Hey! I'm here and excited to answer your questions.

Proof: http://imgur.com/U7nh3hj

Victoria's helping me out today with getting started. AMA!

EDIT: well thank you guys for the questions. I have a movie called The Key coming out the 21st in LA at the Laemmle Music Hall Theatre in Beverly Hills. So come out and meet me then: https://www.facebook.com/TheKeybyJeferyLevy

And you can tune into Celebrity Name Game, check your local listings here: http://www.celebnamegame.com

Thank you for being my fans, I'm a fan of yours too!

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ThreeGreenFart39 karma

All these years later, do people still give you shit about the WCW title?

DavidArquetteHere40 karma

I totally understand it but it was an amazing dream come true so I wouldn't change it.

BradAusrotas13 karma

Hey David! Not gonna lie, Dewey in Scream is my favourite character you've ever portrayed. Can you give us any fun stories from the set? Is Neve Campbell that ass-kicking in person?

DavidArquetteHere17 karma

Neve Campbell is one of the coolest actresses I have worked with. She just a new baby so congratulations. I loved playing Dewey as well. The combination of cop that doesn't get any respect is a funny character to play.

Frajer13 karma

any good Nicolas Cage stories from when he was your brother in law ?

DavidArquetteHere19 karma

He is a great guy. I loved his passion for comic books. He is a real kid at heart and one of my heroes as far as acting goes.

Anablue8 karma

Hi David. What is your most memorable Hollywood moment ?

DavidArquetteHere14 karma

I once did a film with Marlon Brando. He invited me to sit in his car between takes. I sat behind him, staring at his bald head and having a awkward conversation until he heard my sniffle and said "Did you have a cold?" and I said "No" but he still kicked me out. Doesn't get any better than that

theArnoldFans17 karma

David, what's your best memory of Eric the Actor? Can you believe he's gone? Howard Stern only has a little more than a year under his contract so what would life be like for you IF he does not return?

DavidArquetteHere12 karma

I had the opportunity to meet him a couple of times. The memory I have most was at one of the super fan events where he was on stage mesmerized by beautiful women.

known_stranger6477 karma

Hey David,

How is your relationship with Courtney Cox now? And can you tell us an funny (read:embarrassing) story of her during your time together?

DavidArquetteHere10 karma

I have a great relationship with Courteney. We have a production company together and we produce Celebrity Name Game and Cougar Town. I don't know about a specific story but I think people would be surprised to know how silly and fun Courteney is.

EnfiladeGAMING7 karma

So how did the whole WCW title thing go down? I've always heard about it but never really found out about the backstage stories behind it.

DavidArquetteHere11 karma

There is a great wrestling podcast that explores WCW during that time. It can give you more accurate information than I can. But mainly it was Russo and Bishoff trying to get hype for WCW but ultimately, I believe we lost 600,000 viewers. That is my legacy.

Alleran7 karma


DavidArquetteHere10 karma

My favorite part was traveling the US with Rick Flare, DDP, Hulk Hogan Machoman and hearing all the behind the scene stories.

DavidArquetteHere9 karma

For me, it was bitter sweet. I loved being part of the circus but didn't mean to offend the fans and other wrestlers by not being qualified enough to deserve that title. But the way I look at it, is I am a champion and so are you.

DavidArquetteHere9 karma

It's awesome! I have the belt in my office. My name is on it! I am in the record books so haters keep on hating.

kdk12k2k127 karma

Hi David!

Hi to Patricia, Rosanna, Alexis and Richmond, too.

Do you get to see them often?

Is there a role or subject matter that you'd like to try out that you haven't done yet?

DavidArquetteHere10 karma

I don't see my siblings as often as I would like dispite that we live in the same city. As far as acting go, I just want to work with good writers and directors.

SoltanPill6 karma

Have you seen Boyhood? What do you think about your sister possibly winning an oscar!!

DavidArquetteHere12 karma

I did see Boyhood and I am so proud of Patricia. She is a incredible person and a hero of mine. If anyone deserved a oscar, she does. She also does incredible work with Givelove.org and helps people in Haiti with clean sanitation.

ViagraOnAPole6 karma

What do you think is your best accomplishment as a wrestler? Winning the WCW Championship or the inaugural Gooker Award?

DavidArquetteHere12 karma

I didn't know I won the Gooker Award! Is that part of the slammies? My greatest accomplishment was just being apart of the distruction of such a amazing league.

nkleszcz5 karma

Hello! Welcome!

I, and probably the rest of the reddit-universe are all big fans of the now-classic horror film Scream. Is there a funny or moving anecdote that happened during the making of that film, that we haven't heard yet?

Thank you for doing this AMA!

