Hi reddit, I’m Chef Wolfgang Puck. I grew up in Austria but I now consider Los Angeles my home, where I have lived for close to 40 years. I have 23 fine dining restaurants around the world, more than 80 fast-casual restaurants like the ones you may see when you’re traveling through airports and also a catering business for events and corporate dining. My team and I are in the kitchen now putting the finishing touches on the menu for this year’s Governors Ball, the official Oscars® party, which we have created for the past 21 years.

Last year I wrote a new cookbook called “Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy” which gives you the most important recipe for the way I live my life today with healthier eating habits and a new workout regimen. I also recently launched my new Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven which is the first and only pressurized countertop oven that cooks everything in 1/3 of the time it would normally take. Up next, we are opening new fine dining restaurants in Bahrain and Istanbul and always looking for new, exciting parts of the world to bring our restaurants to you.

If I’m not in the kitchen in Los Angeles working with our team of chefs or greeting guests in our dining rooms, I am on the go, traveling the world, looking for what’s next - but for now, I’m here and thrilled to talk to you! Live, Love, Eat!

Victoria is assisting me today via phone, ask me anything…!

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Update Well, this is Wolfgang Puck and thank you for giving me all this great advice and questions! And this Sunday is the Oscars- tune in and you will see us with all the dishes we will prepare for the event, and you can go on my website, learn about the restaurants we are working on, maybe get some tips here: http://www.wolfgangpuck.com

So thank you all for calling in, and telling me about my life a little bit, and hopefully I can help your life.

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greg_is_greg481 karma

I'm always curious how professional chefs do the munchies. What's your go-to when you get a late-night craving? Do you make it yourself? Thanks!

Wolfgang_Puck1671 karma

Chefs late night have sex, they don't eat.

stairway2evan250 karma

Mr. Puck,

How do you handle dinner parties where the cook is... let's say not at your level? Do you politely smile and shovel down bland, tasteless food, or do you offer some interesting tips on how to improve that tuna casserole? Would anyone ever dare serve you a tuna casserole?

Off topic, thank you and all your staff for many wonderful dinners in LA and Las Vegas!

Wolfgang_Puck909 karma

Thank you.

Listen, I tell you one good story about that.

One time, a long time ago, I went to Billy and Audrey Wilder's house - Billy is a famous movie director, you know, he did SUNSET BOULEVARD and god only knows how many more. And were like 6 people, 7 people for dinner, and Audrey was cooking. And then I went into the kitchen to look what she was doing, and the other couple who was there too came in there too. And then the other guest, she looked at Audrey and said "Aren't you worried to cook or nervous cooking for Wolfgang, the chef?" and Audrey said "I don't give a shit, he can flush it down the toilet if he does not like it!"

She probably had a few vodkas before that, so...

camicamcami224 karma

What is one recipe you think everyone should master?

Wolfgang_Puck498 karma

One recipe everyone should master is how to cook perfect eggs.

At least if they want to invite me to their house!

theArnoldFans1205 karma

Have you ever smelled what The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) was cooking?

Wolfgang_Puck244 karma

You know, I laf boxing and not wrestling, so I don't know. I know the Japanese cook a lot on the rocks.

MrFurrypants201 karma

How close are the canned products labeled under your name to your handmade food? I.e. How are they modified for mass sale and do you think this detracts from the quality?

Wolfgang_Puck609 karma

You know, if you have to pasteurize the soup (which is the law), which means you keep it 15 minutes on high temperature, I think it detracts from the flavor. It is not the same as the restaurant, or what i would cook at home. Fresh is always best. But when you are hungry, it is always a good thing to have a good bowl of soup. Or i use my tomato soup for my pasta dishes. Like I saute some onions with a little chili flakes and garlic in olive oil, add the tomato soup, reduce it to the consistency of a sauce, and then toss my pasta cooked al dente in there. So it's very good, you don't just have to use it as a soup. If you use it as a soup, heat it up properly, maybe put a swirl of cream on top, maybe sour cream, or a little julienne of basil, or a little drizzle of olive oil.

And all of a sudden, people are going to say "oh you made a good soup!"

