*Thanks to everyone who participated in this. I was still getting messages and questions for a while after I'd left, it was great talking to you all. You can reach me on twitter @luciebeexxx or via my website: (www.luciebee.com) *

Hi Reddit! I'm Lucie Bee, an Australian and International Porn Star, Escort and Geek! It's been a year since my last AMA here!! A lot has happened since then that I'm excited to chat about!

I love to watch Porn, so being starring in and being involved in the production of Porn and Erotica is a dream come true. Cheesy story lines aside, I do my best to keep my scenes real. I'm lucky enough to get to spend many of my days naked, on a set, with some of the sauciest sexual deviants Australia and Europe has to offer. I couldn't possibly ask for more!

You can find me on websites such as AussieAss, Pinupland, GirlsOutWest, Bright Desire, MileyWhite.com and coming soon to PureXXX, Fake Taxi, TelevisionX, HoXXXton and Pure CFNM. 2015 will also see the launch of my own content site, TheBeeHiveXXX. More details about me can be found on my website:(www.luciebee.com)

Besides my career in the Adult Industry, in my down time I attend a number of kink, fetish and adult events, workshops and parties. I'm also a shameless geek - I love gaming (both board games and console/PC stuff), comics and cosplay. I regularly attend conventions and expos throughout Australia. This year I've got some awesome cosplays planned - mostly gaming characters.

I'm also currently pursuing studies in Sociology, Gender and Sexuality, with a view to doing further study of Sexual Health and Sexology post grad!

Ask me anything!

Proof, via Twitter!

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malcontented338 karma

What's your grandmother's favorite video of yours?

luciebeexxx388 karma


That's an excellent question malcontented. Thanks!

My Grandmother doesn't have a favourite. She's less in to Hardcore Porn and more in to Fox Classics.

NinjaBullets79 karma

And Lifetime movies

luciebeexxx126 karma

We get Hallmark here in Aus.

chookra132 karma

I misread Aus as Anus.

luciebeexxx130 karma

That happens. Often.

PostalElf125 karma

It's easy to see why. Both are lands down under

luciebeexxx75 karma


SanguinePar3 karma

Fux Classics

FTFY :-)

luciebeexxx3 karma


kristofersen253 karma

Have you ever ended up dating someone who hired you as an escort?

luciebeexxx358 karma


Never again.

JoseFernandes120 karma

Im curious. What went wrong?

luciebeexxx349 karma

People get very caught up in the novelty of having a 'Porn Star Girlfriend', without taking it very seriously relationship wise.

E_baseball_LI5103 karma

People get caught up in a lot of stuff that doesn't matter. Don't take it personally

luciebeexxx88 karma

I try not to. It's frustrating at the best of times.

Zer_9 karma

Seems like an ultimately self defeating attitude on the part of the men. I have a few friends (one of them rather close) in the adult industry and they basically echo the same sentiments you have.

I mean, don't get me wrong, there's a certain perverse pleasure that comes with dating or otherwise being invested in an adult performer. Really, though it just seems foolish to try to engage yourself with an adult performer and not seek to discover more about YOU, beyond your career choice.

luciebeexxx23 karma

It's tricky. And I'd be lying if it didn't get me down sometimes but I really try not to dwell. People often fixate on the obvious, whether that be porn or something totally different that someone does.

I'm not ashamed of what I do. I've never felt more happy or fulfilled than I do now and it's only going to get better :)

kabukicho69125 karma

How can I better prepare for sticking things up my ass? Lube or spackling?

luciebeexxx139 karma

Well I sure as hell wouldn't recommend spackling.

Lube is probably your best bet. Pjur have some fantastic options...

nigganattibody34 karma

I cant help to think women are faking pleasure during sex how true is this assumption?

luciebeexxx215 karma

What, ALL women?

That's a pretty big assumption and whilst I'm sure it's true of some, it's definitely not true of all.

If you think the women in your life are faking, I'd recommend having a conversation about your mutual likes and dislikes and where they cross over.

