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At this point in your career you’ve probably been hit with every silly ‘area code’ joke known to man, but I have a question about the writing process for that song. How conscious were you to make sure as many metropolitan markets were represented in that song? Were there any smaller, special shout-out area codes you were certain to include, or conversely, any area codes you actively made sure to exclude? Are there any area codes you regret leaving out from the song?

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Mr. Hoff! What is Spongebob Squarepants like in real life? (asking for a friend!)

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What do you say to elite, stand-out kittens like Meow-shawn Lynch and Rob Gronk-Catski, who are trying to make the shift from the Feline Fur League, into Puppy Bowl contention? Do you support this type of domesticated pet, football play integration?

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Hello Chef! What is your comfort food? And also, what foods do you enjoy pigging out on, like cheat day unhealthy meals?

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A lot of the promos and commercials I've been seeing for the new series seem to be ignoring the fact that there was an original of this show many years ago. It's being promoted as the 'new sport of the future', or something to this affect— meanwhile the original premiered almost 15 years ago and was a hit that many people knew and loved. Why is this, and how does it make you feel that it is being promoted this way?