If you had the pumpkin soup - one of our best selling ones - if you finish it with a little cranberry relish, or some caramelized chopped apples, all of a sudden you've finished it and it gives you a much, much more interesting product.

So what i tell people is: use the soup as a base. And then be inventive.

watchout4mikem194 karma

If you were transported back to college and had to make a meal with Ramen noodles & only 3 other ingredients, what would they be?

Wolfgang_Puck364 karma

Virst of all, I can't go back to college, I didn't go to high school yet, so... Well, first of all, I would spice it up with a little chili oil. I would add a slice of fresh ginger for flavor. And maybe some scallions.

elzombino170 karma

Hello, Mr. Puck. If there was one ingredient used in modern cuisine that you could wipe off of Earth's surface, what would it be?

Also, what's with truffle oil?

Wolfgang_Puck301 karma

That I would wipe out fast. I think truffle oil you can smell it from far away. It looks like people tried to impress somebody without the real thing. It smells synthetic and tastes synthetic. It's like somebody bringing you a fake Warhol - you want a Warhol, or no Warhol, not something that looks made up by somebody.

edtehgar162 karma

What is your guilty pleasure of cookin?

Like what is something you like to cook at home that no one would ever suspect you enjoy.

Wolfgang_Puck262 karma

Oof you know, I am so lucky, because I get all ze best ingredients, all the time! So for me, my favorite thing is going to the farmer's market, picking out fresh vegetables, and cooking them at home with my kids.

joev714152 karma

If you had to give one tip on how to make someone a better cook, what would it be?

Wolfgang_Puck325 karma

You know, there is only one thing in life: practice makes better.

I think if you cook for one person at home, or if you cook for ten, you know, you have to practice, and just holding a knife, whipping the cream, whatever it is, it takes time. People who think they want to get good at everything overnight, it takes time.

I thought the same thing about golf - how can you not hit a little ball sitting on the grass? And then I did it myself, and found out how hard it was. The same thing with cooking: if you do it ten times, you're doing ten times better than the first time.

dustin0929137 karma

Chef Puck. Will you ever consider an increase in wages for your cooks? I used to work at one of your restaurants, but had no choice to quit because it was getting too hard to live on my own. I had so much pride and was really passionate back then, but I traded that all in for a job that I really did not care so much for. It pays the bills but it's not what I want to do in life.

Wolfgang_Puck166 karma

You know, it is a difficult thing in a restaurant when you start out, at the beginning you don't get paid a lot. You have to look at it as a apprenticeship. And if you work in a restaurant like Spago or Bel Air or Cut for 1 or 2 years, after you stay with us, you will get a raise or go on and get a job with a raise anywhere with a better salary. When I was young and worked in France and I worked at the restaurant called Beaumaniere, when I wrote my application there, I said "you pay me whatever you think is right for the work I do," so for the first 3 months, I didn't get a penny. I had a room for free. But that's it. With cold water. But i was 19 and I didn't have kids or no wife, so it was easier, obviously. And you know, wherever I worked in France, I never asked for money, I just went to learn. The first time I asked for money was when I worked in Indianapolis - I told them "I want to make $1,000 a month." And that was double what I was making in France, and I was the night chef at Maxime's at that time - I was responsible after 10 PM at night. So I think patience - if you work hard, the money will come. How many starving actors are out there? They have passion for what they do, and not everybody is George Clooney or Bradley Cooper, and then suddenly they become famous and money comes.

Ihatepeggyhill131 karma

Is there ever a situation for cucumbers to be served hot?

Wolfgang_Puck241 karma

Cucumbers hot?

You know, we used to serve at Maxime's in Paris a cucumber sauce where we had little things of cucumbers where we sautéed and served them in a paprika sauce with chicken? Roasted chicken with cucumber paprika sauce, very famous. Not my favorite thing, I like them cold. I like to salt them then drain them then serve them cold with a little sour cream and some fresh herbs, a little vinegar - goes very well with Weiner-Schnitzel, you serve that hot and cucumber salad cold.

And a little bit of caraway seed, too! Ground.

thecherrydude122 karma

Hey, Mr. Puck. I am a college student who feeds from his crock pot. Any great recipes or ways to cook with that? Also do you like soccer? Thanks!

