Hey Reddit, my name is Eliana Ujueta.

The “Bermuda Triangle” of protest seems to be in the East Village – Tompkins Square Park. Every protest imaginable was at one time held there.

To tell you a quick and interesting story; When I was a cop in the East Village, a big-time drug dealer controlled E.7th Street from Avenue B-C. He had lookouts on the rooftops – which halted drug sales until police drove pass the block.

I’ve come to Reddit today to do two things, the first would be to try and promote my film and story, while the second would be to inform you that your voice in your community DOES matter. Having a voice makes a difference. Growing up in Bushwick Brooklyn no one ever seemed to get involved in police community meetings so it seemed as though they didn't matter. When I was a cop in the east village, I notice all these "New" New Yorkers would get answers, because of speaking up to authority. I noticed that it makes a difference to have a voice.

After retiring from the force, I was able to create my film ‘Beneath the Rock’ which is available here http://difion.com/details.php?v=28. In "Beneath the Rock" I use tragedy as the means to awaken a community to fight back and get answers.

Proof: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beneath-the-Rock/143000952408763

Leo Mercado will be assisting me with questions as this is my first time using Reddit.

Thank you!

Edit: Thank you so much for all of the questions! I'm taking a break, but I will be back at 7pm EST.

Edit 2: Thank you for the questions everyone! I'm now calling it a night

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CoolGuyUncleDan320 karma

Are you law enforcement? (my cousin told me you HAD to answer this truthfully, if you were, in fact, a cop.)

ElianaU239 karma

Yes -- NYPD in the East Village.

verifiedbyme71 karma

Well, was his cousin right, do you have to? Or are you just being nice?

Ansung108 karma

I'm guessing the latter.

If police officers HAD to answer truthfully, it would invalidate most, if not all, of undercover assignments.

There's an intro scene in Breaking Bad which nicely proves illustrates my point.

EDIT 1: I returned and my inbox blew up. Not gonna reply to comments, will just edit it here.

I am neither a lawyer, nor an American. Knowing those laws is not practical for me. I did do a google search, but not a deep one.

Link 1 confirms what I said, as does Link 2.

Link 3, even though it's from Wikipedia (which I generally don't consider to be a trustworthy source of information), further confirms what I originally said - provided I understood it properly at 2 am. If they give you a rope and you decide to use said rope to hang yourself, well, you kinda deserve it. Okay, probably a bad analogy, but still works. False belief (lack of knowledge) is what got you.

Now let me say that I didn't read those links when I wrote the original comment. I used Ansung's Logic (tm). Do you really think a such petty thing should get in the way of a bust? That rule/law/myth would work if everyone was bound by it. Better yet, if everyone was completely unable to lie. note 1 Moving on... It is not against the law to lie - unless in certain circumstances. And even if all lies were illegal (even white lies and answers to the eternal question - "does my butt look big in these jeans?"), which of these is worse: lying and catching the drug-lord of eastern Europe OR telling the truth and him/her getting away?

I have no idea what else to say. Anyone want to correct my logic/arguments?


(note 1) That would make justice system really simple and efficient:
"Did you steal that necklace from X?"
Next step in efficiency would be to introduce a Sharia-like set of punishments for breaking the law - you murder someone, you get 20 years. Petty theft, six months. And so on. No trials or anything, only hearings. Applying justice would be only limited by the speed of catching perpetrators. And, of course, the speed of creating new perpetrators.

ElianaU43 karma

I've never seen the show -- sorry.

LeoMercado238 karma

Hey Eliana, this is Leo and I'll be testing your ability to use Reddit. Can you respond to this question?

ElianaU241 karma


PortlandoCalrissian88 karma

Ooo! Now test me!

apm58834 karma

I'm sorry, but you've failed the test. Please come back in six months and try again.

ElianaU49 karma


Christopper227 karma

Have you seen RENT? Does much of its atmosphere ring true to your experience in the area at the time?

ElianaU144 karma

I have not seen rent, but I heard it's very true.

