My short bio: I'm 23 years old, and bartend as well as serve. I've worked at three different locations (one being a franchise, the other two corporate). Ask whatever!

My Proof: RCSH_Had this picture from last summer, if this doesn't suffice i can take another one with the custom reddit AMA note next to it.

Edit: I appreciate everyone who asked questions and participated, I had fun! If you want to keep asking feel free, I'll answer as they come in. But, one thing I learned from this AMA is Reddit is truly an online haven for one-uppers. Sheesh, you forget one word in a sentence or an ingredient and it is the end of the world and you're sent a scientific article stating why you're wrong with sources, citations, and bar graphs. Those guys need some xanax or vagina, probably both. Thanks again guys!

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Mr_Potamus81 karma

Why can't a $50 steak come with a potato?

shakethemdreads47 karma

Because it's Ruth's Chris of course. eye roll Kidding. Honestly, the company rarely deviates from anything Ruth implemented herself. I think we will always have the family style sides, sizzling plates, and butter in almost every food item.

rolleiflexen62 karma

What the hell does Ruth's Chris mean anyway?

shakethemdreads88 karma

Ruth Fertel bought 'Chris' Steakhouse' in 1965 in New Orleans. Years later in 1976 a fire ruined the restaurant. Thankfully, she had recently bought a party space a few blocks down so she relocated. Since this was a new location and due to the sales agreement she HAD to change the name (she didn't want to). So, she reluctantly named it "Ruth's Chris Steakhouse," and that's where the name originated. I get this question all the time.

majorgeneralpanic9 karma

I've always been confused. Why did she drop the apostrophe? Shouldn't it be "Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse?" Still awkward, but the current name is just…inaccurate.

shakethemdreads16 karma

I think she just said fuck it and said just throw Ruth's in front of it. Everyone is equally as confused as you are, don't worry.

CaptObvius39 karma

How can I tell if a location is corporate or franchise?

shakethemdreads28 karma

That's a good question. I'll ask my managers and get back to you. There has to be a way. If not, just ask.

Moewron7 karma

We're waiting!

shakethemdreads10 karma

No way to find out online, you'd have to just call and ask and they'll be happy to tell you. No need to speak with a manager, the hostess that answers should be able to tell you. If she can't, don't eat there! Cheers.

pytheasTX26 karma

1) What other places do you think have just as good a steak (or better)?

2) What is your thought on Morton's in comparison to Ruth's Chris (quality, price, etc.)

3) Any hints on how to enjoy a nice meal for less than the typical price? (happy hour, wednesday lunches, etc.)

shakethemdreads47 karma

1) Hm.. Any place that sells Prime Beef is going to be good (in most cases). It's the top 2% quality of beef in the World so it has to hold some kind of standard over the steak industry... I know Capital Grille has dry aged steaks, and cuts their meat in house but it's choice grade not prime... Fogo de Chao is prime but it doesn't taste fresh to me, and in some cases was overly salty. Honestly, the only places that have ever matched up to me (meat wise) were private businesses in large cities... Such as Blt steaks, Prime Rib, Medium Rare, etc.
2) Morton's quality went down tremendously after being purchased by a new company. I know this because a lot of their employees left to work for us. It used to be comparable but i know mostly everything is frozen, of lesser quality, bagged, or reduced in portion size.
3) Happy hours at the corporate spots are AWESOME. $8.00 filet mignon steak sandwiches with fries, prime burgers, crab blts, sushi grade ahi tuna, and the like. Depending on location certain bottled beers are $4.00, wines, and selected cocktails are also $8.00 It's really a steal. Franchised happy hours are completely different, and are way more expensive. Also, the Ruth's Classic set menu is a good deal. Salad/soup, entree (same portion sizes as the ala carte steaks), personal side, and dessert. You can also upgrade sides, desserts, etc if you want something not listed. Not a lot of people know that and think it's automatic and no changes can be made.

BriMcC24 karma

If you add up all the places that claim to serve prime you get way more than how much prime there is in the world. Somebody be lying.

shakethemdreads37 karma

Somebody be serving neighborhood cats

Jokers2theRight7 karma

I agree with you on Morton's. Last 2 times we went it was mediocre. I live in Fort Lauderdale and RC is still the top steakhouse in town.

shakethemdreads21 karma

They're just really cutting corners. It's one thing to save a buck here and there, but man you're just demolishing a well constructed company. You can't be considered a fine dining restaurant but operate like Applebee's.

