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Do you wear a lot of hats?

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I try to because people are assholes and stare at me a lot. Most of them don't even care if you catch them. The worst are younger teenagers who look and giggle. But my partner hates me wearing hats so that's a fun argument haha

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You should try a few days wearing an "I survived brain surgery" shirt of some sort with a jacket on top. If you see anyone giggle at your scars, pretend not to notice and casually sweep your jacket out to reveal your shirt.

PopWhatMagnitude17 karma

Or a shirt that says "The doctor showed me how to crack open a skull, keep staring for a personal demonstration."

mosif894 karma

I like this idea, this should be a thing!

mosif8913 karma

Where i live people will most likely laugh more haha, i did fit in over the Halloween weekend though, that's a bonus!

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It's easy to brush it off but after a while it wears thin. Hope things are ok for you. Fuck the people who stare, jealousy of my shoddy haircut and your goggles gets them nothing haha

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mosif891 karma

I could imaging a bunch of kids trying it out. That would be fun to see tbh lol

muckdrop1 karma

I don't understand the giggling part. I had surgery on my collar bone and have a huge scar that spans across my entire shoulder. When I am without a shirt some people may ask what happened or be like "what kinda surgery did you have?", but nobody ever laughs at it or anything. It's life.

mosif892 karma

Yeah i suppose its just the immature mentality of the teenagers where im from. They will grow up one day and realise, i have to keep faith in humanity.

nibc2812 karma

WHAT!? I wondered why I PMed you and didnt get a response. This is you!? You sent me a thank you gift to England. Im glad you are doing well!

mosif899 karma

Wow!!! Until now i had forgotten you sent me that wonderful PM! I hope you and your family are doing well and hope that England is treating you well. Thanks for the kind wishes!!

nibc287 karma

We are doing great. Loving being here. Your gift now hangs in our dining room. Thank you again so much. Im glad to see that after surgery you are feeling a bit better.

mosif896 karma

Great to hear! Glad my little gift has found a loving home with you. All the best and take care!!

heart-cooks-brain3 karma

Such a great OP! I wonder what kind of message that guy sent to warrant a thank you gift from you!

I read that you'd never had pizza rolls or pizza bangles. I hope someone can send you some!

I did read your first AMA. So glad to hear that you're doing well!

mosif895 karma

She sent me 3 packets of kool aid haha. She said she was moving so i sent her something small for her new home in a new county :) and thanks for the kind wishes!

rafay26199511 karma

were you more or less scared the second time?

mosif8918 karma

I was more scared this time due to the much higher risk of things going wrong. I was almost certain to lose my sense of smell which seems fine and there was a greater chance of a hemorrhage that would have wiped my brain clean. Scary thought that still makes me feel uncomfortable.

jortbru129910 karma

Did you have any noticeable side effects? Did other people notice?

mosif8915 karma

Not as much as last time. Mainly its my energy levels. I get exhausted rather quickly. Even going for a walks and light stuff make me need a rest. My memory seems to be off a little according to my partner and family but i don't notice it haha

EckhartsLadder7 karma

Is it tempting to pick at your scar? Do you like rub your hand against it often?

I know that's what I'd do, wouldn't be able to help it.

mosif8910 karma

Yes it is haha. Its not got as much of a scar as last time. Thing is it still hurts like hell, maybe in a week or so ill be able to pick it without as much pain :)

EckhartsLadder8 karma

Hope so! Just remember not to pick it so much that your brain box falls apart.

mosif896 karma

Yeah don't want to make a hole for my brain to fall out. That's all i need lol. Thanks!

rollsorbagels6 karma

Pizza rolls or pizza bagels?

mosif899 karma

Im from Scotland so I've never tried either :(

PopWhatMagnitude21 karma

You have cheated death enough, now is not the time to get mixed up with American pizza foods.

mosif893 karma

Ill trust you on that, thanks for the tip!

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mosif895 karma

This is starting to sound like a great idea, all the mess hopefully shod be worth it lol

mspigy4 karma

"High-grade pizza"? It's a three hour flight from Scotland to Italy. That's shorter than the flight from LAX to Chicago. I don't doubt this guy has already had high-quality pizza.

mosif892 karma

I have had pizza in Italy :) also several other places on Europe.

stillwatersrunfast2 karma

America is the least of his worries when it comes to food. You seen Scotland's creation that is called THE MUNCHIE BOX? Now that's some next level shit!

mosif892 karma

Don't forget deep fried mard bars. They are delightful. Although diabeetus is sure to follow lol

desafortunada3 karma

Have you tried sticking fridge magnets to your head?

mosif8914 karma

Titanium is not magnetic or i would have a pretty neat party trick haha

desafortunada9 karma

Ohh gutted. That would amuse me for ages

mosif897 karma

Same, we would have so much fun lol

FlamingJesusOnaStick3 karma

I need brain surgery for epilepsy but the doctor told me I wouldn't have much left if I went.

I'm on mobile and lunch time but what did you have done? Anything removed or added?

mosif893 karma

Hi, i don't fully understand what the doctor meant by that so please provide more details either here or via pm. I want to offer you support and advice if i can. I had an AVM (arteriovenous malformation) removed via a craniotomy. I got plates and screws added to my already thick skull haha

FlamingJesusOnaStick3 karma

I had a clonic tonic seizure couple years and done the cat, mri scans to show extra brain growth that looks all bumpy like a black berry in between the folds of the brain. "Neuro doctor dumbed it downed I got to much brain. Then a small gray matter spike going from the crown into the center of the brain plus a pressure build up from overall.