Bvaze116 karma

If you were to watch your first ever video now. What would you say about it, do you cringe at any beginner mistakes or anything?

luciebeexxx153 karma

I'd probably cringe a little. I was so, so new to that side of things. But I shot with amazing people who really took care of me - in more ways than one XD

The first scene I ever shot was with AussieAss - they're just an amazing team of people. It was probably the best first time a performer could have. But I'm also a total dork, so some of the dialogue...FACEPALM XD

56checkraise53 karma

Hmmm, I need a link to the video for research purposes.

luciebeexxx52 karma

You can certainly head to their website to find out more.

56checkraise76 karma

Yeaahhhh.... but I'll probably find another video along the way and be distracted by it so much that I'll forget about my original research project.

luciebeexxx53 karma

There's nothing wrong with that.

wonderboysam99 karma

what games do you play? :O

luciebeexxx333 karma

Right now I'm finishing Borderlands the Pre Sequel.

I love Mortral Kombat, Far Cry (I just finished the latest), Destiny and Mass Effect. I'm reeeeeaaally looking forward to the new Saints Row and Arkham Knight.

On PC, I sort of have a play around on what's available through Steam. Anything by Telltale is great. I also really love SWTOR - I'm more of Star Wars fan now than I ever was.

Long_Red_Coat50 karma

A fellow gamer girl here who loves Mass Effect (it may be my favorite series of all time). Have you played the Knights of the Old Republic games or Dragon Age too? And who did you romance in ME?

luciebeexxx111 karma

I'm cosplaying Fem Shep this year!

I haven't played Knights of the Old Republic, but I definitely want to. The same goes for Dragon Age. I'm not sure why I've not jumped on the bandwagon yet...

I romanced Male Shep and Liara in ME1, but switched things up when I started ME2. I started fresh and played Fem Shep and then it was her and Garrus for me...I ship it. Hard.

DrSuviel43 karma

So... if you can find someone with a convincing Garrus costume, would you shoot a scene of that?

luciebeexxx70 karma




woShame1255 karma

This sounds familiar but I can't quite place it... ;)

luciebeexxx21 karma


Long_Red_Coat42 karma

I highly recommend KOTOR. The graphics are dated, but it's a great game. Tali x MaleShep and Garrus x FemShep for me. No Shepard without Vakarian after all. :-) We'd love to see pics of your cosplay over at /r/masseffect sometime! Thanks for answering!

luciebeexxx26 karma

Absolutely! I'll hopefully have everything ready by June/July...There's a big Mass Effect Cosplay meet up planned at one of the Sydney cons :D

Pfubargly23 karma

PM me your steam name and I could definitely hook you up with both KoTOR's. No self deserving Star Wars nerd should go without playing those two gems!!

luciebeexxx36 karma

situationnoir :D

sparks199067 karma

Unless you want to be denying friend requests for the next few days, I'd delete that and just pm the dude.

luciebeexxx18 karma

I've actually not had many at all :)

DiscoDiscoDanceDance23 karma

Wow, beautiful, presumable aussie accent, star wars/swtor fan AND she comes back to answer questions hours later. This is a world class AMA.

I'm officially a new fan without watching any of your work lol. Ps I loved kotor but ran outta friends to play with-- glad there's still people out there enjoying it!

luciebeexxx26 karma

I dashed off to watch In the Woods and a the new episode of American Horror Story. And Archer, again!

I didn't want to leave people hanging!!

Montauket35 karma

I must know - what SWTOR class, and Lightside or darkside?

luciebeexxx94 karma

Dark Side. Sith Inquisitor. :D

pureonix15 karma

What advance class did you go with, sorcerer or assassin?

luciebeexxx30 karma


tiktaalik_10 karma

How do you feel about the voice acting in Borderlands Pre Sequel?

luciebeexxx40 karma

I've got no complaints...

Though I don't think I'll get the words 'Son of a taint' out of my head anytime soon.

TaintSniffer68 karma

I have a son??

luciebeexxx42 karma


Congratulations! :D

tiktaalik_0 karma

Hah. I just can't stand Pickle. I'm in the US, but his accent just seems so over the top.

luciebeexxx5 karma

Mmmm...I wouldn't say his is any more over the top than some I've heard in other games. But I can see where you're coming from :p

Dunkh0 karma

Normal, TVH, or UVH?

luciebeexxx0 karma


one_ball_in_a_sack87 karma

Matt Smith or David Tennant?

luciebeexxx223 karma

David Tennant :D

def_leper136 karma

The question is biased.

