanks.

But anyways, on to my question - If Sigma Force was turned into movies, which actors would you want to portray Gray, Seichan, and other characters?