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My dad was deployed twice as a doctor. He came back completely shell shocked. I worry about his memory and his ability to do his job sometimes now. How often do they check mental status of high ranking doctors? Is there a way to know he is ok? He doesnt really speak to me all that often but when he does he is 'off'. The medics see some bad stuff. He thought he would be prepared but I don't think there really is any way to prepare yourself for war unless you have already dealt with it

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Thank you. I was his assistant for years so I kind of got a full dose of his PTSD. He has since distanced himself 100% so I can't really say much for sure. Who would I 'say something' to? He certainly won't listent

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have you had any migraines/seizures/weird dreams? I have seizure issues and always worry about winding up having a dire brain surgery after some emergency (hypochondriac, yeah I know) I hope any issues you noticed before are gone or getting better! That scar is one to be proud of! congrats on making it through two brain surgeries I hope its the last!