2112xanadu13 karma

You mean the company that runs Rainforest Cafe doesn't operate a top-grade steakhouse?

shakethemdreads5 karma


Dach2k33 karma

"Fogo de Chao is prime but it doesn't taste fresh to me, and in some cases was overly salty."

This is the style. Any Brazilian Steakhouse is going to have saltier meat than typical American standards.

I did not realize that Capital Grille served Choice.

shakethemdreads2 karma

yeah it came as a shock to me too.

thegreatgazoo30 karma

For #3, Costco sells $100 gift cards for them for $79 or thereabouts.

Deactivation13 karma

Note to self. Get job at ruths chris. Buy hundreds of gift cards at costco. Buy soda at said job, tip self $99, profit. Double reward, 5% cash back at Costco and Amex reward points. How are people not doing this already?

Vergils_Lost7 karma

Who says they're not? I know I sure as hell wouldn't talk about it if I found out that this worked...

jrhii3 karma

I know places that wont let you tip with a gift card

shakethemdreads3 karma

We can

shakethemdreads3 karma

demolitio415 karma

What's your favorite meal from Ruth's Chris?

Do you often hear people call it Ruth and Chris's like some of my extended family continue to do no matter how many times someone tells them differently?

Also, can I get a gift card so I can go there again? It's been 5

shakethemdreads24 karma

I like the Bone-in filet, it has the tenderness of the filet, but the bone gives it a lot of added flavor. Our 1800 degree broiler is a top and bottom cooker, and when you cook any steak with a bone it causes the marrow to kind of seep out into the steak making it 10x flavorful. It's also going to be a guaranteed center-cut piece (extra thick) making it even tastier.
Yes, people do that all of the time (my dad included).
I wish I had the power to administer gift cards, everyone I knew would eat like kings! But, I know if you sign up online for their e-mail program you get coupons and gift cards for your birthday and anniversary. Just make them for this month or next and there ya go!

BayAreaCA13 karma

3 part; Most famous person you ever served?

most annoying person you served?

Favorite whiskey cocktail?

shakethemdreads27 karma

Maybe not most annoying but most memorable. This lady came in and wanted to sit at a table in the bar during happy hour. It is PACKED and people are swarming tables when other guests leave to sit down. She is alone, and orders food. She eats standing up at the server station where they are putting dirty glasses. She sees a table get up, and demands me to carry her plate over tot he table and bus it. I was on service bar so I specifically made drinks for servers, and I had a lot of tickets therefore I couldn't leave. I told her to ask our other bartender and he told her this group of 5 guys or so had been waiting for that table in particular for about an hour and she couldn't sit there. She cussed him out, calling him the n word, brainwashed, etc. I was called racist for not carrying her stuff over. She ended up sitting there anyway, getting a free glass of wine (not from me), and then calling the police when it was time to pay. They were like.. did you eat the food? "Yes." Okay then pay. Like really lady?

Whiskey cocktail hm... The classic old fashioned is always good (on happy hour also). But if you want something new and exciting try the Manhattan Eastside.

shakethemdreads23 karma

I've waited on catelynn, tyler, and the mtv production crew from teen mom. Also, numerous division 1 college basketball coaches, and new recruits more than a few times. Vernon Davis, he had his wedding party at our location in one of our private rooms. I think that's it..

sarge101st11 karma

How about Del Frisco's? I've had amazing steak there. I enjoyed the location in Ft. Worth, Tx. More than the one in Manhattan. I had great steak at the Ruth's in Destin, Fl. Much better than the Ruth's in Indianapolis. Any reason for that? Is it a corporate versus franchise thing?

shakethemdreads6 karma

I have actually never eaten at one. I'll have to at some point.

3rdRevelation10 karma

Why would a server not offer a desert menu prior to bringing the check, and bring that check without asking anything at all? And then removing the check from underneath my arm while still at the table?

shakethemdreads26 karma

They were trying to get you outta there. Maybe they had a bad day/night, got some bad news, had plans, i have no idea. But yes, this is deeply frowned upon by management, and wouldn't fly at my restaurant. Especially taking the check from under your arm, that's a bit rude to say the least.

Jay79410 karma

Why is it so damned expensive and full of business types showing off to other business types?

shakethemdreads15 karma

It's the name of the company. It's known for being a high-end steakhouse, therefore a lot of companies go there and throw around their money. You get a lot of business meetings with men trying to out eat/out drink the other, or fight over paying the tab with their platinum amex cards.