Wolfgang_Puck178 karma

Well, I laf soccer and my son is a big soccer player, he wants to be a professional in Manchester United, he actually went to summer camp there!

And then, talking about the crock pot - I am not THAT patient, to cook something for 8 hours. So for me a pressure cooker is really a great tool, or a great appliance, especially the electric ones, because you can make a great soup in 10 minutes. Or cook a stew in no time. So I think once you want to upgrade from the crock pot to the pressure cooker, and today they are totally safe.

RustyDarkstar7685 karma

I love salmon but what vegtables work well with Salmon?

Wolfgang_Puck163 karma

You know, I laf green vegetables - whether it's broccolini sautéed with a little bit of garlic, or chili flake? Not only it will taste good, but it will offset with color. Now if you're a meat & potato eater, make mashed potatoes and put a little pesto in it. And then maybe serve with a little tomato sauce, because the color is important.

RacksDiciprine85 karma

What is the most common mistake you see in a bad cook? Over-seasoning? Not cooking to temperature? I have a personal vendetta against Garlic and Onion abuse...

Wolfgang_Puck135 karma


I think I don't like when people don't heat up the pan. I like my fish or meat really well-seared, and more so with home cooks, where they are scared of the heat. When I don't like is when people over-salt things, because you can always add a little salt, but you cannot take it out. And people make the mistake - they over-power the dish, so you don't know anymore what you are eating, with spices or too many ingredients. If you buy really good fish, if you put this or that on it, you don't know by the end what you are eating! It is better to grill or saute it, keep it simple, so you know what you are eating.

brandyalexa77 karma

Why do I need to buy your pressure oven? Is it really that awesome?

Wolfgang_Puck166 karma

You don't need to buy the pressure oven. I won't force you to buy. But if you want to make a good roasted chicken, it does VERY well for that, and in no time. In fact, I made the other day at home, and I forgot my glasses so I set the timer wrong, and in 50 minutes, it was overcooked and still juicy! So if you cook it 40 minutes - that was a 5 pound chicken, so normally you cook 1.5 hours. What happens is it seals all the moisture in the oven, so it's only normal that the food is juicy. I do everything in it. I roast vegetables in it, and they taste so much better roasted than boiled or steamed. It caramelizes the sugar, so you get much better flavor.

katya1662 karma

Hi Chef! A few years ago, you were a judge on Top Chef Seattle and you challenged the contestants to make you an omelette-which they did with varying success ) What is the secret to YOUR omelette? And what is your favourite way to eat eggs?

Also,very random, but if you had to, what would you give up: cheese or potatoes? )

Thank you!

Wolfgang_Puck103 karma

You know, to me an omelet - obviously you have to temper the eggs. Get some good eggs, you know, and then put a little salt & pepper in it - add cheese, some parmesan cheese - a little drop of cream or milk. Then heat up the pan with a little olive oil. When it's hot, add a little touch of butter, and cook the eggs really fast by moving them constantly with a spatula and shaking the pan with your left hand. So then let it sit for a second - I like mine REALLY soft in the middle, and cooked on the outside. And then fold it, put it on a plate, serve it - the preference with white truffles or caviar.

If you can't get that, just bacon and sausage will do too!

ArcticTerrapin60 karma

What is your favorite junk food? or guilty pleasure food? Thanks!

Wolfgang_Puck129 karma

You know, I laf chocolate.

But it has to be really good chocolate. And it has come to a point now that my 9 year old son Oliver, when I get chocolate, he asks me "Papa, is that 75% or 65%?"

So it's the percentage of cocoa in it.

We make our own cocoa at the restaurant, so I always have it ready in the freezer. We have a dark chocolate with espresso, it is probably my favorite, but I also like it with flavored almond paste in it.

SeuleRome58 karma

Mr. Puck I absolutely adore you and your recipes! I would love to come to your restaurant in the Los Angeles (bar and grill) this fall what would you recommend I have for supper?

Also do you ever make Rice Krispie treats with m&m's?

