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Hi David, I love CNG. It always seems to be on whenever I turn the television on and am grateful I never have to search for other things to watch.

I really like watching the contestants and celebrities give clues to the individuals guessing. It gets me really excited trying to imagine how I would deliver the clues in a time constrained manner.

Do you think you and Courteney will ever appear as celebrities on the show?

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Hi Mr. Reich, thanks so much for doing this AMA. I had the pleasure of hearing you speak in Toronto last week and also got a signed copy of your book. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to ask you a question due to your busy schedule that evening so hopefully I could get a response here.

As an outside observer of the US election campaign (Canadian) and having viewed your documentary ending with a call to action, I have become a passionate supporter of the Sanders campaign. I personally do not fully agree with many aspects of his platform nor do I share the same political affiliation as him. However for the problems plaguing everyday hardworking Americans today, I think him as President is the last hope the American people have. This is mainly because he wants to restore American democracy to its roots, when it was a representative example for the rest of the world and looked after its people, making their lives better. My concern is his presidency will be so short he can only begin the process of reversal back in the American people's favour but soon another "bought" president will enter office and reverse the changes while lying to the American people. As you pointed out in inequality for all, when income inequality reaches dangerous levels, revolutions happen; I fear if the poor and middle class are made to suffer even more at the expense of the wealthy and powerful in America, then America is in great danger of collapsing from within. This is why I fear another Republican President and Hillary Clinton who will only preserve the status quo or even further advantage the powerful. The task is unprecedented and he will be entering unchartered territory largely alone if successful as President. The challenge seems insurmountable, how can one man reverse so many facets of a political system designed in favour of the powerful elite? More importantly, how can we convince the American people to take back the democracy that they founded back into their own hands?