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Since OP hasn’t answered- in The Girl with Seven Names, a memoir by another escapee, Lee Hyeon-Seo describes meth as being very common, made in the country, and frequently smuggled into China for sale. She says the average North Korean doesn’t get what a big deal smuggling meth into China is or how illegal it is in China because to North Koreans the only serious crimes are crimes against the state. She says you can generally bribe or use connections to get out of crimes like possession or sale of meth, but for challenging the government, speaking ill of a leader, etc there is no bribing your way out.

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In another comment you mentioned that a few of your half siblings went to high school together before knowing they were related- were any of them friends? It would be crazy to find out your good friend was your sibling!

What was the most surprising trait you shared with a half sibling? For instance, was there something you always thought only you did, like a particular way of jiggling your foot when you’re nervous or something, that one of them also does?

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Oh man I know the firehouse on Great Jones, that place is beautiful! One of the prettiest firehouses in Manhattan.