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That is an incredible story. Thank your opa for us and tell him a stranger in Texas says hello!

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Did you ever encounter an unwanted boner? I know you couldn't be sexual with them, but those happen. Would you have to say "excuse me sir, please stop pressing your penis into my leg."

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Yes. People in States like mine (Texas) complain about how the premiums went up so much, therefore the ACA is pure crap. But I think they missed it when the government shut down over the states' rights to participate in the ACA, meaning, they fought to not receive that grant that would have driven premiums for us down. So it's all that damned Obamacare that ruined it.

It is maddening.

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I can see how the first 4 would be condescending and annoying, but "your husbands a hero?!" For what? Marrying the beautiful girl of his dreams? For not bailing on the woman he loves? This one would definitely be the most insulting. Dehumanizing almost. I wish I could be there when someone says that to you.

On top of all of the inspired comments that you are receiving, I want to mention that this is an awesome AMA. It sounds to me that regardless of your accident, you were meant to do great things in your life. Keep up the awesomeness.

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I don't have a question, I just wanted to thank you for talking about this. Vulnerability is strength and in showing yours, you're lending your strength to so many people. We should all be more vulnerable.

I am sorry for your loss. Losses. Grief is hard and fucked up. I, however, have no doubt that you are an excellent father and one day you'll get another opportunity to open your heart to a child who will love you back immensely. And hate you. And love you. That's the sign of a good parent, I think.

I wish you the best.

(Thinking about my own miscarriage that happened on mother's day 3 years ago, holding my 9 month old, and wiping tears away.)