The correct answer is always Tom Baker.

luciebeexxx55 karma


chrispdx16 karma

Agreed. Barty Crouch Jr. made an outstanding Doctor.

luciebeexxx10 karma


But not necessarily an outstanding Barty Crouch Jr.

GOF was not my favourite of the HP movies.

Zaonce15 karma

So you like both David Tennant, Stoya and videogames. I think I'm in love. With you and Stoya, not David Tennant. Tennant is more like a bromance.

luciebeexxx21 karma

Definitely an acceptable bromance.

I think I'm in love with Stoya too.

Wow that sounded creepy.

ComradeSomo82 karma

What do you think of the Australian Sex Party?

luciebeexxx119 karma

I'm a big Fiona Patten fan.

I think the ASP is doing an amazing job of bringing up the issues that no one else wants to acknowledge or talk about. So, basically similar to what the Greens used to do in it's early days.

I'm a big fan of their policies regarding religion, sex education and their support of the sex industry.

A lot of people seem to think the name trivialises things, but at the end of the day, it gets attention. And that's pretty vital.

AwesomeHyruleGuy74 karma

Who's your favorite female pornstar? Would you work with her on a lesbian movie?

luciebeexxx138 karma

Definitely Kim Cummms in Australia.

Internationally? Stoya.

And if I was lucky enough to work with either I think I'd fangirl out O.O

AwesomeHyruleGuy54 karma

You just got extra gorgeous on my book for loving Stoya

luciebeexxx57 karma

I met her at Sexpo here in Australia one year _^

_dwigt_67 karma


luciebeexxx94 karma

I live in Sydney, so I'm a bit biased....The Harbour here is stunning and when the weather is clear, it's awesome to sit near the Opera House for food and drinks.

The Zoo is pretty great as well ;) On the geeky side of things Kings Comics in the city is pretty ace ;D

Melbourne is another awesome city and there's a lot of arts/cultural stuff there to take in. Definitely try and make it to the theatre if you're in to that kind of thing and get online to see if there's any conventions etc on while you're around!

roopn183 karma

obligatory melbourne is better ya bloody northener

luciebeexxx43 karma


theheadsage33 karma



luciebeexxx33 karma


Yeah, I've got nothing. You guys have PAX. It cuts me deep.

Toastalicious_5 karma

Oooh, a paxer? Come to prime in Seattle with us gross nerds.

luciebeexxx4 karma


HDZombieSlayerTV32 karma

and whatever you do, don't go to Canberra, it's shit.

Source: Live in Canberra

luciebeexxx11 karma

I lived there for five years.

I actually don't hate it.

buticanfeelyours62 karma

Aussie Aussie Aussie?

luciebeexxx124 karma


November4961 karma

You can find me on websites such as AussieAss, Pinupland, GirlsOutWest, Bright Desire, MileyWhite.com and coming soon to PureXXX, Fake Taxi, TelevisionX, HoXXXton and Pure CFNM. 2015 will also see the launch of my own content site, TheBeeHiveXXX.

Isn't it a crazy coincidence that you are a pornstar and of all the taxis to take, the one you got in was covertly recording your encounter for distribution on the internet?

luciebeexxx79 karma

The websites called FAKETaxi.

But yes. It's a crazy coincidence. Almost as crazy as that Agent I did an interview with.

ryanjames0154 karma

Who is your favourite male porn star and why is it Ryan James?

luciebeexxx40 karma


Ryan, what can I say. He's a pretty top bloke. And he knows how to use his man junk.

ryanjames0149 karma

I heard they call him the one minute wonder.

luciebeexxx21 karma


DonQuixote11268848 karma

What is your favorite penis size? Also do you like cum on your face?

luciebeexxx127 karma

I don't have a favourite. It really doesn't matter. It's about using what you've got. I don't discriminate when it comes to penis size.

