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He just tells his driver "I want to go to there.", the guy knows.

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You're going to be so easy to blackmail.

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Hello Mr. Musk.

As a lifelong Metro Detroiter I must ask if you have any plans or are open to the idea of opening a factory in Detroit?

We well versed in the automobile industry and have countless hardworking, industrious people begging for a chance to carve out an honest middle class life.

On top of that there are seemingly few better methods of applying pressure to the industry than to set up shop in their backyard. Detroit is on it's way back up and if you were to be a key player in this renaissance not only would it be mutually beneficial but you would be a hero.

Please consider it. I wish you all the best in your current and future endeavors, what you are doing is incredibly important work. Thank you.

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Did you just Schrab PTF?

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That is literally the greatest gag in the history of gag reels.

Love how Aubrey get's it immediately and smacks him.