Wolfgang_Puck121 karma

Oh my god, it's so far ahead, we don't know! I tell everybody this story: we don't know what we are going to cook in September or October, just the same way we don't know how we will make love in September or October! There might be fresh salmon from Alaska, some wonderful lamb from Virginia - but if you come for the restaurant, if you don't see me, ask for the chef, and what they recommend - what is the best that day. That is the best way. Obviously our menu is always printed every day, so everything is fresh from the market, but there might be something really special that day. If you come to Spago not knowing, I would definitely try some of our traditional dishes, like smoked salmon pizza, or the spicy tuna tartare in miso-sesame cones, maybe our agnolotti with white truffles, and then maybe if you want some meat, our lamb chops or Peking duck. But make sure to save room for dessert!

Is that English?

I only like really good chocolate, so M&Ms is not one of them.

Wolfgang_Puck175 karma

But you know, what is so funny, my kids used to love Rice Krispies for breakfast.

My sister, I remember when she had young kids, she came to visit us in America the first time, and she had one luggage filled with boxes of Rice Krispies.

And I said "What are you going to do with them?"

And she said "That is what my kids eat for breakfast"

And I said "Look at the box!"

And she was scared that they didn't have Rice Krispies in America, that they were only in Austria!

lmi648 karma

Hi, Mr. Puck! What is your favorite recipe? Also, what's your favorite comfort food? Thanks!

Wolfgang_Puck107 karma

You know, at my age, I have a lot of favorite recipes.

But the favorite comfort food - we are asked all the time about - is our chicken pot pie. Barbra Streisand told me 2 weeks ago that she is coming to the Oscars, so you better make that chicken pot pie!

First of all, you know, the way we make it with black truffle, in the puff pastry crust, so when you open the crust, the steam of the black truffle comes out, it is really, really amazing. The whole room smells like black truffles.

I think we have a recipe. Here is the link.

theArnoldFans144 karma

Hi Wolfgang, what are some good healthy dishes for someone who wants to gain a lot of muscle? And do you exercise or lift weights?

Wolfgang_Puck73 karma

Oh! You know what? There is a new cookbook coming out, called WOLFING PUCKS MAKES IT HEALTHY. So about 6 or 8 years ago now, I started to exercise more regularly with a trainer, and out came this book, too, so now you have recipes and all wholesome ingredients like we use whole-wheat pasta or pizza, so still enjoying what we like, just in a healthier way. More vegetables than meat - the vegetables take center stage, smaller portions of red meat, especially, things like that. And also exercise. And soups, great soups - so if you want to eat healthy, watching calories, when you make a salad dressing, often you eat 2-3 tablespoons of oil and that has a lot of calories, so if you want to lose weight, it's not a good thing to eat too much fat. Also, I have great omelettes and egg dishes there that use 3 egg whites and one whole leg - you get the color and it tastes good but less cholesterol an more protein.

Pietromaximoff141 karma


Wolfgang_Puck88 karma

And you know? I hope so too, because everybody who leaves us and is successful, it shows we are doing the right thing.

bl33dblackandsilver39 karma

Is there anything you refuse to eat?

Wolfgang_Puck130 karma

You know, I eat any type of cuisines, as long as I know they have good ingredients. If i go into a restaurant, and it doesn't smell good, I will walk out, I don't care who it is if the ingredients are bad. And I remember i went once to a restaurant once somewhere, it was so dark inside, and I ordered fish, and I remember it just smelled so bad. Even worse! I had the worst with my wife, we were in a restaurant in Capri, called JK Place, very fancy, we sit outside on a beautiful terrace overlooking the harbor in Capri, and there was a little beach overview - I had fish every day, so I ordered some gnocchi, and my wife ordered fish. The fish came out so smelly and then I tried my gnocchi - I think the guy just blanched it, so it was like eating raw potato dough! So I didn't want to send it back, and wait another hour to get something - I said "If someone serves you bad fish on an island, that's a bad omen." So I took my napkin, I wrapped the food up in there, and threw it off the terrace on the beach! And someone looked up when it fell through the trees.

So I think that's probably one of the only times I can remember that I really was disgusted.