I'm actually totally cool with facials. But I prefer people letting loose on my boobs. It's a sensation thing.

Coats6936 karma

I f you could work with OG Mudbone or The Mandingo which one would you choose?

luciebeexxx48 karma

The Mandingo ;)

I think he'd be a lot of...fun ;)

Akihirohowlett36 karma

There are two things that I've always wanted to know about porn stars:

1: How do you explain to your family that you're in the adult film industry, and how did they react?

2: Do you feel as though doing porn affects your relationships in any way, and in what ways?

luciebeexxx36 karma

I've covered these questions in detail throughout this so far but to recap:

  1. "Hi Guys, I'm doing Porn" is usually a pretty great way to get it out there. There's no real explanation required. More letting them know. They support my decisions, provided I'm looking after my health and safety.

  2. It does and it doesn't. But to be fair, it it's going to be that big a deal to someone, then they're not necessarily someone I want in my life.

def-g35 karma

Have you always been free sexually?

luciebeexxx45 karma

I've always been fairly liberal, but not until I was in my late teens did I really become comfortable and confident in myself sexually.

Maniac1333 karma

Huge fan! I just wanted to ask, How do the Australian and European porn industries differ? Are there different restrictions for performers in Aus vs Europe? Do you have a preference for where you shoot?

luciebeexxx41 karma

Europe is definitely bigger and there's a little more diversity in the performer pool. Every size, shape and interest is represented. I think the Australian adult industry has a little way to go in that regard.

Restrictions are much the same in regards to testing etc. In the UK, companies were alright with me using the Aus tests I had done the week before I arrived. In Europe, I've been told that they prefer you to have tests done in the country you're visiting, i.e. Budapest etc.

I love shooting both places, but for different reasons. That diversity and the fact that the European industry is so much bigger is exciting. But the Australian industry is producing some pretty amazing content and it's filled with awesome performers and producers I know and adore.

It's a win/win either way!

AnyasCat30 karma

What's your favorite brand of makeup? I like NARS.

luciebeexxx31 karma

NARS is great!

I'm a big Urban Decay fan. I used to use a lot of Mac, but I really enjoy Rimmell London for day to day stuff.

AnyasCat5 karma

I just got my first Naked palette for Christmas, it's amazing :) somehow I've never used mac

luciebeexxx9 karma

MAC is everywhere here, so I kind of fell in to using it. It's not bad, but Urban Decay is definitely the best for palettes and pigments etc.

jumb128 karma

Do you always get priority to the pool bar at Ivy? I've heard crazy stuff from past staff about people getting amped and having sex up there, is any of it true?

Is Stiletto the best brothel in Sydney?

luciebeexxx26 karma

I don't get priority, but I go up there a lot. It's not hard, you just go and wait for a lift...

And they frown upon people just having sex out there. So, no. Not true. Maybe in the Ivy Penthouse? I've never been there.

I'm not sure...I've not visited any brothels in Sydney!

Donguitarguy28 karma

If I come to Australia, can we do things and stuff together?

luciebeexxx45 karma

You can certainly make a booking!

HDZombieSlayerTV90 karma

Coupon code "REDDIT" for 20% off

luciebeexxx66 karma



Donguitarguy23 karma

Awesome, i'll bring my n64, and we can play board games...WE CAN BUILD A BLANKET FORT!

luciebeexxx51 karma


Donguitarguy57 karma

I'm from Canada. We only think in terms of "cold here, must be cold everywhere."

luciebeexxx5 karma


Robert7220 karma

Discount for redditors? :-)

luciebeexxx24 karma


WoodenPickler20 karma

You should just start a business called "Gaming with Pornstars." All the fun of gaming mixed with hanging out with your favorite pornstar either online or in person. You could make a fortune.

luciebeexxx16 karma

I'm pretty sure there's something like that out there already. I can't remember what it's called.

As it stands, I stream to Twitch and do cam shows when I can.

insanecutback26 karma

I'm a seppo who just went to 'Stralia last August and I found the food to be quite palatable. I also drank every beer that my meager budget would allow. Beetroot burgers and Coopers pale ale for the win.Oh and pies! Next time I go I go is there anything else that you recommend?

luciebeexxx19 karma

Fish and chips by the coast...In fact any fresh seafood you can lay your hands on, it that's your thing. Om, nom, nom.