DavidArquetteHere11 karma

One time on the set I dressed as gail weathers, Courteney's character and ran around the set. Courteney then dressed as Dewey with mustache and all!

kbsputnik5 karma

Any chance Geoff can come co-host an episode of the new game show?

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

I don't think that is going to happen. Geoff is a awesome talent but I think you have to be human to be on the show.

PizzaFace335 karma

Who's your closest friend in the wrestling business?

DavidArquetteHere8 karma

I would say DDP. He is such a great guy and helps people with his DDP Yoga Program. He is a real champion.

robinsky15 karma

Whats the best thing about working on scream?

DavidArquetteHere12 karma

The best part was meeting Courteney and eventually having our daughter Coco.

Velorium_Camper5 karma

What's the coolest thing you've gotten to keep from the set of a movie/show?

Also, when can we expect 8 Legged Freaks 2? I'm a huge fan of the first one.

DavidArquetteHere9 karma

The coolest thing I have gotten to keep from a set is a prop gun from Wild Bill. It is just interesting. Unfortunately, there is not going to be a 8 Legged Freaks 2. It was great making that film but it didn't do as well at the box office. Who knows with the success of Shark Nato 2, 8 legged freaks would be fun!

MC_Pinksweater4 karma

You are awesome. How do you stay upbeat and so awesome?

DavidArquetteHere7 karma

It is not always easy. People are sometimes pretty mean but I try to surround myself with nice, cool people who except me with all my flaws.

katherinedevir14 karma

David, you're my favourite actor, Stealing Sinatra is one of my all time favourite movies, hard hitting question, are you a ticklish guy? If so, where? :-)

DavidArquetteHere8 karma

Thank you! Yes I am very ticklish but I don't necessarily like being tickled. A funny story about Stealing Sinatra is when I was on the set I found a playboy from 1964 and to my surprise I found my mother in a nudist colony pictorial. Yeah!

two_off4 karma

What's been the most memorable moment on the show that you couldn't put on air?

DavidArquetteHere8 karma

They use pretty much everything that we film but the most memorable moment is when someone gave me the clue of Brad Pitt's wife and I said Jennifer Aniston. Yeah I blew it!

NorbitGorbit4 karma

What services used by celebrities (such as personal assistants) are actually affordable and things you think non-celebrities could benefit by using?

DavidArquetteHere5 karma

Uber or taxis when drinking is a must. It is always helpful to have a assistant if you can afford one.

ChoosetheSword4 karma

Is Craig just as awesome off-camera?

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

Craig is the greatest. He is such a cool person and a nice funny guy. I just love working with him. He is professional in every sense of the word.

nickdaisy4 karma

You're now 43. Do you regret not banging more chicks when you were younger, or are you just hitting your stride now?

DavidArquetteHere7 karma

I did pretty well when I was younger haha. I have no regrets in that department. Luckily, I found the greatest woman in my fiancé Christina and gladly passed the paton onto Justin Bieber.

ZPTs4 karma

You left out talking parrot on Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

Are your kids at an age where they appreciate that? Do they know?

DavidArquetteHere3 karma

My son is a little young for it but I can't wait for him to see the show and be able to talk to him in the Skully voice.

friendsfanCC4 karma

Hi David! How are you? And how are Coco and Charlie? My question is, what do you like the most about Courteney? Which her quality? :)

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

My kids are doing great, thank you. My favorite quality of Courteney's is her honesty. She is as real as they get.

HarryWHU3 karma

Do you still follow what's going on in wrestling? If so, who's your current favourite wrestler?

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

I pop in on wrestling once in a while. I liked what CM Punk was doing, I also like the red neck like Duck Dynasty crew that is out there. I forgot their name. But my favorite are always Andrea the Giant and The big show.

jirlznae3 karma

what's the greatest advice ever given to you?

DavidArquetteHere8 karma

To be true to yourself, find balance in your life and love is all that matters.

NoPooPaul3 karma

Hey David! What's the one thing people are always surprised to find out about you?

DavidArquetteHere6 karma

That I am more serious than they might think, that I am a hard worker and I treat everyone as a equal.

glitzyjan3 karma

What makes this game unique and will convince me to watch it?

BTW, I think you're so hilarious and adorable...that might convince me enough on its own.

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

Thank you! We have the best of host of any game show in my opinion…Craig Fergeuson. He is so funny and witty. He makes it enjoyable to watch. Plus, on Celebrity Name Game the contestants normally win $20,000 which is exciting as well.

legaldrug-dealer3 karma

First of all, thanks for taking time to do this, you're an awesome actor!

Which movie set did you have the most fun on?

Just watched scream 1-3. Which ones your favorite?