And naturally, the waiter comes back and asks how everything was and I say "Delicious! Can't you see the plates are empty?!"

OhHelloPlease37 karma

Good afternoon, Chef! I've loved your appearances on Top Chef.

My question for you is what would you recommend as an easy to prepare meal (I have limited kitchen space) for two that's visually stunning that you would use to impress someone?

I made a nice tasting dinner for Valentine's Day (roasted duck breast and a panna cota dessert) but felt that my presentation skills were lacking

Wolfgang_Puck43 karma

Well, that is many things. Obviously presentation - go out and buy some small fresh herbs, edible flowers, and you can sprinkle them around, even if it's a simple salad or vegetables, some fresh flowers or tiny herbs, it makes it colorful. We eat with our eyes first.

And then it is important to find interesting plates.

You know, some people have these white clunky plates - nothing looks good on it. But if you have interesting plates - we have people who make interesting plates for us in Japan, in Seattle - we have beautiful white plates too, but I think first impressions are the most important.

bisepost32 karma

Thank you for doing this!

What is the most money you will spend on a meal?

I understand there is an art, skill, and experience that increases price. paying more than what I spend on my monthly rent is such a foreign concept to me. Some restaurants in chicago charge $275 for a single ticket, plus wine pairings, plus a 20% "convenience fee" for the ability to buy a ticket two months in advance.

Wolfgang_Puck60 karma

You know, some women buy Louboutin shoes, and they cost $1000 a pair! You can buy simple sneakers and walk with them better. But if you love great food and you have somebody to share it with, maybe that is a great experience. I think food has to be shared. You don't want to just enjoy it by yourself. So if you have the money - you might not spend all that money every month, but maybe once for a special occasion. Or if not - you can always go to another restaurant you are familiar with, and ask the chef "Can you make me a tasting menu?"

Frajer31 karma

Do you pick the recipes for all the soups and frozen pizzas that have your name on them in the grocery store?

Wolfgang_Puck55 karma

You know, all of our recipes started in our restaurants, where we make maybe 20 orders at once. Now making it for the grocery store, obviously, is different. We cook in huge batches. And we are actually developing a new soup and a new pizza, as we speak! New packaging, everything is going to be brand new. But ingredients - everything has to be followed step-by-step, with fresh herbs, just the way we do it at the restaurant.

librariansguy30 karma

If you were given complete control of the Food Network, what kind of changes would you make?

Wolfgang_Puck110 karma

Oooh! Hehehe.

If I were given - I think I would have a better mix of entertainment and real cooking. I think they have to make it fun, but I would like to learn something too. So I think that is probably to me- even though I don't watch it lately enough, it seems like a lot of competition shows, where people make things up that normal people at home cannot do.

But I think it would be good to have Saturday morning, Sunday mornings of instruction, to help get people inspired, or even do things for kids.

Wolfgang_Puck71 karma

But they don't have to listen to my advice because they are very successful at what they do, I guess! Ha Ha!

Jimla27 karma

Which culture's food would you say is the most underrated?

Wolfgang_Puck85 karma

I think a lot of people know very little about Vietnamese food. But also, my wife is from Ethiopia, and very few people know about Ethiopian food, and they have a lot of flavor in their food. And the thing is also, nobody has done a more modern version of it, yet. But I will do it my next lifetime!

George_E_Hale26 karma

Hi. Thanks for your time!

This may sound inane, but what's your favorite sandwich?

Wolfgang_Puck62 karma


I would only have one. I like a good pastrami sandwich.

But one of my all-time favorite is our lobster club sandwich at Spago. It is amazing. Because we cook the lobster, and then put it in a little butter, warm it up, then grill thin slices of walnut bread, a few slices of crispy bacon, a little arugula and some sliced tomatoes. So you know, you can eat it and feel the juices running down to your elbow - then you know you have a good sandwich. So don't wear your expensive blouse to eat that sandwich!

CaptainApathy41926 karma

Hello, Mr. Puck. How did you get into cooking in the first place? What was it that attracted you to the restaurant business?

Wolfgang_Puck52 karma

Well it started really young. My mother was a chef also, a professional chef.