EltonJuan394 karma

"I have... seen rent... [it is] very true." - Eliana Ujuetas

LusoBlue240 karma

Do you work for FOX?

inospeakamericano99 karma


ElianaU63 karma

No .. U r funny!

inospeakamericano56 karma


ElianaU54 karma

:D I'm loving it and thank U!!!

smogeblot184 karma

Were you around for the riot in Tompkins Sq in 1993 when the police tried to enforce a curfew? Can you tell us about that whole situation? I remember an older gentleman peddling VHS tapes of the event in the area about 10 years ago but I never watched them. How do you feel about the success of the curfew now?

ElianaU213 karma

Yes, I was. I have mixed feelings about it. At the time I realized I was doing a job, but I felt very uneasy about the curfew.

ElianaU166 karma

Yes, the park had many homeless -- privileged youth living in the park. Growing up in Bushwick I really didn't feel they were doing anything wrong.

ElianaU199 karma

But I was a pawn -- and that's the truth. At times we had discretion, but when a Sgt.(or a higher rank) would make you arrest someone you had to do your job -- or be brought up in charges.

Gumstead140 karma

What do you feel about the profession is most misunderstood by the general public?

ElianaU267 karma

That most cops are really good hearted people who came on the job to really help.

Roboticsammy289 karma

Except for undercover cops in highschool, making teens fall in love with them, persuade them to get drugs, and then jail 'em, saying they deserve it.

Edit: I'm looking for the link right now, hopefully they didnt remove it. Im looking through my subscribed Subs but cant find it.

Edit 2: Thanks for all the upvotes, guys. It was my pleasure, and i'm glad you guys found the links for me. I couldn't. And I believe the musical is called... 21'st Chump Street?

ElianaU156 karma

Yes, that does sound pretty bad!

React420100 karma

That exact thing happened to a friend of mine. My friend didn't even smoke, she had never sought drugs before this cop pressured her. After half a semester of badgering she goes to one of the known pot heads at school, gets a gram, gives it to the pig and promptly gets arrested.

arbivark51 karma

When i was a teenager, i got to know a guy who later turned out to be an undercover cop. He had a red sports car they'd confiscated from somebody. He'd drive a stretch of road between campus and the state line, challenging people to drag race, and then give them speeding tickets. He'd come over with a sixpack and talk big. At some point he asked me to go buy him drugs. It was a campus in the 70s, it wasn't that hard to find drugs. i got him some. i found out who he was before he stopped coming over, so it was an ethical dilemma of what i should do, but i did nothing. got arrested, got probation. later this was a factor in why the state i went to law school in did not admit me to the bar, so now i live somewhere else.

ElianaU27 karma

That sounds really bad. Some bad things happened to my family as well and made me qt if I wanted to stay on the force. Once those bills start coming in it's hard to quit any job.

ElianaU133 karma

Hello All Yes I can respond.

amazingmaximo130 karma

If I met you while you were on duty, what's the smallest, most innocuous thing I could do to get tased?

ElianaU142 karma

I never carried one on me. ESU had to be called.

ElianaU122 karma

I was around many emotionally disturbed people, but it's a matter how you talk to someone.

ElianaU143 karma

I had a guy once walking toward me who looked like a white "Shreck."

ElianaU109 karma

From a few blocks away I could tell this guy was big and only getting bigger as he got close to me.

ElianaU171 karma

I knew this man had issues. He approached me and asked where was the Manhattan Bridge. I gave him directions and he said that he was going to walk there and jump off. So I repeated the directions for him. He said, "You don't believe me?" At that point I was standing on Avenue A between East 7 and St. Mark's Place right next to Odessa's restaurant. He turned and pointed to the traffic. He said, "When that light turns green and the other turns green I'm going to run in the middle of traffic." I told him to please don't do that.

killthebadger51 karma

Then what happened?

ElianaU145 karma

He remained calm when I spoke to him. He didn't like my boss. I handcuffed with two cuffs interlinked -- that's how big he was. He went to the hospital -- Bellevue

PadaV46 karma

is there gonna be an ending O_o

ElianaU26 karma

Yes, it's above sorry I was responding to other qts.

nicholman-10 karma

Is this supposed to be amusing?

EDIT: not only is this a dereliction of duty, but disappointingly lacking in compassion - aren't you supposed to help people?

ElianaU5 karma

Yes, the man was calm. Until my boss came over.

holographene117 karma

Have you been doing any drinking tonight, Ms. Ujuetas?