DavidArquetteHere7 karma

Scream 1 was my favorite and also one of my favorite films to work on. It just happened at a time in my career that everything was new. It was a incredible opportunity to work with Wes Craven and all of these amazing actors. Kevin Williamson wrote the first one entirely and I think that alone made it the best.

OhHelloPlease3 karma

You conquered the professional wrestling world years ago, any plans to now conquer the world of MMA and become the next Brock Lesnar?

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

I am not much of a fighter so no. I have the upmost respect for MMA fighters but it takes serious training and a commitment that I don't have the skill set for.

lvest3 karma

How long does it take to grow the 'stache?

DavidArquetteHere2 karma

Give yourself a good 2-3 months and you will be a regular Burt Reynolds.

tblame3 karma

Hey David. I'm really enjoying Celebrity Name Game so far! And I'm glad you're producing it! Is Craig as enjoyable to work with as it appears on TV?

DavidArquetteHere2 karma

Craig is just the most fun, wittiest person we have ever worked with.

PullOnMyJeans3 karma

What's your drink of choice?

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

I love a good hot tottie when I am feeling under the weather.

MrSwearword3 karma

What's life like in the public eye? Is it harder than even any True Hollywood Story can make it seem?

DavidArquetteHere5 karma

Celebrity has lots of benefits and also lots of drawbacks. The truth is, I don't agree with all of the Celebrity society worship out there. I think you are the most important person in your life. It is hard when the press catches you doing something embarrassing but were all human and hopefully we learn from our mistakes.

josephine_amos13 karma

Hey David!

  • What's your best memory from the set of Pushing Daisies?
  • What's your best feature?
  • What are your most sensitive spots?

DavidArquetteHere2 karma

I love working with Kristen Chenoweth. I am such a fan of hers and she is such a lovely person. Also, there are seldom talents such as Bryan Fuller that one gets to work with and that was an amazing experience.

AnyaSunnYBing3 karma

Hello, David. Do you like working with Craig? And many thanks for the Celebrity Name Game from Russian fans of TV. Great job!

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

Wow! I had no idea Celebrity Name Game was on in Russia. Thanks for watching! I once had the opportunity to film in St. Petersburg. I loved meeting the Russian people and watching the ballet.

SoltanPill3 karma

How do you deal with bullshit stories about your marriage and private life being in the tabloids? At this point does it still piss you off or do you ignore it. Also, how do you protect/prepare your daughter from reading bs about you guys?

DavidArquetteHere3 karma

I try not to look at it but it is hard. I just don't know why people are so mean on the internet especially. I like to give people the benefit of the sought. I am pretty honest with my daughter but I am sure she will find things out about me that will embarrass her. But hopefully I have raised her in a way that she can make decisions for herself and not make some of the mistakes I have made in the past.

JaiOhBe3 karma

What was your favorite movie to film and why was it Ready to Rumble?

DavidArquetteHere2 karma

My favorite recent movie to film was Orion. We filmed it in Detroit which is one of my favorite cities. They have a art scene there that is unbelievable. It comes out next year so keep a eye out for it. But of all time, it was probably scream and Ready to Rumble.

ben56473 karma

David, I've been a HUGE fan of you since Scream. My question is how did you enjoy working with the wonderful Patrick Dempsey from one of my favorite shows, Grey's Anatomy?

DavidArquetteHere1 karma

Patrick is a great person. He has a wonderful wife and is just a good standup person. I have known him for years and it was great to finally get to work with him.

AGallagher4103 karma

Hi David! What's your favorite ride in Disney?

DavidArquetteHere8 karma

It is actually in California Adventure and it is called Soaring California. Classic.

Ray_ofsunshine3 karma

Favorite TV show?

DavidArquetteHere3 karma

I just watched the Homeland episode yesterday and that may have been one of the best episodes of television. I love Breaking Bad and the Sopronos.

Swiftzor3 karma

Is it really tricky to rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme thats right on time?

DavidArquetteHere3 karma

Yeah it's tricky but check out Wild Style if you haven't seen it. You can learn a lot from Double Trouble.

postpickle3 karma

Is the janitor really your superior?

DavidArquetteHere3 karma

It takes a lot to be a janitor, I have nothing but respect for them.

ChampaigneShowers3 karma

Hello david!

Who would be at your dream dinner?

DavidArquetteHere2 karma

I would say Quincy Jones, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, Oprah, Steven Hawkings, The dali Lama, Sean Penn, Martin scorsese, and Rick Flare.

jdonovan13 karma

How did you get your start in the movie industry, and how hard was it to become a respected actor?

DavidArquetteHere2 karma

I got rejected for about 6 years before I got my first job. I got discovered at a dance club for a Nestea commercial but then got rejected for several years until I got my first job on the outsiders TV show. Acting takes a really thick skin, there is tons of rejection but you just have to keep fighting, keep working, keep doing plays and taking classes. Also never give up.

start0vah3 karma

Which of your co-stars was the best kisser?

