I was a Bail Bondsman and a Bounty Hunter in NYC for 8 years ask me anything.

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irregular10819 karma

What's the best way to evade you?

PeterUliano44 karma

Kill me.

lowndsy15 karma

How many people have you arrested?

What was your favourite arrest?

What was your worst arrest?

PeterUliano24 karma

I have arrested around 100 but I always went with a team and as a Bail Bondsman I have the power of attorney to send anyone to do the arrest for me with proper paperwork.

My favorite arrest would be when I had to go to SC and keep a guy handcuffed in the bathroom of a hotel for 2 days because my car broke down. I actually became Friends with that guy.

Worst arrest is anytime I have been shot at and thankfully not hit.

flarn20062 karma

My favorite arrest would be when I had to go to SC and keep a guy handcuffed in the bathroom of a hotel for 2 days because my car broke down. I actually became Friends with that guy.

How is that not illegal?

PeterUliano4 karma

Because its not I have every right to apprehend a defendant I bailed out by federal law

iDareU2gildme13 karma

No weapons...do you sweet talk them into giving up peacefully?

PeterUliano19 karma

I have weapons. In NYC no gun though. But its more the art of surprise and some tackling. We need no warrant unlike the cops so we can just kick in a door and get you.

MasterPhart16 karma

What are the legal implications of that? Why are you legally allowed to kick a door down and not the police? Isn't that still breaking and entering?

PeterUliano21 karma

No when we bail the out of jail they are handing over power of attorney over themselves to us. Cops need a warrant, we need power of attorney which is provided the minute we bail them out. They are essentially giving us ownership of them for the time until their court case is over. We can drug test if we wish, but an angle tracker etc.

Some Cops do not like us because of this and they can make your life hell which is why it is always recommended that you call the police first to see if they want to get the guy for you and meet you there which saves you time and trouble and money anyway.

You have as a Bail Bondsman every legal right to travel across state lines unlike cops and arrest with no warrant because you are not a law enforcement officer. With that said that does not mean that you will not be arrested and tried a few times but you will never be convicted unless you actually break the law.

Lookoutbehind5 karma

Let's say you go and bust down some dudes door and he shoots you not knowing who you are and states he felt in danger. This ever happen before? Not to you obviously.

PeterUliano8 karma

This has happened which is why we try to knock and let ourselves known or call the police first. If it is a felony charge he cant have a gun though.

cdonezo4 karma

If it's a felony charge he "shouldn't" have a gun. Plenty of felons have access to or continue to carry firearms even after incarceration

PeterUliano6 karma

I said he shouldent meaning it is against federal law and almost all state laws. Therefore there is no defense argument for possessing an illegal firearm.

flarn20061 karma

Why would you drug test them? How does it affect you if they're doing drugs?

PeterUliano0 karma

I didnt i said we can. Dom other companies do as a condition

dunscage2 karma

How many times have you kicked a door in? Do you work with a team when you do that? Do you wear body armor?

I just can't imagine doing that around here if you're not a SWAT team. Almost every household is armed and willing to shoot home invaders.

PeterUliano7 karma

I did have a team. We do not kick down doors often but we are allowed. Yes bullet proof vests are always worn.

lowndsy10 karma

Do you know Dog?

PeterUliano45 karma

No and he is very fake and his show does not represent the industry at all.

bangle1210 karma

what the biggest bounty you've ever got?

PeterUliano18 karma

I bailed someone out for $1 million dollars they gave $400k as collateral and skipped. I got a team together of 4 and we got him. I paid my Employees $50k each so 150k and my office and me got the rest. So 250k minus expenses

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Favorite Star Wars bounty hunter?

PeterUliano14 karma

I honestly have no idea and actually never seen the film.

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Who let this monster into reddit?!

PeterUliano11 karma

onto reddit?

FKRMunkiBoi12 karma

If anyone asks, just tell them that Jar Jar Binks is your favorite Star Wars character. That way they will know that you know what's up.

PeterUliano8 karma

From what I just read the most hated character in star wars?

RVCFever7 karma

aight so Mila Kunis and your mother are both drowning in a lake, you can only save one of them but whichever one you save you have to bang after, who do you save?