Ranndym9 karma

I love Ruth's Chris, but one thing really annoys me: the complimentary bread. It's bland, the crust is too hard, and the butter usually comes out in hard patties. When I'm paying $100+ for a meal, I'd like good bread. Low budget steakhouse, Longhorn's bread blows away Ruth's Chris. Is it even on upper management's radar how bad the bread is?

shakethemdreads20 karma

You know what, I totally agree. People think I'm crazy that i work with, and most of the consumers love it (they might just be starving). Corporate bread sucks, but the franchise location I'm currently at buys fresh baked bread from a local bakery in the city. We get bags of it fresh every day. There's white, onion, and walnut raisin, they're bangin

UnxaMinedlife9 karma


shakethemdreads29 karma

It depends on location of the restaurant, and your section but the most I've ever made was $800.00. Average is about $170.00. You rarely if ever make less than $100.00

fuckyourcouchplease9 karma

Holy shit! That's pretty good.

chronicwisdom5 karma

It's pretty average. I worked at a chain bar and made around the same (highest night was 300$ not 800$ though). I know a few women who work as bottle service girls at restaurants in major cities who actually think they had a fucked up night if they make less than 200$ in tips on a four hour shift.

shakethemdreads3 karma

We do a lot of banquets, and have awesome tippers. I made around $800 two separate nights. Both were private parties, and they left extra. Our sales manager takes care of us.

mweigand9 karma

The last time I went to a Ruth's Chris I ordered a medium rare ribeye and they brought it to me on a 500º plate, so by the time I was halfway finished with my ribeye it had cooked up to medium well. Is this a common practice at Ruth's Chris, and if so, why? I understand wanting to keep the steak warm, but the plate was so damn hot it basically ended up ruining my $70 steak :(

shakethemdreads11 karma

We do the 500 degree plate thing, mainly so your first bite is as hot as your last. It's also that hot to make it so all of your senses are stimulated down to the sound of the sizzling butter on the plate. We typically slightly undercook the steaks due to the plates because we know it is sitting on the plate for your entire meal essentially. You can always ask for a room temperature plate though! Or ask for both, have it sizzling or put your sides on the hot plate and your steak on a normal one.

thewolfmansbrotha8 karma

Exactly. When I was there, they must have mentioned the "450° plate" 20 fucking times. It was like the whole meal revolved around this one gimmick. And I thought "how can the plate be so hot without overcooking the steak?" Well, it did overcook it. I just don't get it.

They did the same exact thing the second time I went. I won't be back, not on my money anyway.

shakethemdreads3 karma

I'm surprised there hasn't been a huge lawsuit to be honest... Kind of like the McDonald's woman and her coffee.

biscuitworld5 karma

I consider myself a lover of fine foods, but I am happy with the flavor of a choice kansas city strip loin over a dry aged bone-in ribeye. And the difference in price ain't too shabby. Is there something wrong with me?

shakethemdreads4 karma

No, people have different tastes. Ain't no shame in that!

asthmatic_kitties5 karma

Ruth's Chris has the best cheesecake I've ever had. Is it frozen and bought from another company or do you guys make it in house?

shakethemdreads6 karma

We make it in house!

OwningTheWorld5 karma

What's the reaction to when someone tries to order a steak "Well Done?"

shakethemdreads32 karma

Eh, whatever. It happens, I used to cringe on the inside but i've become desensitized to it. However, if they ask for ketchup to put on their $60.00 bone in filet mignon I'm judging you no doubt about it.

GarlicPrince5 karma

which are your best selling items?

shakethemdreads7 karma

The filet and ribeye are easily the most sold steaks. Creamed spinach, mushrooms, mashed potatoes are the popular sides.

postingthings5 karma

Do you ever eat at an Outback or a Black Angus? Yes I'm referencing a Patton Oswalt bit. IT'S STEAK!

pixiegod10 karma

I am a huge steak fan and travel sometimes to get a cut of beef. I have eaten in some of the best places on 3 continents.

