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Thank you both very much for doing this AMA.

My question has to do with the media as a whole: Politicians are prone to saying one thing when their party is in the hotseat, then saying the opposite when the other party is in nearly the same situation.

Why do the news media let them do this?

Jon Stewart made hay every night for 10 years pointing out the hypocrisy. That other media outlets and programs avoid doing this is part of what has eroded our faith in the news. The morning infotainment shows are some of the worst offenders.

What is an outlet(s) do you trust?

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I really hope this one gets answered.

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If you were given complete control of the Food Network, what kind of changes would you make?

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How does research go from being discovered at a publicly funded institution to being owned by a private corporation?

How much of artificial intelligence concerns companionship for humans (such as in Her)?

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I see you're coming to Washington State later this year.....