PeterUliano27 karma

"Your Mother"

RVCFever8 karma

well played sir, well played. grrr

PeterUliano6 karma

Lol Thanks for giving me a laugh.

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  1. Does the bail amount tend to be the same for similar crimes or does it vary a lot?
  2. Do you ever decide not to bail someone out who wants to hire you? What are your reasons for that?
  3. Do all bail bondsmen charge the same fees? If so are you essentially competing on service, fast bailouts, or what?

PeterUliano9 karma

Great Questions!

  1. Bail is supposed to be by law "According to likely hood to run" Judges do not follow this however and they base it on the crime and whatever the hell else they feel like.

  2. I have choose not to bail people out before because I thought they would run or I did not agree with what they did although they are innocent to proven guilty I do not bail out rapists.

  3. In NY yes for the most part we compete on Service,Speedyness and how well the Criminal community knows us. For instance I had 3 ex-drug dealers working in my office so they knew the hood lol

IbDotLoyingAwright-1 karma

How do you know which rapists not to bail out if they're innocent until proven guilty? I think you mean you judge them guilty.

PeterUliano7 karma

I dont get involved with rape cases

p4nic7 karma

Can you explain like I'm five how bail bonding works? How do you make money doing this? If you're putting up your own money to get someone out of jail, is it like a high interest loan or something?

PeterUliano10 karma

We make our money in a few ways.

1) You put up collateral about 40% of bail and we take about a 10 percent fee of the bail.

2) Our insurance pays the court a bond to get you out. If you skip all collateral is lost and now ours which sometimes people put up the deed to their houses.

Usually on a $10,000 Bail we make $860 unless you skip then we end up with $4000 from your collateral which we keep if we turn you in because if we do not turn you in we owe the court $10k

IbDotLoyingAwright2 karma

Whoa, I never knew it benefited the bail bondsmen for someone to run. As long as you can catch em.

PeterUliano3 karma

Yeah fucked up right

Stoooooooo6 karma

Are there any funny stories from your time on the job that you can relate?

PeterUliano14 karma

I have many stories and have been approached to write a book but decided against it at the time due to financial reasons. I once was locked in a closet at Rikers Island because the CO did not want me to get the guy out and I cursed him out. Long story short the Judge called and got me out and the CO was suspended.

mrmadagascar6 karma

Holy crap, why didn't the CO want the guy out?

PeterUliano13 karma

Because he felt that no one should have the power to get anyone out of jail and had a personal beef with the inmate. So when I told him he has to let him out he yelled at me and I inturn told him he was breaking a court order to move his fat ass then he locked me in a closet lol.

agentdarko4 karma

How fucked up is Rikers? I had the displeasure of spending a night there once- by the end, I was way more wary of the CO's than the prisoners.

PeterUliano5 karma

It is truly a corrupt place. The COs beat people especially in the minor section. The COs sell bootleg movies and all they are the real criminals

bearded_weirdo3 karma

Write an e-book, and self publish.

PeterUliano4 karma

I am too lazy lol.

bearded_weirdo6 karma

You're preaching to the choir. I'm sure some nice Redditor would gladly help you out. Not me, because I'm lazy too. lol

PeterUliano5 karma


The_Cr4ig4 karma

Thanks for taking the time with us. How does one get started in the business?

PeterUliano7 karma

Your very welcome. Most people know someone I started in it actually through an ex-girlfriends Mother who owned a surety company.

Its different state by state to get licensed. In NY its done by the NYS Dept. of Ins. and you need a bond on yourself and have to pass Multiple tests and Interviews with Criminal Investigators/Psychologists

Teezar224 karma

What was the most difficult apprehension you've ever had to make? Also, what do you enjoy most about your job?

PeterUliano10 karma

What I enjoy most is the money however there are usually long hours and weeks without a day off which is why I changed industries now. The most difficult is hard to say like I said I have been shot at, one time my face got sliced and this one time a guy zoomed through his garage door with his car to escape and almost hit a Friend of mine. Some people run to other countries like the Dominican Republic and they will not extradite to the U.S. so we end up loosing money.

The_Cr4ig4 karma

What are the biggest mistakes people make that don't want to be located?

