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I totally understand it but it was an amazing dream come true so I wouldn't change it.

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He is a great guy. I loved his passion for comic books. He is a real kid at heart and one of my heroes as far as acting goes.

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Neve Campbell is one of the coolest actresses I have worked with. She just a new baby so congratulations. I loved playing Dewey as well. The combination of cop that doesn't get any respect is a funny character to play.

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Yes..Happy 21st Birthday! Little piece of advice.. take it easy. It is a marathon not a sprint. Have fun tonight but once you start feeling wasted start drinking water and don't drive.

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I once did a film with Marlon Brando. He invited me to sit in his car between takes. I sat behind him, staring at his bald head and having a awkward conversation until he heard my sniffle and said "Did you have a cold?" and I said "No" but he still kicked me out. Doesn't get any better than that