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Not to be disrespectful- but do you ever feel as though you're exploiting your father's memory with everything you do in connection to his name? Or do you feel that ventures like 'Bruce Lee: Enter the Game' will help your father's legacy by keeping him in the cultural zeitgeist?

I am genuinely curious about this, and can understand that it is sometimes a fine line to walk.

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Hi Lin! I absolutely loved your work in Insidious. What was it like getting into the headspace of her character? Were you shocked when you found out her fate at the end of Part 1? What was it like working with James Wan? I'd love to see you in The Conjuring 2!

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Hi Rae!! Who is your favourite cat in the world and why is it Artemis?

But for real, how do you think Paltrow and her flunkies at GOOP sleep at night preying on people with obviously-BS products?

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Thanks so much for your answer! I'm really looking forward to Chapter 3, and getting to see more of Elise in that one. I'm not usually one for horror movies, and the Insidious films scared the HELL out of me, but they're such wonderful pieces of cinema, I thoroughly enjoy them anyway.

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Hey David! Not gonna lie, Dewey in Scream is my favourite character you've ever portrayed. Can you give us any fun stories from the set? Is Neve Campbell that ass-kicking in person?