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They are fantastic and you should be so proud, haha. Also, they really make Caitlin funny and a stand out character, I think a lot of actors are afraid to do physical comedy like that, so fair play! :-)

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Hey Danielle, thanks for coming on today, it's really awesome of you! I'm Anna, well done on a fantastic first season and on bringing Caitlin Snow to life, I absolutely LOVE HER so much, and your acting is wonderful (your facial expressions make my day)!

So anyway, my question is --- Is there any chance we will see Caitlin show up on Legends of Tomorrow? (I understand if you can't say)

Also, anything at all you can tease about the finale? Not necessarily spoilery, just anything at all to help me survive the waiting until next week?

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Danielle, do you think we'll see the deleted Caitlin scenes? Like maybe on the DVD? :-)

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Haha yes! I love how Caitlin goes to the bother of ordering specific things for every metahuman :-)

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Thanks so much for coming online and for answering my questions! Congrats on a great show :-)