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Or Charlie Day

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In 2013, my college's "IT Help Desk Info" newsletter sent out the following email:

Subject: Fox on the lose

This is a wanring email alerting you of a crazed red-fox who is running about with a bottle of Bad-Dragon Cumlube and throwing large dragon dildos at fellow students. If you see this crazed fox please alert a member of the security staff. thanks

Do you know anything about this?

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Basically someone was able to send it out by spoofing their email address to impersonate someone who was authorized to post to that mailing list.

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Why do games published by EA often seem to intentionally be designed to make it hard for users to create mods? They can add tons of replay value to a game, and make more people want to buy the game. Mirror's Edge, for instance, had the console deliberately removed, despite it being a standard feature of the Unreal Engine, and several commands were disabled to prevent them from being manually bound to keys in the config files. What's your personal opinion on the matter?

Also, why haven't EA Sports' main games (Madden, etc.) been released on PC in a long time? Is there any chance they'll come back to PC?

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My favorite arrest would be when I had to go to SC and keep a guy handcuffed in the bathroom of a hotel for 2 days because my car broke down. I actually became Friends with that guy.

How is that not illegal?