The first neurological doctor suggested a vns. Got denied by the hospital due to lack of insurance. Second the doctor "dr.croom " said I didn't need it and it's to new and really doesn't feel it's completely ready. I trust Dr. Croom with his diagnoses. Just straight up pull regiment and have blood drawn every so often by my primary doctor to check vitamin levels ect. Just low on potassium and b12. I take supplements for that.

2000mg keppra twice daily and paxil for depression

mosif892 karma

The fact i live in Scotland makes me realise how lucky i am to have the nhs. I don't have to worry about insurance. This sounds pretty bad mate and hope you are coping. Always here if you need a chat or some support :)

black_flag_4ever2 karma

What will you have to do for rehabilitation?

mosif895 karma

Take my time and steadily get my strength and stamina. I don't have any specific instructions so im just trying to get used to life again. Shit makes me tired so i gotta man up and get used to it again!

AdviceMang2 karma

3rd times the charm?

mosif893 karma

Hopefully this is the last time, don't want to raise the bar and risk going through that again.

Skruffee2 karma

How can you be sure that you didn't die, and that this isn't all a ruse to ease you into the afterlife?

mosif897 karma

Maybe it is. But all these awesome questions are making the transition much easier like you thought. Good observation Watson!

ARedditorApproaches1 karma

I missed your first AMA, so forgive me if this has been asked already in relation to your first surgery, but what was your recovery like? I imagine it's different than say, taking out someone's appendix, but with this sort of surgery I can't imagine exactly what recovery would entail.

mosif891 karma

Not a problem at all. My recovery last time was about 5 months. My energy levels were low and my memory was shot to bits. It all came back slowly but this time it seems to be quicker. I have a standard 3 months resting period then i see the surgeon again who will ask me questions and asses how I'm feeling and if I'm up for normality. Only bag thing is i lose my licence until i am fully recovered.

gripwizard1 karma

Has this affected your fine motor skills at all? Handwriting, etc.

mosif891 karma

Not at all. If i remember correctly the pay off the brain that was operated on and disturbed doesn't control those skills. It was memory mostly and there was a chance i could've went blind but i didn't. Great success!

GoSTaRnE1 karma

Hey, Congrats on the op. Having a craniotomy sucks arse. Have you had any ongoing issues like headaches or 'pain' in the head?

mosif891 karma

Nope. Just regular old healing pain. Sleeping is hard because i can't get comfy since the scar is on all sides but it's improving quick enough. Thanks for the kind words mate!

GoSTaRnE1 karma

I had a tumor removed about 3 and half years ago, and I still get cronic pain. It just pisses me off because before the OP I was good and healthy, but ever since I haven't been the same. I'm really glad your's has gone to plan.

mosif891 karma

Even though you are suffering with pain, hang in there. Better to have that than one day have the life snatched from you because it was left unnoticed or untreated. You are still here and though you are in pain at times your family and friends get to enjoy their lives with you in it. Take care and all the best, I'm here if you ever need a chat or any support!

Seraph_Grymm1 karma

Hello mosif89! Your submission was removed from IAmA because you posted an AMA less than 3 months ago - seraph

mosif891 karma

Are you kidding??? It was an update.....cant you just delete the old one??

mohitkrsna1 karma

Hi! First off, congrats man. Read your first ama, fuck looks like you showed death whose the boss.

My question to you is, what kind if symptoms did u have pre-diagnosis?

mosif892 karma

Yeah me and him have a war going on now but im 2-0 up! I had migraines that steadily got worse over the course of a year before i was diagnosed. They got to the point of me being out of the game for days at a time. Thanks for the kind words :)

mohitkrsna1 karma

Haha, good score.

Migraines are a pain. I have em once in a while. Cant imagine how bad it was for you!.

All the best mate!

mosif892 karma

Thabks very much. All the best!

danick421 karma

Were you awake during surgery? what was it like?

mosif893 karma

No i wasn't. Its very wierd. I got the anaesthetic and it felt like i was very drunk. As sad as it sounds i told the guys looking after me to tell my family i loved them if the worst happened. Then i was in a hospital room bandaged up. Was like time travel, 6 hours i think i lost. Not even a dream haha

danick421 karma

Thanks for the answer man that's really intense. I couldn't imagine possibly telling my family goodbye for the last time :( I'm gonna call my parents now and tell them I love them.

Wishing you a speedy recovery brother! Good luck!

mosif891 karma

Yeah it sucked but i had to do it just incase. All the best and thanks for the nice wishes mate!

Dorfalicious0 karma

have you had any migraines/seizures/weird dreams? I have seizure issues and always worry about winding up having a dire brain surgery after some emergency (hypochondriac, yeah I know) I hope any issues you noticed before are gone or getting better! That scar is one to be proud of! congrats on making it through two brain surgeries I hope its the last!

mosif893 karma

I suffered from steadily worsening migraines. The got to the point where i was high and on the couch for days at a time. This lasted about 12 months before my diagnosis and then 4 more before my operation. Now its all said and done im still here and recovering well. If you need support or advice im here for a chat whenever you need it. I suggest if you are worried then get checked out. Better safe than sorry mate!

I-Hate-Horses-9 karma

So what?

mosif894 karma

There's the downvote you wanted mate. Take care!