PeterUliano12 karma

The biggest mistakes are they always seem to be at a known Girlfriends house or Relative.

SooInappropriate3 karma

grabs pen and paper

Go on...

PeterUliano10 karma

Do not hide at your girlfriends house.

flarat3 karma

What's the limits on lethal and non lethal weapons you can use? Is it a state by state issue?

PeterUliano7 karma

For the most part no. Only Firearms laws vary by state but it says in federal law that :

Bail Enforcement Agent who, when legally employed, may cross state lines, carry unusual weapons, and use reasonable force in the apprehension of fugitives in interstate flight. He operates under the authority of the Supreme Court.

MobiusCore3 karma

Have you ever left the state of NY to catch a perp? If so, what are these states/countries you went to catch this said perp?

PeterUliano5 karma

I have arrested SC, NC,NH,CA,TX,HA,NY,CT,MA and even Canada and Mexico. There are more but I can not think off the top of my head.

MobiusCore2 karma

that is great! thanks for your time answering our questions.

PeterUliano3 karma

You are very welcome.

214b2 karma

Neither Canada nor Mexico recognize bail bondsmen, let alone ones from the USA. If you arrested people in those countries you were very much breaking the law.

PeterUliano9 karma

Untrue Canada police worked with us 2 times and Mexico you are right but its doable.

214b1 karma

How does it work if police work with you? Won't police return the guy back to the court themselves, meaning you don't get the bail bond back?

PeterUliano3 karma

If we call them and prove to the court we located and called them then we still get our money. The police will sometimes go with us to the court or just arrest then hand said person over to us outside.

PeterUliano2 karma

edit: It is really the DA who we have to prove to.

pixeltasim3 karma

How often do people come quietly as opposed to resisting or attempting to escape?

PeterUliano4 karma

I would say about 60% come quietly and also only about 30% skip. So out of 100 people I bail out, 30 will run and about 20 turn themselves in quietly to us.

smerdykov6 karma

I don't think that math adds up, friend.

PeterUliano5 karma

Sorry I responded to wrong question. 60% of the people that skip turn themselves in quietly while only about 30% of people skip.

PeterUliano3 karma

If we turn them in we owe the court nothing. If I did math wrong I am rushing sorry. Also I said about 10 percent it is based on a sliding scale in NY.

carpy223 karma

Can you walk us through an average day on the job?

PeterUliano11 karma

An Average day is not what you would expect. It involves going to an office, putting together files then sitting in court (NY does not apply in NJ) until your case is called and swearing under oath and getting a paper from Judge then taking that paper to the jail to get the inmate out. You do about 7-10 of these a day and it is time consuming and boring most of the time. But you get to know lawyers and judges and clerks and can often be enjoyable talking to everyone.

carpy221 karma

Thanks for the reply!

PeterUliano5 karma

Of course that is why I am here.

cahaseler3 karma

So I don't know much about this. They basically give you warrants that the police are unable to serve and you kick down their doors and grab them? Or are the police working with you?

PeterUliano7 karma

No basically we bail you out of jail with sufficient collateral and then we have Power of Attorney over you and we guarantee the court your appearance. If you skip or run away we have the option to track you down and turn you in.

bearded_weirdo1 karma

How do you get the bail money back?

PeterUliano3 karma

Show up to all court dates until case is over and you get the bail back minus the fee.

GinkoWeed1 karma

Wait, then how do you make money?

PeterUliano6 karma

ok lets say your bail is 10k.

Your Family comes in and gives us 40% Collateral (4k) plus an $850 fee.

We made $850 but then if you skip or run away we owe the court you the perp. or the full 10k.

So we go and get you and turn you in and you loose the the collateral you put up and since we turned you in we do not owe the court anything. So in total for that case we made $4850.00

If you didnt skip at all we made about $850 plus a few other fees so more likely around 1k.

Each Bail bond office does about 10-20 Bails a day.

bearded_weirdo1 karma

Ah, nice. Court blows (used to go with my dad occasionally, he was a Chicago cop), but $ is $.

PeterUliano1 karma

True indeed.

patpat22113 karma

How much work goes into finding the perp. You have been assigned?