Just wanted to say, Outback holds it's own. For the price can't be beat IMHO. The last time I went there I was shocked as to what ~20 bucks got me.

shakethemdreads1 karma

yeah sometimes people that can't really afford RC, come out to eat and get two steaks a side and thats it for like $115. But you could ball out with $100 at outback, be stuffed senseless, and leave a nice tip. Doesn't add up

GarlicPrince4 karma

Is your meat all grain fed? Where does it come from? How many cocktials do you prepare x night? How many covers? Thank you I'm in the industry. Went to Ruth Chris Hong Kong for Saint Valantaines. It was a good experience, overpriced IMO, but thats just your brand.

shakethemdreads3 karma

All of the meat comes from Wisconsin and are corn fed cattle. Wet aged for 21 days, and never frozen. -Cocktails probably a few hundred or so including the restaurant and bar.
-Covers have slowed because a brand new RC just opened 15 minutes away so they've stolen a lot of our clientele. Saturday night about 300 on a busy night.
-Yea, that's so cool! Was it any different than one in the states if you can compare? That's one of the neat things about the company is it's worldwide so no matter what country you're in you're guaranteed consistency (most of the time).
-And yes, I agree overpriced. Probably wouldn't eat there if I didn't get 50% off. Not at this point in my life anyway.

GarlicPrince2 karma

I can't compare. I've never been to the states and it was my first time at RC. Compared to other steakhouses here RC seems like they push fine dinning service, which it is unusual nowadays. "Fine dinning high quality steakhouse" what comes to my mind when I think about RC now. Would be a good fit for 5 star hotels I guess. You know anything about the meat distribution/storage? It seems to be making a lot of covers, I wonder if you have any minimum fridge space for all that meat. Also few hundred cocktails a day sounds ridiculously busy, specially for a steakhouse that upsells a lot of expensive wine too. Seems like you guys are in business! How do you regulate the service quality/consistency do you have brand standards all the way, do you get internal audits from the company? Or any mystery shopers?

shakethemdreads3 karma

We get fresh steaks in everyday, and have a huge walk in full of meat. Yeah, we do okay we aren't the busiest by any means but it is a nice location. The company regulates quality and consistency by training the same at every store. Every single employee in the company has (or should have) been trained with the same procedures and tests and videos. Each store has a set of standards they need to uphold and if they don't they can lose the business (franchise). People come in randomly and do checks on everything in the back of the house to ensure this. Internal audits do happen, less frequently at corporate though. Mystery shoppers happen once every quarter usually at the franchise location. They are a pain.

Praetoric_Knight3 karma

I also work for 4 years for Ruth's! Since we work 365 days of the year, what's your favorite and least favorite holiday to work?

shakethemdreads2 karma

favorite probably new years eve because everyone is in a good mood and drinking ($$$), worst Thanksgiving. Hands down.

arkrid3183 karma

I worked at Ruth's Chris for just under 5 years. You can thank my store for being 365. Mike ODonnell's wife can't cook for shit, so they opened just us for thanksgiving and Christmas. A year later it was all of Florida. Now it's the whole company. Thank god I left that place, you can only broil so many steaks. Loved my time there. For the kitchen, Christmas and Christmas Eve are by far the worst. The rest are just long days. I don't know if this is true of other stores, but our store had 9 employee baby's while I was there. There's something in the water, don't fuck your coworkers. RCSH is starting a farm team I swear to god.

shakethemdreads3 karma

It's messed up, man. That was one thing Ruth was the bomb. She always gave employees off on holidays because she said she felt they deserved time with their families. Once she dies and sells the company that goes out the window. moneymoneymoney.

smooviesmoove2 karma

Why is Thanksgiving hands down the worst?

shakethemdreads7 karma

Because who wants to be working when you could be eating turkey. I love thanksgiving :(

Williamcg3 karma

What do you think about restaurants like Fogo de Chao or other churrascarias? Are they a threat or too different from your restaurant to make a difference?

shakethemdreads2 karma

Those are different IMO. RC is a fine dining steakhouse, whereas Fogo is a high quality sides/appetizers/salads buffet, as well as all you an eat meat. I think while it's pricey i wouldn't relate the two.

ntlord3 karma

I was at a Ruth's Chris in Florida. Ordered 18 year Macallan. Waitress without asking served it with ice. No big deal, I get that happens, although I would think default would be neat. But, when I explained I wanted it neat, the bartender or waitress just strained the scotch and gave it back to me. Is that standard operating procedure?

shakethemdreads3 karma

No. she was either extremely lazy and didn't want to correct her mistake, or knew nothing about whisky.

Demonic_Toaster3 karma

What exactly is the cocktail sauce made of? its wicked spicy but damn is it good!

shakethemdreads2 karma

Just ketchup and horseradish. Mostly horseradish though to give that kick.

caross3 karma

Is there a "secret menu"? You know, like In-and-Out Burger?

"Bone-in Filet - Animal Style" :)

shakethemdreads3 karma

Ehhh not really. But, for dessert if you're feelin froggy get the sweet potato casserole with vanilla ice cream. it. is. amazing.

caross2 karma

/me jots down notes.

