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Does it bother you that many people, myself included, lost all respect for you after your ignorant comments about atheists? The comments I'm referring to are here:


I don't know any non-theists that "secretly believe" in deities. I don't know any non-theists that are "angry" at deities.

Another question for you, do you support Indiana's new law that was designed to let Christians openly discriminate against the LGBT community?

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Do you have the McRib? Do you celebrate St. Patrick's day with Shamrock shakes?

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Why won't you give approximate numbers? That's the only reason I read the thread.

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I'd honestly rather read an AMA from a McDonalds employee in Australia than yet another AMA from a celebrity pushing their latest movie or book.

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I love Ruth's Chris, but one thing really annoys me: the complimentary bread. It's bland, the crust is too hard, and the butter usually comes out in hard patties. When I'm paying $100+ for a meal, I'd like good bread. Low budget steakhouse, Longhorn's bread blows away Ruth's Chris. Is it even on upper management's radar how bad the bread is?