JC0hen24 karma


luciebeexxx63 karma

A wet wipe. And a micro-fibre cloth.

Gorebert18 karma

How would you feel if someone told you they were still a virgin at 32?

luciebeexxx115 karma

Not surprised?

I've known people older. Every body does things at their own pace and that's how it should be :)

its_dk18 karma


luciebeexxx32 karma

Sweet ;)

ryanjames0149 karma

I second that.

luciebeexxx27 karma

Smoooooth Ryan! ;D

Dr_Mike_Yvel16 karma

What is the funniest card combination you've used in Cards against Humanity? And the weirdest?

luciebeexxx50 karma

Ohhh dude.

I honestly can't remember. That game is the gift that keeps on giving.

ToxinFoxen13 karma

Hi there! It's awesome hearing from a very intelligent, sexually liberated woman. I was wondering...

Do you have any solutions for a woman concerned over being discriminated against for showing any sort of sexuality, if she plans on running for political office one day? Not everyone can pull it off like Ilona Staller, for example.

luciebeexxx35 karma

The short answer: I don't.

Unfortunately we live in a world where women are regularly discriminated against for this kind of thing, whilst male behaviour of like is often more celebrated. And whilst the tides are shifting, slowly, all we can really do is help people become more aware and assist women in becoming more confident and open regarding their sexuality.

Unfortunately that doesn't stop people determined to discriminate. The best advice I can offer is keep a level head and don't be afraid to tell your story, but do it in a balanced, honest, calm way. Be prepared for what questions may be asked and have a think about what may come your way in advance so you can ready yourself.

zex-25813 karma

What's your favorite USA state and food?

luciebeexxx30 karma

I've not had the luxury of spending time there, but New York is somewhere I'm rather keen to get to.

I love hotdogs _^ Lashings of onion and mustard. Mmmm...

iluvmilfs42012 karma

Why are you so pretty?

luciebeexxx17 karma

I got it from my Mama.

iluvmilfs42017 karma


luciebeexxx11 karma


iain_198610 karma

How does being an Escort work with being a Porn Star? Is it frowned upon within the porn industry?

Do you have to submit regular health check in Australia, and how does being an Escort effect that?

luciebeexxx3 karma

I get checked regularly regardless of whether I have a shoot coming up or not.

I have to submit current, clean tests before a shoot and where possible I'll take a little time off before a shoot to ensure that's the case.

I've been fortunate not to have any issues with my health in the industry.

santiklaus10 karma

What is your favourite TV Show?

luciebeexxx85 karma

Black Mirror :)

mangp8 karma

What are your thoughts on Porn addiction?

I'm not asking from a perspective of being critical of your profession. I guess I asking are you aware it exists? To what extent? Have you had experience of it yourself?

luciebeexxx8 karma

I've heard of it. I've read a little on it. And I've watched a few documentaries that skimmed over it. I'm not really in a position to offer more than my opinion, but I'm kind of on the fence.

I think it's possible to be addicted to a lot of things. But I do think a lot of people use the guise of addiction to explain poor behaviour. Now I'm not saying that is the case ALL the time, I'm not even saying it's the case majority of the time, not even close...but I think with porn and sex addiction it can be difficult for experts to make a clear diagnosis.

mangp3 karma

I have no doubt that porn addiction exists. I've got it. It consists on a very strong compulsion to watch porn coupled with a sense of depression for the next 24 hours.

Ethically speaking I have no problem with porn. I think it is morally fine to create and watch porn. But still there is this dark cloud that hangs around when ever I use it, plus it puts me off my game (in all areas of life).

What do you mean by "I do think a lot of people use the guise of addiction to explain poor behaviour."?

I wasn't expecting a reply Lucie. Thank you and good luck with your career and studies.

luciebeexxx6 karma

Personally speaking, I've had people in my own life imply that they had an addiction to something, when really it was an effort to explain away things they'd done, that they were well aware they shouldn't have been doing. I think it's something that happens often, not necessarily just with 'addiction'. People lie about a lot of things.

