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What is Dan O'Toole's deepest, darkest secret?

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Premier Wynne, thanks for doing this. Congrats on your first year!

As a post-secondary student, I understand Ontario has done a good job with bursaries and scholarships to help people go through school. I was just wondering, wouldn’t it be simpler and better to just lower tuition costs in general? I realize that Ontario is home to some of the best universities, not only in Canada, but the world. However, with cost of living for students, and working minimum wage, it’s still a lot of money to pay off to OSAP.

Look forward to your thoughts. Thanks.

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Hey David,

How is your relationship with Courtney Cox now? And can you tell us an funny (read:embarrassing) story of her during your time together?

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Is she really 50 though? I mean... have you seen her birth certificate to prove that cause I do not believe it!