ElianaU156 karma

Hahaha I don't drink, but I did when I was on the force.

alcazanshead103 karma

That seems counterintuitive

male_here178 karma

"Lol no, I only drink on the job"

ElianaU127 karma

I never drank on the job -- only off :)

marsyred95 karma

Hi Eliana - My father was a fireman (started a little before your time in the 80's) on 33 Engine on Great Jones St. He's shared with me some stories about cop-fireman dynamics and about the struggles of female cops. I'm curious if you have some perspective on these things:

Were your fellow police officers supportive of you or did you often feel alienated as a woman in the force? Did you patrol on foot? If so, what was that like (specifically since shooting cops in the neighborhood at that time was a common thing)?

My dad has also told me about arsons in tenements drug dens where the firefighters would be shot at as they responded. He says it kind of bitterly that the cops weren't supporting the firefighters in times like this, and firefighters have no training or protective gear for those types of situations. Did you experience things like that?

Thanks! I shared your movie with my pops :)

ElianaU93 karma

Wow, those guys were so cool. I never had any family members on the job (police force). So one very cold (freezing temps) night when I was a rookie -- I was walking a post on the Bowery. The Lieutenant (a great man) kept on circling passing me and he already scratched (signed) my log book. So I was worried he was watching me.

ElianaU82 karma

Finally after about an hour he pulled over and asked "How's your hands?" I was like -- cold. He said, "Um could you feel anything?" I said "Not really." He said " how are you going to cuff someone if you can't feel your hands?"

ElianaU81 karma

I said, "Ummmm call for back up?" The Liet. laughed and said… "I never said this but the guys in that firehouse (pointed to Great Jones) are pretty cool. They'll probably let you warm up there."

ElianaU139 karma

So I waited for his car to leave. I went into your dad's firehouse and they let me sit on the couch and warm up. I took my 20min break in there and I remember them being really great guys. Please thank your pops for me!!!

marsyred46 karma

Will do! Thanks for sharing.

Edit: I just checked in with him about this, and he said that they had "coping cops in the cellar all the time." But I had his dates wrong, he was at that firehouse in the 70's - late 80's then moved onto Ladder15. So you didn't meet my dad! But thanks for that nice sentiment all the same.

ElianaU37 karma

Hahaha thanks for helping to remember that day on the Bowery :)

irondragon19805 karma

I have had many interactions with firemen/women from jobs in the past. I have never met one that I disliked. They are all good people from my experience

ElianaU4 karma


Cat_Island11 karma

Oh man I know the firehouse on Great Jones, that place is beautiful! One of the prettiest firehouses in Manhattan.

ElianaU2 karma


redfox271 karma

Can you describe your worst day as a cop in that area?

ElianaU105 karma

There were many, but I guess it's when a friend had gotten shot and almost died.

ElianaU93 karma

He was paralyzed from the waist down, but I thank God he’s alive and doing very well now!

Tofastforthis36 karma

What is the most interesting thing that happened as a police officer?

ElianaU41 karma

Many way too many to point any one thing out. But for the most part people are really good hearted out there.


What sort of crimes were you guys investigating when it went down?

ElianaU38 karma

We had to back off and let the cop and the FBI continue the investigation. They were logging in evidence to convict the drug dealer.


It blows my mind when someone is that powerful to control multiple blocks with an open air drug market and get away with it for so long.

What are your thoughts on the drug war in general?

ElianaU280 karma

Drugs should be legalized. The government could make money off of taxing it and there would be a large decrease in overdoses.

ElianaU107 karma

I think its very ignorant of our leaders to declare war. We are at a time in our history that we should be looking back and saying "boy they killed so many people back then -- man were they ignorant." The reality is that they are money hungry and believe we are the ignorant ones who believe their lies -- that we have no choice but to go to war. Americans are much smarter than that -- because the truth always surfaces -- "weapons of mass destruction" -- yeah right!

plaidchuck52 karma

You ever meet the band members from Choking Victim or C-Squat?

ElianaU22 karma

No sorry. I might have, but I didn't know them. Lots of clubs bars in the East village

plaidchuck21 karma

nah it wasn't a bar. It was basically an abandoned property that street kids fixed up and turned into a co op/non profit living place.

The people there are self proclaimed anarchists with a distaste for the police to say the least.