These weren't situations similar to the ones you've described and thank you for sharing :)

I've got a lot of close friends who actively struggle with a variety of addictions, so I'm well aware these things exist. But in regards to porn and sex addiction, I'd say there's a lot of misinformation and misdiagnosis out there. It's still very, very early days in terms of research for these kinds of addictions, compared to others. There's probably people out there who suffer with these issues but haven't been diagnosed, potentially down to skepticism within some fields.

Again, to clarify, not saying they don't exist. This is just my opinion on the basis of personal experience and reading etc.

richjew7 karma

Table games eh? 40k or Warmahordes?

luciebeexxx20 karma


At the moment I'm playing mostly board games. It's been a little while since I've had the chance to do much besides.

Titty_PMs_Please6 karma

What's your favorite porn?

Which of yours do you recommend?

Can I get a celebrity PM? Haha

luciebeexxx23 karma

Ohhh. I'm a bit of a diehard Kink.com fan...Umph. But I don't have a huge preference...Personally, I consume a bit of everything, but my tastes outside of kink are pretty vanilla. I just like seeing people shagging and having a wicked time.

That's a big question...I seem to get a lot of feedback on the scenes I did in the UK for FakeTaxi and TelevisionX. The TVX scene is probably my most hardcore, I got really in to it. I think I look a bit possessed, lol.

Celebrity PM? :p

reddsded6 karma

Most embarrassing thing to happen during a scene?

luciebeexxx9 karma

I got shot in the eye. We had to shoot the whole scene from the other side of my face -.-

StruggleIsReeeal6 karma

Hi Lucie, as I said, I'm a huge fan of yours. Who do you think is the most outstanding woman porn performer at the moment?

luciebeexxx12 karma


I'd have to say Kim Cummms. She's just a totally unique, generally awesome girl. And there's not a stack of that in this industry at the best of times. She's also SUPER cute!

StruggleIsReeeal5 karma

Hi Lucie!!!! Me again!!! Who is your favourite male performer you have worked with???

luciebeexxx6 karma

I'm a big Ryan James fan ;)

He's the third guy I ever performed with and the guy I've probably shot the most with.

He recently did an AMA here: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2rmmp7/i_am_ryan_james_australian_pornstar_and_male/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Second would probably be Jay Muscles from the UK or Tim from AussieAss here in Australia.

ryanjames0133 karma


luciebeexxx10 karma


ryanjames016 karma


luciebeexxx5 karma


echeneche7 karma

Next time you two shoot together please use this sequence of comments as the opening dialogue as a tribute to reddit! :D

luciebeexxx5 karma


SimplyPodly5 karma

This whole scenario is just crazy.

luciebeexxx4 karma


Dbootloot5 karma


luciebeexxx12 karma

I think dress codes in schools are there for a reason and they're important, in part because it gives kids less things to bully each other about.

I worry when I see girls dressing older than they are. That's my biggest concern.

I'm not a fan of a lot of rad-fem stuff at the best of times and they've certainly made clear they don't approve of me on more than one occasion.

I do think there's ways of dressing that attract attention and ways of dressing that don't. Do I think that means people shouldn't be able to dress the way they feel or the way that makes them happy? No. Do I think that means that people abusing or inappropriately commenting on them is OK? No. I really don't.

Unfortunately we live in a society where a lot of things are sexualised. I don't think anyone can 100% win in these kinds of debates.

granmatador1124 karma

If you had to spend a night with Batman or Iron Man, who would you pick?

luciebeexxx11 karma


So long as it was Bruce Wayne Batman and Tony Stark Iron Man.

SimplyPodly7 karma

Christian Bale Bruce Wayne or Ben Affleck?

luciebeexxx11 karma


I can't think about Affleck yet.

verheyen4 karma

Couldn't see this question, but have you ever been hired and then just played video games?

luciebeexxx6 karma

Not the entire time, but for a great portion of it, yes _^

radical014 karma

What's the most attractive trait a guy can possess?!? Edit; tnx for answering my questions, I'm officially a fan.

luciebeexxx4 karma

A good sense of humour :)

mexican_mosquito4 karma

Does sex ever get tiresome or uninteresting due to your inherently sexual lifestyle?

luciebeexxx3 karma

Not really. If I ever find it is, I find ways to mix things up.

