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Epic use of the woody IAMA lol. Props to you sir.

How does one go about getting a beer with Mike and/or Bear. That would make my life. Do they travel to NY often?

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I worked at a gym for a year behind the counter. Probably 20 percent of people with memberships actually use it regularly at mine.

edit: Gym typo

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Wow, beautiful, presumable aussie accent, star wars/swtor fan AND she comes back to answer questions hours later. This is a world class AMA.

I'm officially a new fan without watching any of your work lol. Ps I loved kotor but ran outta friends to play with-- glad there's still people out there enjoying it!

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How do you know if a stripper wants to kiss you? I don't go to strip clubs very often but I've had a few lap dances in my day and I've NEVER had one stay practically nose to nose with me like this gorgeous Russian girl last week.

I'm not a creep so I didn't do anything but I was super tempted, especially when she was like rubbing her neck against my face, like what am I supposed to do! ?

My friend gave her a $20 tip in advanced and said it was my birthday but I want sure if she was doing anything special lol.

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I was diagnosed with lymphoma for my 18th birthday, and subsequently relapsed right before my 20th. I'm 22 atm, and doing well (knock on wood), just want to send some love your way bro <3