ElianaU28 karma

Oh yeah, I must have known them. If they didn't like cops they would spit on the floor as they passed. I didn't personalize it.

Satanah49 karma

Being a female cop, have you had to face a lot of sexism? Have things gotten better as time goes on, or would you say it's still a problem?

Rando-namo51 karma

My mother was a nyc cop for 25 years. 73 to 98. One of the first females on patrol. Yes, she had to deal with sexism.

She was once asked at roll call by the sergeant (or whoever leads roll call, maybe lieutenant) who she thought she was that she didn't have to wear her wedding ring, she stood up and told him he was lucky she married him (my father) at all.

My mom doesn't fuck around, doesn't take shit from anyone, then or now.

ElianaU18 karma

Sounds like a fab mom!!! Great story and thanks :)

throwaway48941649 karma

What advice would you give to some one considering going into law enforcement in a place where the police are generally not liked and occasionally targeted and attacked by certain elements within the community?

Just for clarification I live in Northern Ireland and the police are not well liked here. Hence the throw away account.

ElianaU65 karma

I say you really need to ask yourself why you are joining the force. Wanting a better community -- I feel should be a top priority.

AmblinFan2643 karma

In the midst of all the recent animosity between police and New Yorkers, do you think that most New Yorkers can still trust in the NYPD?

ElianaU53 karma

Yes, and they should. Again, when a cop approaches you respond to all the commands and qts. That's not the time to qt. anything. Ask for their name and badge number once its over. Then make a phone call or write a letter. That's when you should take action -- after the confrontation.

BeefAndBroccoli74 karma

Sorry to piggyback onto this. Yes one should always follow commands, but questions do not have to be answered and one not need to consent to a search. Never feel afraid to respectfully decline a search and assert your rights.

ElianaU24 karma

Yes, if a cop asks to search you and you say no -- it should be a no. Cops have to have a reason to search anyone.

tomcmustang48 karma

The problem is that it is not like the people only distrust the police on the street. The people are currently at a state of distrust with the police as an institution.

It is not like the general population trusts the justice system on a whole and trusts internal affairs to follow up. In addition, recent actions have shown that this opinion is not totally invalid.

ElianaU11 karma

Yes I do believe that there is a very deep rooted problem in our judicial system -- for sure!

Wiseau_serious42 karma

What's your favorite kind of bagel? Personally I like an everything bagel with cream cheese AND a fried egg. I know it's weird but that's just me.

ElianaU53 karma


ElianaU46 karma

At times with cream cheese, or butter depending on what I'm doing to the day.

youbeesix29 karma

Have you encountered any corrupt cops in the department?

Also, thank you for coming here to do an AMA.

ElianaU32 karma

Thank U!!! I can't say I saw anything, but cops I knew did get arrested. All of a sudden I was home watching the news and saw a cop I knew on the news getting arrested. It's really sad :( to see that.

showyerbewbs27 karma

Do any current officers / detectives have any thoughts on what Frank Serpico did? Is he still a pariah in LEO circles in NY?

ElianaU48 karma

He's mostly forgotten. All the cops from that era are no longer on the job. There are either fishing in Florida or...

mike49558 karma

sleeping with them.

ElianaU25 karma

Another Godfather fan!!!

longlivenobody27 karma

How did the cops arrest the rooftop lookout? He would be the first one to spot you.

ElianaU38 karma

It took a long time, but because of this one cop at the ninth precinct and the FBI they finally got enough evidence to arrest him.

Tonythomasson26 karma

What story still makes you laugh or shake your head like did that really happen?

ElianaU45 karma

Many, but when you get called out that you are a white rich woman from the suburbs -- that would piss me off. Because I did my best not to personalize and of the protesters.

Jack_Hat73 karma

Are you a single rich white woman looking to date a mediocre 20 something black guy and pay his way through art school? I'm asking for a friend.

ElianaU162 karma

No, I'm a light skinned lesbian Latina with a 13 year old son. So no I'm not interested -- but thanks.

kotooni26 karma

Were you a first responder for the World Trade Center bombing in 1993?

ElianaU45 karma

No I was off and then I got mobilized. Which means announcements are made in the media and all NYC emergency personal must come to work. I had many friends there and heard many tragic stories even for 911.