RemoteControlledAnt3 karma

What do you tend to charge for your escort services?

luciebeexxx3 karma

It's dependant on time. All that info can be found on my website.

RemoteControlledAnt3 karma

How should I approach a lady offering an escort service?

luciebeexxx4 karma


By her chosen method of contact. Explain how long you'd like to see her, when and where as well as any interests you're looking to explore, then wait for her response.

ReadinBeforeSleepin3 karma

How much do you earn? Or an estimate in the industry

luciebeexxx12 karma

I don't discuss that kind of thing, but I keep busy.

new_markov_chainsaw3 karma

(not sure how to formulate my question. also, english is hard.)

I've always thought that careers like yours come at a high risk of finding oneself without job when you get older. Of course, there are porn actors 40 or 50 years old, but I doubt they make as much, and I guess they must be few. I see it as a job to make good money for some years, but not a long-term career for most people.

What are your thoughts/plans about that?

luciebeexxx6 karma

I mention in my initial posting that I'm studying.

And I did work in other industries before I got in to the adult industry.

I'd love to remain involved to some degree for as long as possible, of course, but it's not as if I don't have other plans.

It's a fairly typical assumption that people tend to make of people in the industry: We're ill educated and lack other employment opportunities or plans. It's not the case for many and it is the case for some.

new_markov_chainsaw5 karma

Thanks for your answer.

I did see that you were studying, I just wanted more specific info about your prospects, whether or not you were studying to help you in this particular career path or to switch to other, related or unrelated things.

I hope you and other actors that have been doing AMAs help change thos stereotypes about your profession. What fraction of porn actors would you say are actually ill educated and without other options?

luciebeexxx4 karma

Fortunately my AOS is so broad that there's plenty of places I could take it. I'm happy doing what I'm doing, when I've finished my study I'll probably be able to go other places as well, but I won't stop this point blank to switch to something else just because of a degree.

I'm not sure. Fortunately, in Australia, I don't think there are so many. But some people find themselves in the adult industry because it's good money, fast.

And to clarify, when I say ill educated and without options, I'm referring mainly to other people's perceptions.

There may be people who simply haven't had the chance or have come from a back ground where higher education wasn't an option or it may not be the option for them. Further, education isn't reliant on institutions alone, there's plenty of on the job training throughout many industries.

ElScreecho3 karma

If you were going to give somebody a sexual experience called the "Tony Abbott", what would it consist of?

luciebeexxx4 karma

No sex. And an ironing board to the crotch.

cescyblue3 karma

How do guys (who have seen you online) react when they see you spending your normal life like shopping, travelling, etc? How do they approach you?

luciebeexxx5 karma

I usually notice them because they kind of do a double take. XD I mean, I assume that's why people notice me. I'm still getting used to the attention, I was the dorky girl who got picked on a bunch at school...so it's weird to get this much attention now. I just never want it to go to my head.

They usually sort of stare for a bit trying to figure out if it's actually me. I'm a jeans and geeky t-shirt girl most of the time, so my fandoms sometimes give me away! But if they're not with anybody else - i.e. girlfriend or something, I'll usually give them a smile and a 'Hi!'. Usually they'll feel comfortable coming over and asking then or just saying 'Hi' back.

It's really sweet _^ I think I blush more than they do.

San-A3 karma

Are you considering another career after porn ?

Edit - the reason I am asking is because my favourite web mini-series is now featuring Katsuni, the retired porn star

luciebeexxx5 karma

I really want to do some more writing and get more involved in the activism side of things in regards to the sex industry. I'm hoping to study sex further so I can eventually delve in to Sex Therapy and Education as well.

me1312113 karma

What is your favorite class in Mass Effect, and if you have any of the dlc which is your favorite?

luciebeexxx7 karma

Adept all the way.