PeterUliano7 karma

Finding the perp. is way harder than it looks it often involves sitting outside a relatives or a girlfriends house for hours and sometimes days. It also involves Skip Tracing which is a way of trying to find your whereabouts.

abrowndog2 karma

What is Skip Tracing?

PeterUliano14 karma


Usually involves calling everyone perp. knows and pretending to be someone else to find out where they are. Usually pretending to be welfare office saying there is a problem with their check gets them located right away.

BunzoBear0 karma

So you break the law but posing as a employee of welfare?

PeterUliano2 karma

No its allowed to call someone and say whatever u want if you are not a bill collector

Warzonekilla3 karma

This is awesome. New York huh?

I'm very interested. How would one get into this gig? You mentioned in an earlier comment you make a huge amount of money on one grab. How much would you say the average bail bondsman makes?

Where would you learn the skills necessary to do this job?

PeterUliano2 karma

You need to contact a Bail Bond agency and learn the trade in order to pass the required tests.

Beer4me2 karma

There are so many bail bondsmen around jails I often wonder how they all stay in business. Do each of them compete for business? Meaning, do they offer cheaper bail to get business etc? I know bail is set by the courts, what I mean is the percentage you ask them to pay. You say you ask for 40%, well the guy down the street will do it for 30%. Does that stuff happen or is the reason there are so many is due to certain bail bondsmen have to many cases and just can't handle the load?

PeterUliano2 karma

Theres actually plenty business to go around. You stand out by how well the community knows you, how well you know the community etc

avengemydeathh2 karma

What was the scariest thing you've experienced?

PeterUliano11 karma

Scariest experience was when I had to go collect money in a project building and I was assaulted by 3 guys.

klaproth2 karma

Jeez. What was the outcome? Were you alone?

PeterUliano5 karma

Yes alone. I got stitches and they were later caught by police.

bson6122 karma

What makes Dog so fake?

PeterUliano4 karma

They do not show the constant waiting to catch someone for days. He is not well respected in the industry and he does not give a shit about the people he is bailing out. He also does not work or do anything except for staged events you see on TV.

cahaseler2 karma

Hi, can you prove that you're really Peter Uliano?

PeterUliano3 karma

Sure what would you like to see? I moved to NH but I have my ID

cahaseler1 karma

If you send a message to the mods with your ID, we can verify you confidentially. Link is in the sidebar.

PeterUliano3 karma

Done. I just did it.

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PeterUliano6 karma


Chkouttheview-2 karma

I'm more curious about why u would move to NH.... You must be on a downhill slide

PeterUliano7 karma

No I hate NY and I do not want my kids living there. NH no sales tax, great gun laws, No state income tax and the best motto out of any state " Live free or die" I am actually doing very well up here.

TolaSweet1 karma

I lived in NH for quite a long time; Can confirm. Though with the gun/seatbealt/do-whatever laws, I like to think of it as "Live free and die" which is perhaps equally badass.

PeterUliano3 karma

At least we get to live free. Death is a certainty no matter where you are.

skiphost2 karma


PeterUliano9 karma

I am sure it has indirectly. Some Women told me it was hot that I am a Bail Bondsman.


Did you ever feel like batman?

PeterUliano2 karma

lol No I can not say I ever felt like batman.

poken00b8861 karma

How big are you? I've always imagined Bounty Hunters have to be physically intimidating

PeterUliano1 karma

I am actually quite small and was in very good shape but I am an excellent fighter, black belt etc.

Mujlet1 karma

Bailing people out often especially several cases a day must take a lot of money. Does the percentage of cash you front come from your personal accounts or from a general "business" account?

PeterUliano3 karma

We get bonds from our insurance company which we pay premiums to. So its nothing from any personal assets except normal operating expenses.

DongleNocker1 karma

Did you ever feel bad helping bail out someone who later committed another crime while out on bail that you track down and return to prison?

PeterUliano6 karma

No its all about the money for me.

115901 karma

did you ever impersonate special agent mosely?

PeterUliano2 karma


Wombat_Is_Grand1 karma

Did you ever wear a disguise to catch somebody?

