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How long is the pilot project supposed to run?

At the end of that time, when you stop receiving the money, what do you expect to be different about your life than if you'd never been part of the program?

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We're like the Mob. If Mr. Rogers ran the mob.

LOL. I think this is a much better tagline than "the voice of the internet."

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You're going right down the CDC's checklist:

  • Coal mining
  • War
  • Boxing
  • Exposure to radiation
  • and now, high cholesterol diet

You're indestructible!

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Dan, please go outside the US for your studies on bribery. The culture of bribery is deeply embedded in some countries, and I don't think you can get a true sense of just how ingrained the mentality is with only a Western perspective.

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That's a funny story; especially the last line.