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tl;dr he states that they never got any information submitted to them about anyone other then the DNC. Is that true? Who knows, but that's their story and they're sticking to it.

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Way to avoid the question all together. Best places to buy are local farms and local slaughterhouses that get their business from farms thar carry less than 1000 head of cattle.

Edit: for all the people bitching about how farming is naturally cruel to animals, let me get a moment and I'll link a movie about farmers which will show you what 98% of farmers and farms are like. Not like the horror stories OP only likes to report.

Edit 2: http://www.farmlandfilm.com, still trying to find full movie but it is 1:40 long, and is put on by farmers so you may believe it to be biased but it's how most farmers are.

Edit 3: http://certifiedhumane.org/whos-certified/

This site shows you certified humane large farms. I still say support small farms and do your own research. For instance, In Wisconsin I know a guy who raises and sells pork. You can actually purchase the pig from him for and price, he'll raise it, show you pictures, give you a tour of the farm and the pig you bought, then DELIVER the meat to your house. There are business models like this throughout the US. It's great. You can literally track that bacon you're eating back to where and what day the animal was born with some places.

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IDK. I don't know what to believe. But just because they state they are good intentioned, and have proven to be honest in the past doesn't mean I'm going to believe every word out of their mouth.

But I don't take anyone source that as 100% fact. But until they actually come out with something against the GOP, I (and most people) will be cautious about believing that side of the story. [edit] And even after they did, I'm not going to just believe everything that they say. That's foolish.

Don't trust anyone without obvious proof. Just like I wouldn't read a CNN article without cross checking with other sites, or reports.

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So, why did no one hold a marathon Monday launch party? You know... rent out a theatre, sell tickets for $100 bucks and all the beer and food you can eat that lasts all day?

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Former US Bank employee checking in... YUP.