Many thanks. And this is a pretty different/fun AMA. Thanks for doing it.

shakethemdreads3 karma

no problem! thanks for reading i hope you have a nice dinner!

LLLRL2 karma

How would I go about getting your job? (20 year old with some years of grad school on the horizon) Any tips for this kind of work?

shakethemdreads7 karma

Where do you live at? Message me privately and maybe I can help.

aariakon2 karma

My girlfriend is taking me there for my birthday in June, what do you recommend, or would say is the best thing on your menu? I've never been.

shakethemdreads7 karma

Bone-in filet, or cowboy ribeye oscar style. You get a generously portioned, great tasting steak topped with a 5 oz. crab cake (falls apart due to lack of filler), 3 steamed asparagus spears, drizzled with bearnaise sauce. You really don't even have to order a side or starter because you've got them sitting on top of your steak.

aariakon3 karma

Thank you! And thanks for this AMA, I've enjoyed reading it.

shakethemdreads2 karma

You're welcome! It's killed a lot of time for me, I'm enjoying it.

TrippingBearBalls2 karma

How did you get started at Ruth's Chris? Did you have any prior experience in restaurant work?

shakethemdreads4 karma

I first got a fine dining job at a privately owned restaurant where I was interning at the time. I had no fine dining experience, but the manager at the time was creepy and hired me. So, I got the training I needed and he was fired about a month later for having sex with the 19 year old hostess. But, it got my foot in the door and at the end of the summer I applied and interviewed at RC.

Senno_Ecto_Gammat2 karma

What's the cost of goods on a typical meal?

shakethemdreads6 karma

Franchises are higher priced normally depending on the owner, where corporate is a dollar or two cheaper. Per person with one or two drinks, starters, entrees, sides, and a dessert would probably run you about $100.00

fluffynukeit8 karma

I believe this question is asking about the price of ingredients, not the menu cost the customer sees.

shakethemdreads13 karma

Oh ok, my fault. I haven't personally seen the food order sheet or any of that, but I do know we purchase steaks in bulk for around $10-$15 a steak. So i'd say it'd be around a 75% mark up for most things. Wine is also something we definitely up charge, almost double the price. They definitely make money.

kcfac3 karma

Wine is typically (so I hear) charged at the cost of a bottle, per glass. The reasoning is that once it's opened it has to be served fairly quickly so they have to recoup the cost of the bottle on that first glass. I'm guessing whole bottles hover around 2-3x cost.

shakethemdreads1 karma

Oh, definitely. At least.

JCollierDavis2 karma

You have to ask people if they want A1 or Ketchup with their steak. What happens when they say yes?

Also, what's the most outrageous "I'm trying to impress someone" situation you've seen?

shakethemdreads13 karma

None of the RC restaurants I worked at required this. I would never deny anybody ketchup or A1 but no way am I going to offer it.
Second one is easy this guy was on a date with this lady (first date I was pretty sure). I am the youngest server we have and most of the older people take that me being inadequate to take food orders and give recommendations. So he asks one of our older servers to wait on him instead of me. My co-worker just said that guy is an idiot I don't want to wait on him. And my manager told him absolutely not, because regardless of whatever I'm one of the top servers at our restaurant. So, he was stuck with me, feelin awkward... He kept running me back and forth to get this and that, trying to act like a big shot. And then drum roll when he gives me his card to pay the check I politely informed him it was declined. It wasn't. Shame.

keeksg2 karma

I can't believe no one has asked often do you burn yourself on those plates?

Also, every time the server brings my searing hot plate and says "the plate is hot", he puts it down at an angle, so OCD me has to tweak it straight, burning myself in the process.

shakethemdreads4 karma

Haha, I am surprised too. I have burned myself a few times. One time being the worst because I thought I had a good grip of the towel over the plate, but one of my fingers wasnt fully covered but i had already started walking. So internally I'm like REACT! DROP THE PLATE, YOU'RE BURNING! But I was right over an elderly woman so i just had to the table and drop the plate. Had a nasty blister immediately after, and served with one hand the rest of the week. As far as plate placement, I myself also suffer with OCD (actually), and I always make sure the plate is perfectly parallel with the table. high five!

