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Loved your book Kitchen Confidential, but my children know you as a doctor on Yo Gabba Gabba. Can you share your experiences working on that show?

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Great work. A lot of people hold up The Evil Dead II as one of the greatest horror-comedy hybrids of all time. Do you have any memorable anecdotes from the making of that film?

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of the landmark action movie SPEED, with you, the late Dennis Hopper, and rise star Sandra Bullock. Would you care to share some of your experiences in the making of one of the greatest action films of the last 25 years?

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Hello Alan!

Loved you in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Can you share any interesting stories in the making of that seminal film?

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You were one of the stars of one of my favorite lesser-seen movies, The Dead Zone, where you played the worst president ever. Do you have any fond memories of that shoot? Any interesting anecdotes working with Christopher Walken and David Cronenberg?