Solleret24 karma

How do you feel about current division between the mayor and the police force? Is de Blasio of helping foster an anti-police atmosphere by supporting demonstrations following the chokehold death of Eric Garner, or are these cops turning their back on the mayor and and making political statements out of line?

As a native New Yorker who's involved in community activism and as an ex officer, perhaps you have some insight. I'm not really sure how I feel about any of this; it's probably a more complex situation than many think, and I would appreciate any of your thoughts. Thanks.

ElianaU61 karma

It sadden me to see cops turn their backs on De Blasio. This is America and we all (thankfully) have the right to speak our mind. He has every right to side with whoever he wants. At the same time I did not like the callousness of the PBA's president. He should have never turned his back. Many officers did not follow his idiotic lead.

thomasGK22 karma

Thank you for your service. My question is this: Have you ever been to the Nuyorican Poet Cafe? I love that place!

ElianaU36 karma

Yes, My friend performs there -- David S. He's a great poet!!!

SauteedGoogootz19 karma

Hi Eliana,

I'm a historic preservation student at Partt. Last semester we did a semester long research project on Bushwick, and I think I covered a lot of what your film covers in my research. Do you have any information about "The Well," the drug district in Bushwick that existed in the 1980s and early 90s? Do you cove it at all in the film? Do you have any examples of the community engaging or fighting the dealers? I know that Maria Hernandez was active in combating the drug epidemic. Unfortunatley she paid for it with her life. Thanks for doing this!

ElianaU18 karma

When I lived in Bushwich, the park was called Knickerbocker Park. At the time I became a cop they placed a temp police headquarters vehicle inside that park because it was so drug driven. I went to PS 123 on the opposite side of that park. I promised my mother I would never walk through it alone. I remember only walking through a couple of times with my brothers. It was a short cut to the school. There were a lot of gangs back then in Bushwick. My brother made the "colors" meaning the design in the back of the jackets for the Devil Rebels. I wish I could be more help. My film is fictional and I use some things from the east village and a rumor growing up on Dekalb Ave between Wilson and Knickerbocker. thanks for the qt

xSHAMxBurgerx18 karma

Who is one person you encountered while you were on the job that you will never forget?

ElianaU45 karma

Well I didn't know him at the time. But Chris North from Law & Order use to hang out at the percent. I worked 4X12 so I never saw the show. He would hang around to observe the mannerisms of the cops and detectives. I always thought he was a detective (flying in) from another command.

blueharpy15 karma

What was the communication method used by the rooftop drug guy?

How did it travel roof > street dealer? Did the street dealers have a signal that it was ok/not ok to approach?

ElianaU35 karma

Radios. They had point to point radios and when we would drive by the block they would "key in" on our radio band to prevent us from talking. This was dangerous for us. He was telling us if we didn't get off his area we couldn't get back up.

Jasonjjr115 karma

What happened to the bigtime drug dealer?

ElianaU26 karma

We stayed off the block as per the FBI. A great cop at the 9th percent worked with the FBI and got him locked up.

przyjaciel15 karma

When you were a cop in the East Village, were you or any cops you worked with living in the area?

ElianaU21 karma

No, but I started to see someone seriously and she moved in the area. It was a bit problematic. There's a funny story about that.

nosecohn13 karma

What's the funny story? Were you out to your coworkers?

ElianaU28 karma

In my last few years yes I was. I didn't believe at one point it was important, but once I fell in love I discovered that it was. At that time my girlfriend lived next to a Bodega (deli). Some of the old timers would hang in front of the Bodega play dominos and drink beer. One day I come out and the guys all get me attention. I turn and they each are showing me a summon they just received for drinking in public. I felt really bad for them and at the same time I asked them in Spanish, "How did they know i was a cop?" They said everyone on the block knew I was a cop and we all laughed. I gave them advice on just telling the truth. They lived and worked in front of the Bodega and thought it was legal -- which they did. I believe they all just got a warning from the judge.
On the other qt. I'm grateful that I did come out. thanks

Samonuh13 karma

How do you feel about the NYC police officers turning their back on De Blasio during his speeches?