GarlicPrince2 karma

Do you have any insider tips on applying for a job there? Any values uncommon characteristics that the company values? I'm about to apply right now.

shakethemdreads3 karma

Sell yourself. Be personable, and show enthusiasm in working with the company. We are all about working as a team, and providing above and beyond service. Enhancing every guests' experience is the goal so as long as you act all about that you should be fine. It depends on location and managers too. Some require fine dining experience, others don't. Call tomorrow or later in the week to show initiative, don't wait for them to call you because they won't. Be punctual and bring your resume.

Bauws2 karma

Best glaze recipe for baby back ribs?

shakethemdreads2 karma

I got nothing. Sorry :(

wjking2 karma

It's fitting you are here today! Planning to go to the Vegas location in a couple of weeks. Do you know if I can use a Gift Card bought in Canada at a US location? Very specific, I know, but I can't find the answer anywhere. Going for husband's 40th bday, first time at an RC - so this is a helpful AMA - thanks.

shakethemdreads3 karma

Call the location in Canada to see if its corporate or franchised. As long as the two are owned by the same person, or it's corporate you should be good to go! I hope you have fun in the city of sin!

Kitosaki2 karma

Why do you use those little table scrapers. You just put crumbs all over my nice clothes. You guys need to train your employees on table scrapers.

Also, can I get more recipes for your delicious stuff? Last time I was there I got the one for the sweet potatoes. Yumm.

Also, how do you guys make steak so fucking good? I always hate myself the next day because I drop like 180 dollars on dinner but it is always delicious.

shakethemdreads1 karma

Those are called decrumbers and meant to get rid of the mess between courses so you aren't sitting in a pile of breadcrumbs. You definitely aren't supposed to decrumb onto a guests lap that kind of voids the purpose I'd say. They should gather it all on one corner of the table and use a small plate to catch what falls. I do not have any recipes on hand, they're stored in a big binder in the kitchen. Pinterest has a lot of RC recipes and I'm sure they aren't too far off from the actual.
I think it has to do with the quality of the meat (corn fed diet, quality and conditions of cows prior to slaughter, aging process, marbling), as well as the 1800 degree broiler. The steaks are cooking in their own juices on a plate, there is no grill for the fat to disappear to. It's sitting in one spot from start to finish. The butter adds a bit to the flavor also.

Togbot1 karma

I had Ruth's yesterday for Easter lunch. I couldn't believe how busy it was! It must have been right after church because there was a lot of fresh haircuts and Sunday bests. There were even a few people wearing those white priest collars.

A bunch of kids were running around on the balcony throwing mints at each other; There was 40 mints littering the floor. They were around 11-14 and were all wearing shorts, caps, and rapper bling. It was bizarre. Do you get that often?

shakethemdreads2 karma

No, not at all. Yesterday I accidentally hit a kid in the face with my tray. He ran smack dab into it as i was turning around. What did we learn, kids?

sbhikes1 karma

Be honest now: The steak is just scraps held together with meat glue right?

shakethemdreads2 karma

Even if that were true I think I'd still eat it.

ghost01281 karma

Any tips or tricks to get extra good service? I've had problems with inattentive waiters before. Yes I tip well. No I'm not an ass.

shakethemdreads4 karma

Servers at fine dining restaurants are extremely judgmental and will determine how much effort they are going to put forth based on material items. Such as what you're wearing for instance. Brand names, jewelry, if you valeted, checked your coat, age, if you've made a reservation before, etc. I know plenty of servers that if you're wearing jeans, a hoodie, walked in out of no where, will automatically assume you arent going to spend a lot of money, which means not that great of a tip (if they even tip well). Servers at the locations I've worked at are spoiled, and will put in the work if THEY think it'll be pay off. If not, you're at the bottom of the list. But, if you look rich and know what you're talking about, expect above and beyond service. Not saying all of us are like this, but mainly the old timers that have been there forever are.

saltyballs1son0 karma

Why do you judge me when I order a bottle of win, a shot and a beer? Also, thanks for keeping my butter warm and melty.

shakethemdreads1 karma

Hey, no judgements here. As long as you're not driving, and you can handle your alcohol I gotchu.

gnexuser2424-4 karma

Do you guys have guest wifi and if so what brand do you use? Cisco, Ubiquity, Netgeat, Xirrus, ????

shakethemdreads2 karma

Yes we do, its netgear i believe

DaveJB70-34 karma

What made you think that this AMA was remotely worthwhile or potentially interesting?

shakethemdreads26 karma

Honestly, I am up at 2 AM, bored with nothing to do. Heard some people might have an interest on here, so I went with it.

jacicconi14 karma

I've enjoyed reading it...

shakethemdreads1 karma

Thanks :)