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I try to because people are assholes and stare at me a lot. Most of them don't even care if you catch them. The worst are younger teenagers who look and giggle. But my partner hates me wearing hats so that's a fun argument haha

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I was more scared this time due to the much higher risk of things going wrong. I was almost certain to lose my sense of smell which seems fine and there was a greater chance of a hemorrhage that would have wiped my brain clean. Scary thought that still makes me feel uncomfortable.

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Not as much as last time. Mainly its my energy levels. I get exhausted rather quickly. Even going for a walks and light stuff make me need a rest. My memory seems to be off a little according to my partner and family but i don't notice it haha

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Well after a long fight with my work about my pay i basically got fucked up the ass and am currently poor. In Scotland we have the NHS. Basically i pay money every month directly from my pay and any hospital treatment, medication, check ups etc is all free.

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Titanium is not magnetic or i would have a pretty neat party trick haha