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I am not a little person myself but I thought maybe I could help. I work in the disabilities field but my number one experience is my uncle is a little person. I grew up with him, he helped raise me, so I really didnt actually notice something was different until I was much older. As an adult, I have seen little kids ask their parents about his size. My uncle is about the most friendly person i know and loves kids so he always tries to talk to the kids himself. He just tells them that hes short, the same as other people can be really tall. Thats really it. Kids leave it at that, Ive never heard kids ask many other questions. Adults on the other hand seem to be the difficult ones. Hes a trucker and theres lots of discrimination there but thats another issue.

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I was a social worker for New Zealand. We do not have many wonder success stories as a lot of the time we do not find out how the child turned out. Its a really tough job, you never feel completely satisfied with placements. Im sure it would mean the world to your previous social worker if you sent a letter to them. If you just put your first and last name in the letter, they will find your social worker :) Glad that your caseworker was so helpful for you.

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WHAT!? I wondered why I PMed you and didnt get a response. This is you!? You sent me a thank you gift to England. Im glad you are doing well!

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We are doing great. Loving being here. Your gift now hangs in our dining room. Thank you again so much. Im glad to see that after surgery you are feeling a bit better.

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This is not to come off as rude at all. I just found it kind of funny that before you had explained the implications of saying the word "midget" which I completely understand. But then, you went on to say "confined to a wheelchair". Many people who use chairs could be quite offended by this phrase due to not being "confined" to a wheelchair, rather being given more freedom from the use of a wheelchair. I found it funny that one word is seen as very offensive, then when talking about a different disability at times, we forget that other terminology is also offensive.