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I'm always curious how professional chefs do the munchies. What's your go-to when you get a late-night craving? Do you make it yourself? Thanks!

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Hungry for apples?

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What an answer, thanks for the reply! I did ask whether or not you make it yourself, but we can just forget about that...

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When I was a kid I remember thinking the way you held your guitar so low was the coolest thing and did all my fake guitaring the same way. I always wondered whether that was a style choice or if it was just the way you liked to play? At what point did you realize it had become “your thing”? Thanks!

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Awesome thanks for the reply! So, way less "because it looks cool" and way more "I play guitar however the hell I want". Time to tell my family of huge Aerosmith fans that I got an AMA response from /u/Joe-Perry (after I spend 10 minutes explaining to them what that means). Thanks again!