And every summer, I stayed a month with her, and I was in a kitchen every evening, helping the pastry chefs mainly. And then when I was 14 years old, I had to decide what to do. I thought maybe I could become an architect, and then I found out there was only one school in Vienna, but my mom found me a job as an apprentice in the kitchen at a hotel restaurant in Austria.

And I did my 3 years of apprenticeship there. Then I moved to France. And it's really when I went to work in a 3 star restaurant called Beaumaniere, there really the owner Mr. Thuilier become my mentor. And I said I wanna be like him someday - owning a restaurant, writing books, being the mayor of the village.

And I laf the way he cooked. He didn't cook from recipes per se, he cooked from the heart. So his recipes changed all the time, but mainly he had a big garden, and had 6 gardeners, and they grew all the vegetables and fruits and everything for the restaurant. So that's the first time I learned what perfection means in cooking.

Marry excellent technique with the best ingredients.

So I worked there for 3 years. After that I worked in Paris at Maxime's, and somebody offered me a job in New York, so I went to New York. I didn't like New York.

Then I went to see Charles Mason, who owned Grenouille at the time, and he found me a job in Indianapolis. And since I love auto racing, I went to Indianapolis. But I didn't know the race is only one day a year!

And then the rest is history.

im_the_general25 karma

What is the most amazing thing that your celebrity has given you that was not something you purchased? Note: I had duck pizza at the original Spagos in the 80's. Still remember that. :-)

Wolfgang_Puck48 karma

I think one of the great things about being a chef is you are assured to get a table and a great meal in many restaurants for free!

That is a good positive thing. And if a chef comes to our restaurant, and we know them, they will get the same treatment.

bluepinkblack21 karma

Hello Chef! What is your comfort food? And also, what foods do you enjoy pigging out on, like cheat day unhealthy meals?

Wolfgang_Puck88 karma

Well, you know, I am lucky - I am always most of the time in my restaurants and i eat everything, so my whole day is a meal! When I start in the morning, I smell the fresh bread, so naturally I will eat it, taste some of the cookies they just made... and then I just wander through the kitchen, maybe a little salad, or pasta, or pizza, so I make myself a little pizza spicy. But I don't really sit down to eat in the restaurant, I pig out all day.

BUT we don't call it "pig out." We say we "taste" all day.

TorrenceTheTurtle19 karma

Hello Mr. Puck, I have always aspired to have the ability to cook extremely high quality dishes for myself and my friends. What separates average cooks from some of the highest level chefs and what makes their dishes of higher quality?

Wolfgang_Puck21 karma

Well, first of all, it starts with the ingredients, you know?

It's like if you want a nice jacket or suit - if you have a cashmere jacket, it looks better and you feel better. Same thing with food. If you go to the farmer's market or fish market, that's a good beginning.

And then I always tell people to keep it simple.

Don't make it too complicated. To me, it's always BUY THE BEST INGREDIENTS - that is where it starts, you know? If you use smoked salmon, buy the best smoked salmon. It's better to have smaller portions, but better quality. I always tell our people - it's quality not quantity.

nanyanwu17 karma

Hello, my name is Lloyd Turner. Any advice for people who want to learn how to cook?

Wolfgang_Puck30 karma


It depends on what they want to do, you know?

If you want to make cooking your profession, or if you want to become a good home cook, you know.

If you want to become a professional chef, I would suggest to start in a small restaurant, a good one, obviously, but not a big one.

And I think for a home cook, go to a local cooking school, almost every city has some cooking school, look on ze internet, and maybe soon we will have an online cooking school, I'm working on it, which will help everyone out for sure.

Colvanila15 karma

Mr. Puck!

First off, thank you for your time.

What would you say is one of the most underrated skills that every chef should learn?

Wolfgang_Puck32 karma

I think one of the most underrated skills this day is patience.

Everybody wants to be a chef overnight. Everybody wants to open a restaurant after spending 6 months in the kitchen. So before doing that, you have to learn your craft, and that takes time.

I don't know who said it, but they said it takes at least 10,000 hours to get good at something.

Practice makes better, yeah!