PeterUliano1 karma

No lol most defendants do not know who is coming to get them or for some reason think no one is coming to get them.

Stevefoundthis1 karma

What steps do you take to building rapport with potential informants who know the whereabouts of someone your company has bailed out? How do you know once you've reached a dead end? Have you ever given up on finding someone? What's your most fun threat you've had to use to complete a job?

PeterUliano0 karma

Answer coming tonight at work

kenb0t1 karma

What information does a perp have to provide in order for you to issue the bond?

PeterUliano2 karma

In short everything. We need a guarantor, Collateral, Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Social Security number, With my Office they need to sign in once a week otherwise we surrender them, Signatures, Paperwork etc.

HarleyDavidsonFXR21 karma

Have you ever bailed-out somebody who later skipped because they were innocent, and you knew they were innocent, but you apprehended them anyway because of the money?

PeterUliano3 karma

Its not my job to determine who is innocent or guilty or make a judgement to either. However if someone is innocent its not worth skipping because then you are guilty of something when you could have been proven innocent of what you did.

PeterUliano1 karma

Bail is for when the trial is open.

HarleyDavidsonFXR21 karma

I was thinking more in terms of somebody you maybe knew, or something like that. A situation where you just happened to know the person was innocent. I know that an innocent person could be tempted to skip if they felt they were getting railroaded.

PeterUliano1 karma

I would not bail out a friend because to me that would be a conflict of interest and I would refer it to someone I knew.

mantitus1 karma

Have ever hard of a bondsman who accepted payment from a fugitive in return for letting the fugitive go free?

PeterUliano1 karma

no but I am sure it happens.

loluwot1 karma


PeterUliano1 karma

I personally never did it but its funny a lot of them did that I knew. Its actually illegal to solicit in court but everyone does it. My office was in the bronx on 161st in fact we used to call them the "Ambulance chasers of bail bonds"

theloneabalone1 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA! A few questions, if you're still taking them:

1.) What are some ways one can learn the trade (specifically in New York)? From the light research I've done online, some places claim that you must have experience as a LEO, or something similarly related. Are there apprenticeships for this sort of gig?

2.) Are bail bondsmen mostly men? Is there a stigma against women looking to join the field?

3.) What sort of job is this like physically? I imagine it's roughly 70% researching/waiting, 30% action, but that action bit must be quite rough!

4.) What do you answer when people ask you what you do for a living?

PeterUliano0 karma

I will answer this later tonight sorry ... Working

ec68631 karma

Hey there! I know i am extremely late to the party but I wanted to ask you something, another redditor posted the following issue he had : http://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/comments/2r26dp/tn_help_police_allowed_bail_bondsman_to_search_my/ It appears that a bondsman entered his house because the ex wife had the address on her ID and thats the address she gave. in your opinion, and I know it may be bias, did the Bondsman really had a right to get in and search? It presses a lot of potential issues in my opinion, because this means someone can have an old address in their ID and someone else could be living there.. then what?!

PeterUliano1 karma

They shouldent enter unless they know they live there and they notify police first imo

funnymanstan1 karma

I used to work for a pre-trial nonprofit and part of our job was to arrange for guys to be bailed out. The question I got most often was about bail bond percentages. Are there any bail bondsmen that offer 10% collateral anymore?

PeterUliano2 karma

It differs by state. In NJ that is all that is required to bail someone out. It also differs by each Bail Bond place themselves slightly. The fees however are set by NY State. I only operated out of NY and in CT so that is all the laws I know with the exception of Miami because my Partner had an office there.

The laws are different everywhere and well regulated. I now live in NH and want to start again but they will not except my NY license so I have to go through a whole process again and learn new laws.

mantitus1 karma

Just joining the thread. Hope you're still checking this, Peter. What are the five craziest apprehension stories you can recall? What about crazy stories that didn't involve apprehension?

PeterUliano1 karma

pm me question and I will answer when I can

flarn20061 karma

Just because John read the receipt wrong to you, you're gonna...you're gonna act thish way? Ish thish your way of getting out of your responsibilitiesh? Ish thish the way you act?

PeterUliano3 karma


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PeterUliano1 karma

Mod verified me through ID read through posts.