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You do realize this program has resulted in many fights between husband/wife and boyfriend/girlfriend on what to watch on Super Bowl Sunday. Why do you encourage verbal fights between significant others during what should be a holiday? We demand answers fine sir!

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Hi Lauren, thanks for doing this. Right now there is a petition going on for Netflix to revive Chuck. If this were to happen, would you be open to return to the show for an episode?

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Thank you for doing this. Big fan of course and while I love the flash I have a question about one of my other favorite shows.

How was your experience working on justified?

Also, would you ever do a meet and greet type thing in Naperville, seeing that you graduated from there?

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Thanks for doing this Emily!

Very sad to see you leave the Walking Dead, but I adored you on The Flash.

My question is, any plans for a season 2 appearance on the Flash?

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Big fan of MST3K here. Pretty sure you get this question a lot but what is your favorite Crow moment on the show?