TorrenceTheTurtle15 karma

How do you go about making a new recipe? Where do you start?

Wolfgang_Puck22 karma

Well, you get inspiration from the markets. If you go to the fish market, and I see an Alaskan King Crab, I get the inspiration mainly from the ingredients first, and then traveling around the world, you see all different kinds of foods and preparations, so that's a good way too, you marry together whatever you feel like - a Thai flavor or Chinese flavor or Italian flavor. But you have to get inspired with the right ingredients.

AND sometimes it takes me a long time to do it right, you know? I make it, and I make it - the first time it's okay, and then after the third time I make it, I feel it's not so good. So sometimes it takes time to make it right. Right now, we just built an experimental kitchen, where we will have 3 chefs cooking there to make up new recipes.

tas60814 karma

I understand that food is a passion for many people.. Food helps people feel and get comfortable. What makes the ability to cook food make you comfortable?

Wolfgang_Puck19 karma

Makes ME comfortable?

To me, cooking is relaxing.

And when I cook, I don't think about anything else, except what I am doing. So if I had a bad day at work, I go home and I cook and I forget about it.

Mutt122313 karma

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

Wolfgang_Puck48 karma

Oh, I know, it's so easy! Coffee! I dream of coffee. Shiro made the movie I DREAM OF SUSHI and I dream of coffee. I even married a woman from Ethiopia because of it, the birthplace of coffee - just kidding, haha!

Kaitaan10 karma

Cut is my favourite restaurant ever (I go every time I'm in Vegas)!

How much value do you think there is in getting drink pairings with your food? I know that food can help make a drink much better, but do you think the reverse is usually true as well?

Wolfgang_Puck15 karma

FOR SURE. I think having a great glass of wine with certain foods, it will make the food and wine both better. It's like a marriage, you know? You marry 2 things together to make them really amazing. But you have to start with 2 great things.

Great wine will not make a smelly fish better. It will detract from the good wine.

watchout4mikem8 karma

What do you find hardest about selling products on live TV?

Wolfgang_Puck12 karma

You know, when I started it out, I really didn't like it and I really didn't know it. So you have to learn how to find the right balance of showing the people, empowering the people to be better cooks, and be able to afford the appliances or pots & pans or things like that. It is easy to make good pots & pans, and charge $1,000 for 4 pans. But you know, we want to give people quality and value. And that's why people come back. There are so many customers who say "We own your food processor, your blender, your walk, your griddle" - but MORE IMPORTANTLY, I use the stuff myself.

I remember a year ago, I came out with a pressure oven. And one of the first ones I gave to my son Cameron, who lives in Boston. And he made a good looking chicken. I didn't taste it, but he said everybody loved it. He sent me a picture, it looked good. And he's not a chef. So today, I really get a lot of compliments about our stuff, and most of it, we use it also at home, and some of the appliances, like the Grill Griddle, we use it in all of our restaurants and catering. And I make a panini sandwich for my son Oliver to take to school, always on the panini grill!

If I wouldn't use it myself, I would not go out and set it. If I would not feel comfortable using it, I would not sell it. And I don't endorse other people's products, we develop it ourselves. And for the pressure oven, it took us 2 and a half years to get the right amount of heat and pressure to develop the oven.

Wolfgang_Puck18 karma

And often, I get good suggestions from the people who call in! They tell me and say "You know, Wolfgang, it would be nice if you could put a cover on the Grill Griddle so it doesn't splatter" or "Make it deeper so I can cook more on it" so we develop based on people's suggestions. When I did my first panini grill, I liked it a lot, I though it heated well, but we heard from people that they wanted to remove the plates and put them in the dishwasher, so now we make them all like that.

taste_like_pennies6 karma

What are your kitchen tool essentials? If you could debunk the tools down to a minimal kitchen what would you recommend?

Wolfgang_Puck10 karma

Well, you know, obviously if you have a stove already, get a few good pans, invest in some good pots & pans. You don't need a lot, but buy good ones, they ensure better cooking. Same thing with knives. You don't need 20 knives, you just need a few, plus a peeler and a grater, so you have some quality ingredients, some quality tools. And then naturally, a few appliances - it helps if you have a good food processor or a good blender.

