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Thanks for doing this.

On the Flash, since Harrison Wells is no longer with STAR Labs, is Caitlin the de facto Director as a result of being the most senior scientist?

And if she is, can she get STAR Labs better security?

Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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Even if they walked under water, their bodies would decompose. Also they have to be moving towards a goal they can see or smell. Presumably the humans would be too far away to do either.

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I personally would vote for Dr. Caitlin Snow as the new director, but since my vote doesnt count, they should go with Dr. Emil Hamilton. He won't try to ruin Team Flash like Wells attempted to do.

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What were your thoughts when Stone Cold said "you waited too long for your moment" before you got eliminated from Tough Enough?

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At what moment did you think you had truly made it in the wrestling business?

And any update on Boone the Bounty Hunter?