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What would you say is Caitlin's mood at the end of the Flash finale?

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Hello Katee! Thanks for doing this AMA.

I know the Flash probably has spies listening to your every word so can you at least share your first impressions from working on the show? Anything non-spoilery you can tease? I must admit I saw you guys film near a Burnaby bridge one night, no spoilers from me either but it looked epic. Can't wait for an official costume reveal and to know why poor Danielle was on the ground so much, haha.

Anyway... Starbuck is still to this day my favorite TV character. We may not understand everything about her but well, that's life isn't it? We don't always get answers. Is there something you're surprised fans don't ask questions about?

Thank you. Can't wait to see your Flash episode(s)!

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Nah he's Oliver's son. He lives in Central City, remember?

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Well I'm terrified as well now! Thank you so much for the answer.

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Next tuesday please