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Was there any assignment in your career that you had that possibly put your life in danger?

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Hi Benedict! I love you as Wong in the MCU and I’m enjoying Deadly Class a lot since it started! The cast is comprised of mostly young up-and-comers in its ensemble. What has impressed you the most about working with the main cast of actors as well as some of the supporting cast members?

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"Regulate" is not just one of my favorite 90s hip-hop tracks but also one of my hip-hop cuts from a mostly hip-hop laced movie soundtrack. Other than "Above The Rim" and "Regulate", what, in your opinion, is the best hip-hop fused soundtrack and the best hip-hop track from a movie soundtrack?

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In the midst of all the recent animosity between police and New Yorkers, do you think that most New Yorkers can still trust in the NYPD?

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Hey Tricia! I’m a big fan and you were one of my celebrity crushes in high school and currently in my adult life. Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA today!

My question is: if you bumped into someone who knew about BSG but only seen the miniseries, what are the 5 essential episodes to recommend for that person to watch?