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I must know - what SWTOR class, and Lightside or darkside?

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What is your workout routine? How about your diet?

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1: Favorite pizza place in NYC? (Mine is Koronet - i'm sure you two are familiar)

2: Any really good documentary you'd suggest? World history, U.S. History, I love a good history doc.

3: Howard Zinn. Great American Historian, or the GREATEST American Historian?

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Hey OP

I didn't notice this when you first posted it (probably at work). If you come across this feel free to drop an answer.

1: My mother-in-law has MS and LOVES ME for gifting her a handled-coffee thermos for christmas. Apparently it's super easy for her to pick up and drink from. Are there any other awesome gifts you've received that help make your daily life easier?

2: Aside from my MIL, the only person who I can think of with MS is Martin Sheen playing president bartlett in 'The West Wing'. Would you say that any of that performance is genuine, or at least sheds the condition in an accurate light?

3: What's your favorite book. It doesn't need to be related to MS or anything at all.

4: If we ever meet in a bar, what kind of drink can I buy you?

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There is an emulator for it and a small community playing (illegally) last I heard. It's pre "combat upgrade" SWG