ElianaU30 karma

I didn't like it at all. The PBA's leader should have never had done that. It beyond disrespectful. Leaders need to face each other and talk about difference. They might not agree, but at least be respectful. Thanks for the qt.

Estarrol11 karma

Was there any movie that the force all knew by heart ? Like Top Gun for the air force

ElianaU28 karma

The Godfather is a big one. It's quoted a lot.

reddituser000009 karma

What's your opinion on drug legalization? Do you think that people should be allowed to do what they want with their own bodies, or do you think people should be locked in cages with murderers for it?

ElianaU26 karma

I do believe in the legalization of drugs. Government should not only be in control of prescription medication. I believe we (Americans) will see a big decrease in the amount of drug overdoses with its legalization.

AnonymousFLo9 karma

What are you most proud of doing while on the job?

ElianaU19 karma

Making people feel good and it did happen. Meaning giving them the info they were looking for.

Bullstamp9 karma

Did you ever get sent into c squat or any other houses down there?

ElianaU12 karma

The housing projects were mostly covered by housing police. Although we had to respond on many occasions.

countertrollsource8 karma

Would you recommend your profession to a friend?

ElianaU15 karma

I think it depends on what they are looking for in life.

ElianaU27 karma

I really feel you have to let go of you EGO in order to be a really good cop -- "Colombo." :)

ThatSteeve7 karma

When you retired from the force what lead you to becoming a film maker? It's quite a neat transition.

ElianaU24 karma

I went to get my Bachelors at Brooklyn College. The plan was to go ahead to law school, but I took film as an elective and it change my life. In many challenging and wonderful ways :) thanks for the qt

Onomatopoeiac7 karma

What were your views on the AIDS crisis at that time and how are they different now?

ElianaU10 karma

I had two brother die from AIDS. At the time the drugs they have now were not available. More outreach and prevention work needs to be done. Also, on another note I think there's a very big problem with FDA.

stevieboni7 karma

What are your views on the hiring process? Do you think the department 'knowingly' hires non mentally fit combat vets despite the issues that come with PTSD affected servicemen? Have you seen fellow officers overreact during a stop because of a trigger effect? Also, do you think the closing of many VAs have an impact on that issue?

ElianaU11 karma

Yes, of course. I truly believe therapy is extremely important.

ElianaU8 karma

People come on the force with their own beliefs. I like to think that they become educated in loving the diversity of NYC.

Sh-tstirrer6 karma

Why are you discriminating soley against combat vets. And what is an example of a "trigger" or symptom of PTSD that could 'set off' a veteran?

I'm asking because you sound like you are tailoring your question to get a specific answer. I'm curious if you are actually educated on the issue, or if you have some research showing combat veterans are more likely to be "triggered" into violent action.

ILikeTheCoochie7 karma

Reddit has this delusion that police preference for military service and cops going overboard are somehow connected and it's caused by PTSD, great example of correlation doesn't equal causation.

The guys who have seen combat are the ones who tend to be cool as shit, even under extreme duress (e.g. a gunfight, they've already been there and done that several times), they're used to people trying to kill them and they have learned how to deal with it. It's the fucking newbies in their early to mid 20s fresh out of the academy who aren't acclimated to violence hardly at all that are the problem, they're the ones who tend to be super nervous, on-edge, and consequently overaggressive (because they've seen lots of training videos of cops getting killed, e.g. the Dinkheller video, and it has just scared the absolute shit out of them such that they're on a hair trigger when they're in that uniform). They have no idea what a real, honest-to-god, fight for your life feels like, so they're just absolutely terrified of the prospect.

A combat vet is less likely to overreact, not more.

ElianaU6 karma

I know many combat vets, I never said anything to the contrary. Many cops were also vets. Most of those guys were much calmer and knew some amazing tactics and many I still call friends. I have the most respect for our Armed Forces I just don't like war. I feel Our politicians declare war to easily. We need to value/love the lives of our soldiers enough to do everything possible not to send them into war.

chancrescolex5 karma

What's your favorite cereal?

ElianaU14 karma

Honey combs its my son't fav as well :)

Bigred29894 karma

Do you believe that NY and any NYC gun laws have any notable effect on crime in your city?

EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm from Miami Dade county. It's pretty liberal here. We also don't treat gun culture like it's the plague.