If you start on a low budget, that is a good thing to start out with. And a few spatulas, and a whisk. You don't have to buy everything at once.

carealicious5 karma

Hi chef!

I'm a big fan! I'm what I would call a "food geek" and you're one of the chefs that got me so interested in food.

On to my question, are you familiar with 'My Kitchen Rules' out of Australia? If so, do you think it's a concept that would work in the US?

Wolfgang_Puck6 karma

You know, I watch very little television in America, even less in Australia! So I think if it is entertaining, and people can learn a little something, I'm sure it would work here too.

SDson6193 karma

Mr Puck. Huge fan of your work, while in Las Vegas we enjoy eating at your establishments, particularly Bar & Grill at MGM!

We also enjoyed your recurring TV role on Las Vegas. How much fun did you have working on the show?

Wolfgang_Puck5 karma

Hehe! You know, I had a lot of fun watching these professionals like Jimmy Kahn doing their work so effortlessly! I thought they were doing rehearsals, and they would mumble a few lines, and then I would say MY lines, and they said "No, just come down and say it nicely like you would at home." I think doing television shows is actually boring, because you sit around all day to do a few lines! And I am always nervous I am going to forget the line when it comes time for me to speak.

Gl3g3 karma

The last time you cooked breakfast, what did you make?

Wolfgang_Puck7 karma

You know, my son Oliver goes to school early in the morning, and he lafs to cook eggs. Eggs with sausage, with cheese, with ham, an omelet. So we cook mostly eggs for breakfast, or porridge, you know, oatmeal. But my son Oliver likes eggs, so I like eggs. And he always helps me to cook them. I myself was never a big breakfast eater. For me, the most important thing is to have a good espresso in the morning. And maybe a croissant or pain au chocolat. Which might not be the most nutritious things to eat, but they taste good.

DebDecatur0072 karma

Hey Mr Puck. I love your soups. What is your all time favorite?

Wolfgang_Puck10 karma

My all-time favorite soup, you know... it's not what we have in the can, but what my mother used to make, it's called Liver Dumpling Soup. I know it sounds weird for the Americans, but in Austria, it's very famous. So we made dumplings out of finely chopped ground liver with marjoram, sautéed onions, bread, and with a little flour and egg, and then cooked them in the soup. Used to be my all-time favorite.

In fact, I think I will make them next week, after the Oscars.

Vinnieswan1 karma

For all the places you have traveled to, what is one place everyone should visit at least once?

Also, what is one thing everyone should do to enhance there cooking skills?

BTW huge fan of yours and loved your show as a kid

Wolfgang_Puck2 karma

You know, if it's for food, and you are a real foodie, I think San Sebastian in Spain is amazing- you have a great mixture of old-style cuisine and the most modern-style cuisine.

And learn technique. Technique is the most important thing for the skills. So if you don't know how to hold a knife properly... one skill I think is important is to know how to heat up a grill or a pan properly! Because i like the food seared properly, and then it will not stick, and you will have a better flavor.

Lazymuse0 karma

When you go out to eat, where do you go?

Wolfgang_Puck2 karma

Well, you know, I go out very little in LA, but I like to go to Matsuhisa, I like to go to Osteria Angelini, the chef is a good friend of mine, or Valentino, or Nobu. So generally I go where I have friends. But I always make last-minute reservations. And they are in our neighborhood, so I don't have to drive too far. Like in LA, we have very good restaurants downtown, but i don't want to have to drive downtown for dinner.

endsarcasm-12 karma

What's your favorite cheese?

Wolfgang_Puck2 karma

You know, it might not be my favorite to eat every day, but Parmesan is right on the top of the list! Because i like to eat it with a little olive oil, a little pepper on it - but more importantly, I need it on the pasta, I need it on the pizza, I like it in soups. But there are too many, really. So many really great ones, and each country has amazing cheese, including our country. When I started 30 years ago, there were very few fresh cheeses from America, except maybe goat cheese? And now we have many to choose from.

I still remember when we put goat cheese on a pizza and everyone was saying "Goat cheese on a pizza?!?!"

And now people expect that.