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

On sceen, Courteney. Off screen, my new fiancé Christina.

that_one_buddy2 karma

David, what is the one quote of a character of yours that you hear the most from fans? I can think of a few that might top the list, but I'm interested.

Sean Dawkins: Hey Gordy?

Gordie Boggs: Yea?

Sean Dawkins: Why does it look like you have your finger in your butt?

Gordie Boggs: Because I do... stupid.

DavidArquetteHere3 karma

I would say one of my favorite quotes is "Wrestling is not fake!". A truer statement has never been said.


I miss seeing you in all my favorite movies?

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

Thank you! Write all the studios and let them know!

AussieBoyJon2 karma

Hi David, what's the best part of being a sex symbol, and have you ever had any fun or odd fan experiences?

DavidArquetteHere3 karma

I am not sure I can be considered a sex symbol anymore… we will leave that for the cumber bunches of the world. I love meeting my fans and sometimes become close personal friends with them like my friend Jerry who is a cop in Conneticut.

Frasierfan2 karma

Hi David! How tall are you, what's your shoe size, and what would you rather have, a foot-rub, or a madni-pedi? Why? Haha!

DavidArquetteHere2 karma

I am 5'10 1/2, my shoe size is 13 and I would rather have a foot-rub although I could really use a mani-pedi even though it is embarrassing to sit in that chair but sometimes you gotta do it.

judomonkeykyle2 karma

Can you tell us about your experience winning the WCW World Heavy Weight Belt?

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

It was a real whirl wind. I really wasn't aware of everything that was going down. I just sort of went along with it. I had no idea it would cause such a uproar.

ZohanDvir2 karma

Hi David, I love CNG. It always seems to be on whenever I turn the television on and am grateful I never have to search for other things to watch.

I really like watching the contestants and celebrities give clues to the individuals guessing. It gets me really excited trying to imagine how I would deliver the clues in a time constrained manner.

Do you think you and Courteney will ever appear as celebrities on the show?

DavidArquetteHere3 karma

Courtney and I have appeared together on 6 of the shows and I appear more with Tiffani Amber-Theissen. I hope you catch it one time, thanks for watching!

Surehill2 karma

How do Craig Ferguson smell?

DavidArquetteHere2 karma

Like cupcakes.

mrgoober13372 karma

What is your favourite breakfast cereal?

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

I would have to say Honey Nut Cheerios or Raisin bran. If we talk sugar, Lucky Charms.

mrgoober13372 karma

Can you wish me a happy 21st birthday please?

DavidArquetteHere15 karma

Yes..Happy 21st Birthday! Little piece of advice.. take it easy. It is a marathon not a sprint. Have fun tonight but once you start feeling wasted start drinking water and don't drive.

mrgoober13372 karma

How was it to work with wrestlers?!

DavidArquetteHere2 karma

For the most part the wrestlers were really cool. Some of them were pretty upset with me which I understood. These guys study all of their life for a shot like I got. They deserve it far more than I ever did.

legaldrug-dealer2 karma

What do you recommend I have for lunch?

DavidArquetteHere3 karma

Cheeseburger in paradise.

brittnie9202 karma

Do you have an intense fear of spiders after Eight Legged Freaks?

DavidArquetteHere2 karma

I am not really scared of spiders. Black widows and brown recluse spiders are scary and obviously deadly so I wouldn't want to mess with them.

psycholepzy2 karma

Hi David,

Thanks for doing this AMA. I've been a shadowfan ever since Scream.

In regards to your new project, Celebrity Name Game, how would you get the word out to people who don't subscribe to cable tv about how to watch it?

Also, as EP, what enticed you to get behind the show?

DavidArquetteHere2 karma

You shouldn't have to have cable to watch it. I am sure you can go to Celebnamegame.com and check it out. It is also on several local stations throughout the country.

The_Best_Dong2 karma

How did Scream come into your life? Did you hear about it and seek it out or did it come to you?

Also just want to say how much I love The Tripper. Great callback to the grindhouse era.

DavidArquetteHere4 karma

Scream came to me through my agents. Wes Craven was interested in me playing the Billy role but I was more interested in playing Dewey. He was written as a big jock type but I saw the silly human side and thankfully Wes did too. Thanks for watching The Tripper! Not many people have seen the film but I love when horror fans discover it.

drocks271 karma

David would you rather wrestle one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

DavidArquetteHere10 karma

Definitely 100 duck- sized horses. How cool would it be if there were actually duck-sized horses. 100 maybe too many 2 as pets would be incredible. Have you seen Flemish Giant Rabbits or Savannah Cats? Google them