ElianaU6 karma

Yes, the guns that come into NY are mostly from other states, but people are caught all the time in NY trying to sell handguns.

smparis3 karma

What would be your advice for a woman considering becoming a cop in a major city?

ElianaU5 karma

Yes, work out and really want to help people. That should be your priority.

PhilGarber3 karma

Hi! I live on Ludlow Street in a college dorm. I'm a transplant from Jersey, so I've been around the city for years.

People talk about gentrification and the removal of culture from NYC. Ludlow Street used to be so cool! Now it just feels like another collection of expensive restaurants and bars.

Where in your opinion is the culture now? Bushwick feels much more "lived-in" than the LES to me, as does much of Brooklyn. Should we all just move to Detroit?

ElianaU8 karma

Hahaha, no. NY still has it you just have to mingle and get into a nice scene.

fanovaohsmuts3 karma

What was an average day for you as a police officer?

A particularly memorable story? (can be sad, happy, funny, etc.)

ElianaU13 karma

Just getting a sun tan on the corner of Ave A and E7th street. Talking to my favorite homeless people -- starving Marvin was my favorite… God bless him! I heard he died.

adapt_ed2 karma

Why did you become a police officer?

ElianaU4 karma

My brother's were heavy into drugs. As silly as it seems I truly thought I would make a difference, but I can't say I did. The drug issues in America both legal and illegal are a big hidderance to a 1st world growing nation. We are not learning from our mistakes.

blacbear2 karma

How big was sexual harassment against female police officers then?

ElianaU2 karma

If anyone ever bothered you -- you just made them look stupid. Everyone would laugh and they would never say or (not that it happened) do it again.

foxygoose1 karma

Do you still live/work in NYC? If so, how has the city and crime there changed in the last 20+ years?

ElianaU3 karma

Yes, I live in Brooklyn. It's changed a lot, but it's important to note that whenever you visit anywhere you still need to be alert. I grew up in Bushwich and during HS. I took the B38 from Bushwich through Bed Stuy and into Fort Greene and back again. It was a times a rough ride. I attended Bishop Loughlin HS.

Reggler1 karma

A female friend of mine will pull down her blouse or hike up her skirt to try to avoid getting speeding tickets from male cops, is there a way for men to do the equivalent against female officers?

ElianaU11 karma

No and I don't recommend you try anything for sure :)

123fakerusty1 karma

I work in Stuy Town. What was that like back in the day? I always have thought of it as "walled off" from the shit coming from alphabet city, but apparently anything went in the early '90s. Thanks for your service and devotion to my favorite part of NYC.

ElianaU3 karma

Actually, I wrote a scene (in another script) of a foot chase we had into Stuy town. The security cop actually helped to apprehend the perp. Thanks for the compliment :)

byronmiller1 karma

Given your experience interacting with protestors, what is your take on the events in Ferguson last year, broadly speaking, and the police response?

ElianaU3 karma

It's not personal, it's the uniform. In the East Village we had many protester from all around the world. I only took it personally when this one guy John the communist. Pointed to me and said I was a rich white girl from Long Island. In reality I'm a light skinned Latina from Bushwick Brooklyn.

xhaltdestroy1 karma

Is it difficult having to carry out orders you are personally opposed to? I was wondering what some of the more difficult ones would have been for you?

ElianaU1 karma

Yes, a Sgt. made me arrest someone at a demo. I didn't want to but I had no choice. The Sgt. wanted me to "dis con" him. So I wrote on the paperwork as per Sgt… observed….

MysticalNarwhal1 karma

What's the most uplifting or rewarding part of your job?

ElianaU2 karma

Giving people the information they are looking for. Making them leave with a smile -- if it's possible. It has happened!


What's the best way to avoid getting caught with cannabis?

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M_rafay-13 karma

whai your gender is point out why?

ElianaU1 karma

I'm sorry I don't get the qt?

VerySpecialK-15 karma


ElianaU1 karma

If I were corrupt --- I would have been arrested. If an officer is doing anything illegally it will catch up to the cop. They will get arrested!

PurpleBanner-17 karma

Two questions:

why does your gender matter?

Can you teach me how to beat a confession out of a prisoner?

ElianaU1 karma

My gender should not matter. It's a description of who I am. No I've never beaten a confession out of anyone.