Look, to be honest....If the DLC wasn't there, I don't think I'd miss it much. The games in themselves were solid enough for me. Let's just not talk about ME3 too much. Because I don't think the DLC saved that as much as people seemed to think it may have.

ImaMoFoThief2 karma

What is your favorite gaming system and why is it PC?

luciebeexxx1 karma

I like my PS3 or my PS4.

I'm referring to PC as in, a computer.

dah_man1 karma

I'm a 19y/o male in Ottawa Ontario. How do you think I should go about getting into the industry? I'm born for the role

luciebeexxx2 karma

I believe I've answered this question already somewhere..

Dr_Mike_Yvel1 karma

G'day Lucie

Is there a particular fantasy or scenario of your own you would ike to see done as a porn scene?

luciebeexxx3 karma

Not that I can think of.

I'm really just hoping to do a bit of everything!

Sandvicheater1 karma

Cut or uncut dudes?

luciebeexxx5 karma

No preference! ;D

radical011 karma

How does one get with women faster!??!

luciebeexxx2 karma

There's not instant pick up.

Every woman is different, some may want to get with you, some may not.

mangotease1 karma

How has your experience in porn changed the way you view relationships? does sex become less important? what other lessons have you learned?

luciebeexxx2 karma

Sex is still important to me. I love feeling close to someone that way. However, I suppose it's made me a little more aware of what I will and won't put up with. If I wouldn't put up with it and I was getting paid - why would I take the same treatment for free?

Relationships are tricky. Being in the industry doesn't necessarily make it easy to sustain one. It can be done, but a lot of people are in love with the novelty of the 'Pornstar Girlfriend' and that's it.

Tonbar1 karma

Hello, yankee here. For someone who hasn't seen your work, what's my best jumping off (read: getting off) point. Anything you're particularly proud of?

luciebeexxx2 karma

My very first stuff was all done with AussieAss :) They feature all Australian performers and some international talent.

I mentioned earlier that the scenes I did for Fake Taxi and Television X in the UK seem to have gotten a lot of feedback as well :p

ferg261 karma

What is your favorite tv show?

luciebeexxx8 karma

Black Mirror :D

santiklaus1 karma

Have you ever been asked for autographs or something of that sort, outside of fan conventions?

luciebeexxx2 karma

Yes. ALWAYS AT AIRPORTS. Usually when I'm just getting on an early flight or getting off a late/long haul one, looking like death warmed up.


magenta_placenta1 karma

How much did you make in 2014?

luciebeexxx9 karma

Not something I discuss. It was a productive year.

danear0 karma

Don't downvote this... It's a fair response... Let's face it, no one likes the tax department.

luciebeexxx1 karma

Hahaha. Fortunately we have a really great relationship, so I happen to like them a lot. They've got a job to do, just like everyone else!

DemiLovato1230 karma

Hi! Do you have any advice for any aspiring actors?

luciebeexxx1 karma

Porn is not like real acting.

For aspiring porn performers, send polite emails with decent photos to the companies close to you or to where you'd be willing to travel, introducing yourself and politely asking for details about how you might get started. Then be patient. It can take a while, especially for male performers, because porn companies spend a lot of time dealing with people who don't understand that sure, whilst filming porn can be and often is a lot of fun, it's still work. Hard work.

For someone who wants to get in to a career in normal performance, my best advice would be to get involved in as much as you can. Small theatre companies etc can offer you some of the best opportunities to make a name for yourself and practice.

santosjeff070 karma

How do I court someone like Lucie Bee? What do you prefer in a man?

luciebeexxx9 karma

Lucie Bee rarely gets courted - she's too busy...and interacts with her fair share of jerks :p

I like a guy with a good sense of humour. I'm a big fan of dates that start with drinks, then lead on to dinner and then end up with late night coffee somewhere cool because the conversation is just that good.

Also, being as comic obsessed as I am doesn't hurt...

Ihavenocomments-1 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream, besides cock?

luciebeexxx1 karma

Well, cock is hard to beat.

I swear this is serious: Anything with nuts. Hazelnut, Pistachio...anything.

Ihavenocomments1 karma

cock is hard to beat

I see what you did there.

luciebeexxx1 karma

I try...;)